Part 2
He woke in a white room. Light came streaming through the windows. There was something very relaxing about this place. He could heal here. Only he couldn't figure out where 'here' was.

Lisa sipped her coffee. They had been in New Hampshire for three hours. Dave had been given a sleeping pill, and had almost slept the entire ride over. Everything was in place, all the paper work had been filled out, and the ride had gone by without a hitch. But then why did she feel like something was out of place. Something was wrong. Then it hit her. In the past, when she had done something extremely well, Dave had always been there to say: "You are a remarkable women." Then he would take her into his arms, and kiss her gently, And then he would-
"Lisa?" Mr. James asked.
"Huh? What?" a dazed Lisa replied 
"Are you okay? Jimmy asked concerned.
"Yeah, I was just thinking… what did you want?"
"You should go talk to Dave" was all Jimmy said.

Dave was staring at the wall, when she got there. She could tell he was angry, because his ears were dark red, and because of the way his mouth twitched. She had a lot experience in this subject.  
"Dave…" Lisa said, letting her presence be known.
"Why am I HERE!" He demanded.
"Well… Jimmy thought… He… brought you here, so we could take of you" She stuttered.
"You Had No RIGHT!" He yelled.

Outside, everyone listened to them scream. Wondering how they could be mad at each other, already.

"Dave, what is the BIG deal, about New Hampshire?"
"I didn't want to come here in the first place!" Dave yelled.
"WHY? Because you don't want to be with your friends? With Me?" Lisa asked.
Dave was speechless. How could she think that? He couldn't answer her. She seemed so hurt by his silence.
"Fine!" She burst as she stormed out of the room.  

All they could do was stare at Lisa as she excited Dave's room. She was flushed, obviously angry, and a little hurt.
"Lisa, You look Pissed! What happened in there?" Jimmy exclaimed.
Ignoring Jimmy's remark, Lisa rushed out of the room, Beth in tow.

Dave looked up as Beth entered. She had a solemn look on her face and she seemed to be waiting for him to say something.
"Is she still mad at me?" Dave finally asked. 
Beth nodded her head. Dave sighed. He couldn't bare to have Lisa mad at him at a time like this. He wanted to do right by her, but didn't know how. He had done things wrong from the moment he met her, but through every stupid thing he had done, Lisa hadn't left. Unlike another female close to his heart.
"Beth, I wish I didn't need her so much. But the truth is, I need her now more than ever. Please tell me that she doesn't believe that I didn't want to come here, because of her." The words came out slowly, as if he was just discovering their meaning, and Beth just let him talk.
"Dave" Beth said, speaking for the first time. "What IS the big deal about coming to New Hampshire?"
Dave seemed to be lost in thought. What was his problem with New Hampshire, He asked himself.
Beth watched Recognition wash over his face, only to be replaced with a look of pain. Evidence of his inner-turmoil, or side effect of the car accident, Beth couldn't tell.
"I don't want to talk about it." Dave said, sadly.
Beth didn't press the issue.

"He's really torn up." Beth stated.
"Hey, Don't I deserve a little compassion?!" Lisa demanded.    
"Well, with everything he's been through-" Beth began.
"What about everything I'VE been through? I had to watch him lay there so life-less! Waiting to know if the man I loved would live…" Suddenly Lisa stopped. What had she just said?
"The Man you LOVE?" Beth asked in surprised. "What about your husband? You remember your husband, Johnny?"
"Johnny?" Lisa asked in a haze. "Oh Johnny." Lisa said, looking at the ring on her left hand.  
"I honestly don't know…" Lisa muttered.
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