"I'm sorry about the party this morning," Lisa said following Dave into his apartment, "they just wanted to celebrate the happy news."
"It was okay, I need to move on," he mummured, then brightened up,"but it was nice to see everyone and to see that the building hadn't been blown up or moved or changed in any sort of way."
"But I'm still sorry, they should've given you your space," she said.
Dave smiled, "The last thing I need at this time is space, I need to be surrounded by friends, which is why I want the wedding to be soon."
"How soon?" Lisa asked.
"Very soon, Mr. James said we can use his greenhouse and that he will pay for everything," Dave explained, "he said that he will do anything within his power to make our wedding amazing."
"Well, the sooner the better," Lisa said, "but we have some decisions to make."
"Like what?" he asked.
"Whose apartment are we going to live in?" She questioned, as she sat down at the couch, kicking her shoes off.
"I assumed we'd look for a new one," Dave said sitting next to her,"both of ours kind of suck."
"Sounds good, now, how many people do you see us inviting?" Lisa asked.
"Well, I was hoping to invite all of the staff, my family, your family, any old high school pals, so probably around 200," he said.
"How about we cut that number down to around 30?", Lisa asked again, "close family and close friends only."
"Okay, whatever you like," he agreed,"anything else for tonight."
"No, that seems to cover it," she giggled, kissing him softly on the lips, "well there is one thing else I would like this evening."
"I'm happy to oblige," he said, picking her up and carrying her into the bedroom.
"Dave, what are you doing up?" Lisa asked groggily, moving towards Dave sitting by the window. She moved towards him, to see tears falling slowly down his cheeks.
"What happened, whats wrong?" she asked moving to hug him.
Dave moved away from her, moving to wipe the tears from his eyes,"It's nothing, nothing at all."
"You can tell me anything," Lisa said, taking his hand, "anything at all."
"I'm so happy, being back together with you and with the engagement," Dave explained,"but being so happy makes me feel horrible, I miss my mom and I miss Bill...I feel so horrible that they're gone and at the same time so happy--I guess I really just feel guilty."
"They would be so happy for you," Lisa said trying to comfort him,"even though Bill never would've admitted it, they both loved you. Remeber, if you ever need to talk to someone, I'm here."
"Thanks, it's just that I didn't want to burden you with all of my problems, like the way everyone burdens me," he said, obviously embarassed.
"Burden me with anything you want," she laughed, "after all we are getting married in a two short weeks."


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