Title: The More Things Change, The More they Stay the Same
Author: Cass
Summary: After an accident, Dave moves reluctantly to New Hampshire with the staff to recuperate
while we learn more about his past.
Setting: New Hampshire, after season 5.


It had been along time since she had been in his company. She didn't know what it would be like seeing
him after all this time. Her feelings for him were confusing enough as it was. His current condition was
making it all the more confusing.

She had contemplated all of this on the ride to New York. But her feelings were still unclear, as she sat
beside his bed, watching him sleep.  She smiled to herself remembering another time when she had
watched over him while he slept. Although their relationship was quite different then. And the circumstances were a little less fatal. She was still recovering from the phone call. She could still hear Jimmy telling her that Dave had been in an accident. She couldn't remember what Jimmy said after that,
or how she had managed to get there. Or how long she had been there, for that matter.

He looked pale, even paler than usual. In the past, Lisa had noticed that when Dave slept, he had this
boyish quality. But it was different now.  The ventilator was making it hard for him to look boyish. But there was something else. A staleness in the air, perhaps. Like death was lurking in the shadows, waiting
for a soul to take. It scared the hell out of Lisa, but she didn't know why. 'More feelings to ponder over, when this is over', Lisa thought.

"Lisa, I brought you some coffee." Beth said behind her.
"Oh thank God." Lisa said stiffly, taking the cup from Beth's hand.
"Well, I do what I can." Beth replied. "So how long have you been sitting here?"
" Long enough to realize, that I have a lot of unresolved feelings."
"That long" Beth said sympathetically.
"What did the Doctor say?" Lisa asked with a hint of hope in her voice.    
"Not good news I'm afraid. The doctors say that there might be permanent damage to his legs. I'm sorry,
there was no easy way of telling you."
" When will we be able to tell?" It was Simple question with a significant answer.
" The Doctors can't say I'm sorry"
" Why are you sorry? This is effecting me just as it is effecting you." Lisa stated angrily.
"Well I thought With your history I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply anything." Beth stuttered. "I'm going
to make sure Matthew isn't playing with some old lady's ventilator. You want anything?"
"Yeah, some more coffee would be great." Lisa said rubbing her eyes. She looked up to see that Beth was
gone. She looked down at Dave. She knew Beth was right, it was effecting her more than she let on, but
she would admit this too only one person.
"Dave, I need you to live." Lisa picked up his hand, and gave it a squeeze. " I'm here, and I'm not going
leave you."
Lisa put her head in her hands. She felt tired, and scared. She felt a hand on her arm, and looked up to
see Dave's clear blue eyes looking back at her. His hand, which had been holding her arm, moved up to
her cheek, where it wiped away a tear. She hadn't even realized she was crying. She hadn't cried for
along time. His hand lingered at her cheek, before dropping to his side. They sat there wordless, just
staring at each other. More was said in that one moment then could ever be said with words.
"Hey" She finally said, realizing he couldn't answer, due to the tube down his throat.

A doctor came in five minutes later, and decided that Dave could breath on his own. "How are you
feeling?" Jimmy asked.
"I feel like Hell. How long was I out?"
"A day or two." Joe answered.
"We were all worried about you." Beth added.
" Did anybody call my mother?" Dave's voice was scratchy, and hoarse.
"Yeah, she'll be here soon." Jimmy answered.

It was later rather then sooner, but his mother did arrive. While mother and son visited, everyone waited in
the waiting room. No body wanted to mention it, but this was the longest Lisa had been away from that
"His Mother must have had him when she was a teenager!" Max exclaimed.
"She's Hot isn't she?" Jimmy asked a smile creeping to his face.
" You guys are talking about Dave's mom, don't you think that's a little sick? Not to mention wrong?"
Beth asked.
Joe and Max lowered their heads in shame, but Jimmy just smiled.

Meanwhile Lisa was lost in the past, remembering the first time she saw Dave since the day she had left
for New Hampshire.She had just gotten to the Hospital, and she walked alongside, as he headed to the operating room. She realized he must have been in extreme pain, and extremely out of it. But none the less, he looked up at her with his big blue eyes, and asked in the quietist voice, "Are you an angel?"
Then they wheeled the gurney into the operating room, leaving Lisa standing outside confused as ever. The entire time they were operating all Lisa could think about was if she was ever going to see him again.
Now, all she could think about was when she could see him again.
"When will that woman be out of there?!" Lisa demanded.
"I'm through if anyone would like to see my son." Said a voice behind Lisa.
Lisa blushed, sheepishly.
"Well Jimmy, I leave my son in your capable hands" Mary-Ann Nelson said.
"You mean your leaving?" Lisa asked, suddenly not feeling so stupid.
"Well yes, actually. I have a business to run." Mrs. Nelson said bluntly.
"Your son was just in a car accident. He almost lost his life." Now it was Beth's turn to be angry.
Jimmy jumped in before anyone else had a chance to say anything.
"I'll take care of your son, Mary."
And with that Dave's mother left.
"Don't worry, Dave will be coming home with us. The sooner the better."
"Can you do that? I mean he has to have physical therapy, among other things." Joe asked.
"If you throw enough money at it, any problem can be solved," was Jimmy's reply.

Lisa stood in the doorway. Dave didn't look up, but he knew she was there.
"I've got this feeling that you're not going to stay." Dave said. "I mean why should you? You left before,
you could easily leave again."
Lisa hadn't realized how hurt he had been when they left him there. But she could see it in his eyes now. 
"I waited for you to come." It was a simple statement, but it meant more than Lisa let on.
"I never thought that I'd be left behind once. The question is, are you going to leave me behind again?" She
could hear the pain in Dave's voice, and knew she couldn't leave him if she wanted too. This was a
feeling she had never felt before.  It terrified her, and she couldn't ignore it.

Dave woke to find it was dark, and cold. He got the distinct impression that he was moving. Maybe he was in a car, or better yet, a van.
"Hello?" Dave asked the darkness. He felt someone grab his hand, and he heard someone saying something.
He couldn't understand the words, something about home.
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