Lisa peered at herself in the mirror while Catherine adjusted her veil. "Thank you for flying in," Lisa said looking to Catherine, "it really means a lot to me."
"I would never miss this," Catherine smiled, hugging Lisa tightly,"you look radiant."
      Lisa looked back into the mirror. The beads studding the dres sparkled in the sunlight, and her train was draped behind her. Lisa's auburn hair had been pulled into a tight knot, displaying the pearl choker on her neck.
      "You can't go in!" they heard Beth yell from outside the door.
      "Please," Dave pleaded,"let me just say hello."
      "No, you can't go in," Beth said.
      "Fine," Dave grumbled defeatedly,"tell Lisa that I love her and then we're ready to begin."
      "Will do boss," Beth agreed, as Dave walked away.
      "I guess that's my cue," Lisa said exiting the powder room,"let's go get married." The three women walked out onto the veranda and started towards the large tent set up on Mr.James' grounds. Catherine ran ahead and took her seat next to Joe, who cued the musicians to begin.
       "Ready?" Beth asked excitedly.
       "Definitely," Lisa said as Beth began down the aisle.
       Lisa's dad moved next to her, taking her arm. "Let's go sweetheart," he said sadly.
        Lisa knodded to him, and the quartet began the wedding march.  Dave stood at the front next to the minster with Mr. James, beaming as Lisa neared him. "You look amazing," he whispered as she took her place.
        "You look nervous," she whispered back.
        "We are gathered her today to join Lisa Miller and David Nelson in holy matrimony," the minister announced, "if anyone should have a reason why these people should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace." Everyone stayed silent as the minister continued, "David and Lisa have decided to write their own vows, David, you may begin."
        Dave turned, looking deeply into Lisa's eyes, placing the ring onto her finger. "Lisa, I spent the night trying to put how I feel about you into words. I thought about telling you how I see our future in your eyes, or how I never felt complete without you beside me, or how I couldn't sleep without you in my arms. Maybe about the love I feel when ever you smile at me, or how when I watch you sleep, I feel the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders. I thought maybe I should tell you how secure I feel when you comfort me. But for me to tell you everything I feel we would be here for hours. So I thought I would sum it up like this, my heart is yours, and it always has been yours. I waited my life for a true love, and I knew my first day in WNYX that I had found it."
       Lisa felt the tears well up in her eyes as the minister told her to begin. She shakily took the ring, and began, "Dave, I thought that when we broke up last time that I had lost you forever. I felt scared, angry, and sad that I might not get to live my life with you. I was afraid that I might lose you, that I might not get to experience everything with you. But I never gave up hope that we would get back together. Every night I would wish that you would come back to me. I finally got my wish and I've never been happier. You complete me Dave, and I love you."
         "In front of god, your family, and friends, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride."
      Dave moved closer to her, cupping her face, and kissing her softly on the lips, as the guests began to cheer. The musician began to play again as Lisa and Dave started down the aisle together.
            "On to the party!" Joe yelled from behind them.
      "Congratulations!" Jimmy yelled picking Dave up in a hug.
      "Thank you sir, but you're killing me," Dave said, trying to get away.
      "Thank you  for helping so much with the wedding," Lisa said, as Jimmy embraced her.
      "Well, since my wife search isn't going anywhere, I thought this might be my only chance to see my children get married," he said sincerely.
      "My aunt Rachel has been looking for you, she's the one in the picture on my desk," Lisa giggled, as Jimmy ran off towards the reception.
       "Welcome to the family," Dave's dad said, "you're a lovely addition."
       "Thank you," Lisa blushed, hugging him.
       "That's the last of them," Dave said, "ready to go in, Mrs. Miller-Nelson."
       "Just Mrs. Nelson, it sounds better," she said taking his hand, "I have something to tell you before we go in."
       "What?" he asked.
       "We're pregnant, I just found out yesterday," Lisa smiled, "two monthes a long."
      "Really?" Dave asked excitedly.
       She nodded as he embraced her happily. "I love you so much," he said before leaning in and kissing her.
      She pulled away giggling, "Let's go, they're expecting us." Hand in  hand they walked to the reception and took their places at the front table.
       Mr. James then approached the podium. "Normally I hate speaking in public, but I've gotten over my fears in order to toast Lisa and Dave," he said, "when I first found out that Lisa and Dave were getting married I said to myself, finally, they've realized they belong together. I've never seen two people more perfect for each other and I know they will be together for many years to come. I look at them both as dear friends and seeing them happy has meant the world to me. To the happy couple."
The guests raised their glasses, "To the happy couple!"
"Now, it's time for their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Nelson," Jimmy announced, "head out onto the dance floor."
Lisa and Dave followed his command, and walked out as the music started.

--When I was born,
  they looked at me and said,
  What a good boy, what a smart
  boy, What a strong boy----

"This feels right," Dave whispered, as they glided along the floor.
"Yes it does," she said, moving closer to him.

--Afraid of change,
Afraid of staying the same
When temptation comes
We just look away-----------

"I've never felt so safe," she said, looking deeply into his eyes.
"Neither have I, you've helped me move on."
"But don't forget her."
"I don't think I ever can but you've help accept everything, it's okay for me to be happy."
As the music ended, Lisa smiled at him, and said, "Well I wouldn't have it any other way."

The End

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