Part 6:

Dave looked in the mirror. His own face looked back at him and sighed. "How are you ever going to pull yourself out of this one?" He asked the reflection. In the back of his mind, he wished the man in the mirror could answer him. He wished someone would tell him what to do. The problems with Eve were
old, and he had foolishly tried to forget them. He'd almost succeeded too, but now she was here. Like a sharp awakening, he realized he'd never be rid of these troubles unless he confronted them now.  
"Okay, I'll bite. Who is she?" Jimmy asked.
"Why, whoever do you mean?"
"Eve Rolend." Jimmy replied, as he sat down beside him.
"I hear she's a doctor." Dave said stubbornly. He didn't want to talk about it, not to Jimmy, not to anyone, Plain and simple.
"You can be a smart ass to them if you like, but do not be a smart ass to me!
Not while you're under my roof." Jimmy scolded. And when Dave didn't answer, he got up to leave. He was almost out the door when Dave spoke.
"She's a, I was in love with her."
"And she wasn't in love with you?" Jimmy asked, returning to Dave's side.
"Oh no. She was, for a time anyway." Dave disclosed sadly.
"Did it end badly?"
"Yes" Dave admitted. Jimmy seemed to think this news over, before he finally asked,
"Do you want me to cancel your appointment?"
"No, I should probably talk to her. I think it's about time I did." Dave said sadly.

Beth sat in the cushy waiting room chair. Next to her sat Dave, and beyond him sat Mr. James. Dave looked nervous, and Jimmy looked bored. From what she could tell, This Eve person was someone from Dave's past. Normally, Dave's life was not open book, but that he didn't even tell Lisa, was a sure
sign that Eve had been very important to him. And the look on his face now, told her that he did not want to go into that room.  

Dave looked over at Beth. He knew she was reading him, at the very least, figuring out his connection to Eve. Beth was very different than most people.. What others found strange about her, was really her way of learning people. Dave realized that now.
"She was my first true love." Dave said nonchalantly, answering the questions still forming in her mind.
"It ended badly?" she asked, seeming to know so much already. Dave nodded his head. They sat there in a silence that can only obtained through complete understanding.
"The Doctor will see you now, Mr. Nelson." The receptionist said with an icy voice, As she took Dave into the examining room.
Dave looked back at Beth and Mr. James with a worried expression. But the receptionist did not stop, and he soon found himself waiting, alone, in examining room 3. 

The wait was not long. He was debating with himself whether or not he should try and climb out of the window, when she entered the room. She engrossed in the chart she held in her hand, which he presumed was his medical report. And from her casual entrance, he assumed that she had no idea that he was her patient.
"Well, Mr. Nelson. Let's see what we have here." She said, looking up for the first time. She recognized him immediately, dropping the chart she had been reading only moments before.     
"Dave! I didn't know it was you." She managed to say.
"Does it matter?" He asked, displeased at her reaction.
" No, I will remain as professional as possible." She said stoically, her composure was back.
"Funny, I don't remember you ever acting 'professionally' with your patients.. So tell me, How is John?" Dave snapped the anger evident in his voice.
"I wouldn't know." Eve replied, desperately trying to hold her newly found composure.
"What? You mean to say, you left me at the alter for a patient of yours, the love of your life, who is no longer with you?!" Dave was ranting now, and would have continued if Eve hadn't broken into a sob.      
"Dave Please." She pleaded. Dave anger was now forgotten, as he tried to comfort the sobbing Eve.
"I'm so sorry Dave! I was wrong to leave you the way I did." She was still sobbing. "leaving you is my biggest regret. Please Dave, can you please forgive me." She pleaded.
Dave was speechless. He had not expected her to react this way at all.
"Uh, Okay. You're Forgiven." He said a little confused.
She stopped crying, and smiled. She leaned in and lightly kissed him.
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