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"How was the funeral?" Beth asked.
"It was nice, Dave gave a beautiful eulogy," Lisa said sadly.
"When will you guys be back?" Beth asked, "Is Dave okay?"
"Well, we're leaving for the airport in 20 minutes, we should be back at work tomorrow," Lisa explained on the phone of Dave's Wisconsin home, "Dave is doing somewhat better, but tell the staff to be a little sensitive. We're going to announce the engagement tomorrow also."
"Okay, well they know about the engagment already, Joe has been experimenting with phone taps. Also we all miss you here," Beth said, "tell Dave that we're on our best behavior."
"I find that hard to believe," Lisa laughed, "but I'll tell him anyway. Bye Beth."
"Bye Lisa," Beth said, hanging up the phone.
Lisa followed suit hanging up the phone. "Dave, are you ready?" she yelled up the stairs, "Dave?" Lisa ran up the stairs, scared by the silence. She ran into Dave's bedroom to see Dave, sitting on the floor of his bedroom ,surrounded by boxes, clutching an old quilt.
"This was my baby blanket," Dave explained, "my mom made it while she was pregnant with me, I want our child to use it."
"Of course," Lisa said sitting down next to him, "What is your dad going to do now that your mom is gone?"
"Dad says he is selling this house and moving near Chicago to be closer to his family, so this will be the last time I'm ever in my home," Dave said forlornly.
"We'll make a new home, you and me," Lisa said embracing him, "as long as we're together, we'll have a home...if that doesn't sound too cliche or corny."
"I think it sounds perfect," Dave laughed, "I'm just getting some stuff together, Dad says if I pack it, he'll send it to New York."
"Do you want some help?" Lisa asked, grabbing a box.
"I'd love it, but lets go quickly, the cab should be here soon," he said.
"If you want to stay longer we can, Jimmy said to take as much time as you need and I won't leave--" Lisa tried to explain before Dave cut her off.
"I'm fine, I miss the WNYX, I miss New York, I even miss Matthew," Dave chuckled, "trust me, this week has been great for me."
"Okay, as long as your sure."
Dave stood up and looked around the half empty room. "I think we've packed enough," he proclaimed, "but before we go I have something to show you."
"What?" she asked.
"Well first close your eyes," Dave said, taking Lisa's hand.
"It's a good thing that I trust you," she giggles, as Dave led her down the hall.
"Here we are, open your eyes," he said.
Lisa opened her eyes and was stunned at what she saw. A long antique wedding dress hung in front of her. It had delicated beading throughout, a long train and an empire waist. A veil hung beside it, as well as a pair of icy blue heels. "Dave, it's amazing," Lisa gasped, running the silky fabric through her fingers.
"It's a family heirloom, my mom said that when I got married she wanted my wife to wear it," Dave explained, "well the shoes are new, my aunt helped me pick them out. I was hoping you would wear it."
"I would be honored to," she said, embracing Dave, kissing him softly.
"Wait," he said breaking away, "there is also this." He retrieved a velvet bag from inside the closet, and pulled out a pearl choker. "This was also my mother's, she said that she wanted to also pass this down."
Lisa took the necklace from him in awe, "It's so beautiful, thank you so much."
"Thank you for agreeing to wear it," he said happily, "there is also a bridesmaid dress, but I need to surprise Beth with that."
Lisa peeked down at her watch, "Our cab should be here, but when we get back to New York, I'll thank you properly."
"The way Joe means," Dave asked.
"Even beyond the way Joe means it, I'll pull out the Princess Leia dress," she giggled.
+++++++++++++++Back in New York++++++++++++++
"Good morning Matthew," Dave and Lisa said as they walked off the elevator.
"Good morning David and Lisa," said Matthew, "I can't let you both into the office."
"Why not?" Dave questioned.
"Because Beth said not until she gives the signal," Matthew explained, "but let me be the first one to say welcome back."
"Thank you Matthew, but why can't we go in?" Dave asked again.
"Because Beth said not to let you," Matthew said, blocking their path.
"Let them in now!" Beth yelled.
"You may go through now," Matthew said, motioning through.
"Thank you," they both said, walking into the office.
"Happy engagement!" The office erupted as the duo walked in.
"How did they find out?" Dave whispered into Lisa's ear.
"Joe and phone taps," Lisa gave the shorthand version.
"I should of guessed," he laughed. 
"Congratulations!" Jimmy yelled hugging Dave, "you've beat Jimmy James at one thing, finding the perfect spouse."
"Way to go man," Joe congratulated him, "I always knew that you two would get back together, by the way you owe my 20 dollars Mr. James."
"Congratulations Lisa," Max said shaking her hand, "you've gotten yourself a fine fiance." Then whispering, "you could do better."
"Nice seeing you all, and shut up Max," Dave said addressing them all, "but lets get things back to normal."
"First, we have a cake, then back to normal," Beth said presenting a large sheet cake enscribed with 'Congrats on you Engagement Lisa and Dave.'
"Thank you all so much," Lisa laughed, as the office clapped. Then they all crowded the table getting a piece of dessert.
"Beth, can Lisa and I see you in my office?" Dave asked, motioning to her to follow him.
"Of course Dave," she said following Dave in. Lisa followed carrying a long garment bag.
"Well, I want you to be my maid of honor, and we have a special surprise for you," Lisa explained as she pulled the long dress from the garment bag. An emerald green velvet dress was produced, also with cap sleeves and an empire waist like Lisa's. An intricate embrodiary of bright flowers ran down its front, and a matching shawl was included.
"Oh guys," Beth whispered, as she twirled with the dress, "I would be so honored to wear this."
"That's a relief because I don't think my backup, Matthew, would fit into it," Lisa laughed, "also I was hoping that you could help me plan the event, flowers, catering, everything."
"Of course," Beth said hugging Lisa tightly.
"Now Dave, ask Mr. James your question," Lisa said motioning out the door.
"Okay," Dave said walking towards Mr. James in the breakroom.
"Mr James, Can I ask you something?" Dave asked, sitting down beside him at the table.
"Anything son, anything you want," Jimmy said happily.
"Well first can we use your gardens at ::sigh:: Fort Awesome for the wedding?" Dave asked.
"Of course you can," Jimmy agreed, "and for your second question."
"Will you be my best man?" Dave asked.
Jimmy looked away from Dave. "I'd love to," he said getting choked up, "can you excuse me?" And with that Jimmy ran from the room.


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