Dave was staring at the wall, when Lisa got there. She could tell he was sad, by the way his head tilted to one side. The anguish reflected in his eyes made every fight, every time he had been insensitive disappear. He needed her now, and she had no intention of refusing.
"Dave" Lisa said, making her entrance.
Release swept over Dave. He could fix things with her, he was sure of it.
"Lisa" Dave began. "I was just grumpy before, I was in a strange place, I was hurting, Instead of Coffee I've had pain killers." The words came out in a jumble. "Lisa, Please Forgive me. I see now, that my being here is good thing. I'm sorry."
"So It's really not me?" Lisa asked. She was just realizing how stupid this argument was, but she still needed to hear him say it. 
"I want to be here because of you." Dave said honestly.
Lisa didn't know what to say, So she kissed him lightly on the cheek. She looked up into his eyes. The love she saw there made her do something unexpected. She kissed him lightly on the mouth. The closeness of their bodies was becoming more and more apparent. Dave, unsure of the movement, slowly leaned forward, and gently he kissed her. She was relieved to finally feel his lips against hers again. In all the passion aroused by the kiss, it had at it's core, a love pure and innocent. Soon, Lisa's body was on fire. She laced her fingers through his hair. Holding him close, as if she were afraid to lose him. She lowered him down against the bed, pressing herself against his body. But like a dream the moment did not last. The passion Lisa was feeling made her forget how sensitive Dave was at this point. Lisa cursed inwardly, as she saw him wince in pain.
"Are you okay?" Lisa asked frantically. What had she been thinking?! Dave needed to heal; he didn't need this now. He didn't need herů
"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just really sore I guess." Dave was mumbling. He couldn't stop looking at her lips. He wanted to continue kissing her, but just as he feared, the moment was over. Lisa sighed.
"What were we doing?" She said, faking a laugh.
"I don't know. But it's a good thing it didn't go any further." Dave said, matching Lisa's attitude.
"We're just good friends."
"Yes, just good friends." Dave agreed. Inside, Dave's whole world was crumbling down in front of his eyes. He felt numb to all feeling, except for a pain that washed over him, every time he looked at Lisa and imagined the life they could have had together. It hurt so much, what had he been thinking that night when they broke up?
What had she been thinking that night when they broke up? Why had she let him go? So many questions, so many answers, it was all so frustrating. Here she had come so close to getting what she wanted, only to deny it. She had seen the look on his face. She knew that he wanted to kiss her. Hell, she wanted to kiss him too. But she was still married.  And she was still so unsure of her feelings to either man; to make a decision wouldn't be prudent.
She had to get out of there. Quietly, she made her exit and went straight to her room. Curling up on her bed, she closed her eyes, and went to sleep.
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