Part 5

The deafening scream of the collision pierced the dark sky, the clatter of two machines meeting in a fatal union. And then the silence, the loud unbearable silence, followed by the feeling of utter helplessness enwrapping itself around his heart. A light rain began to fall; it was only a remote feeling upon his skin. The tiny droplets of water mixing with his blood on the cold, hard, unforgiving earth. The lights and sounds began to fade, and all feeling began to vanish. Leaving first from his legs, then his stomach, then his arms, he knew the life was oozing out of him. His last thoughts were of her. How she used to make him laugh, how she used make him angry, how they used to fight…The looks she would give him, the ones that made his heart beat faster. How he felt like he could stop the world from turning whenever he was with her. And when a black tidal wave engulfed his mind, his heart, his soul; his very being, he was still thinking of her.
And then when he awoke from what seemed like death, she was there. And she was still there. But no matter how much he loved her and how much he tried to tell her that he loved her, she would not be his.

"Dave?" Beth asked, shaking him out of reverie. "What are you doing sitting alone in the dark?"
"Just thinking" He replied nonchalantly.
"Oh, about what?"
"Whatever." Beth said flatly. "Anyway, you have an early morning doctors appointment. Mr. James had another specialist come in."
At this news, Dave had to laugh. Ever since he and Lisa had had their falling out, Beth had sort of been his baby-sitter. What was even funnier was that Mr. James had brought in every specialist imaginably possible.
Still laughing Dave asked, "And who would I be seeing this time?"
"Some doctor named Eve Rolend." Beth answered.
"What did you say?" Dave demanded suddenly.
"Eve Rolend." Beth said, confused as to why Dave's face was beginning to fill with dread.
"Oh the damnation my life has become." Dave mumbled to himself. He did not notice the look Beth shot him. Dave was not looking forward to seeing her again, he felt like he needed to run away. Which was ironic, because Eve was supposed to be able to help him to walk again. This could not have come at a worse time.
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