Title: Mourning After the Loss
Author: Beth C.
Summary: After Dave's mom dies, he finds comfort in a dear friend.
Setting: New York, Season 5.
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine but I'd love my own little Dave Foley. The lyrics are from Barenaked Ladies "What a good boy"
"I can't believe I forgot those papers," Lisa thought as she ran into the office. The nighttime anchor sat solitary in the booth, a small light illuminating an overhead clock. "It's midnight already, I can't believe this, I can't believe the building is still open." She went over to her desk and rummaging through her drawers. From Dave's office she could hear muffled music. "Why is Dave still here?" she wondering, moving slowly towards the door. Lisa pressed her ear to the door, and heard Dave softly weeping as a song played in the back.

"I wake up scared, I wake up strange
I wake up wondering if anything in my life is ever going to change
I wake up scared, I wake up strange
and everything around me stays the same"

Lisa pressed the door open, seeing Dave sitting at his desk, his face pressed down into his hands. "Dave?" she said softly, moving towards him, "What's wrong?"
He looked up at her, his bright blue eyes clouded over with tears. "She's gone-mom-she died this afternoon, dad called around five," he wept softly, walking towards Lisa and embracing her. He clung to her, shaking from sobs,"She got into a car accident, she was killed instantly."
They both moved towards the couch, and Lisa took him into her arms, trying to comfort him. "Dave, I'm so sorry," she said, trying to comfort him.
"Please, bring me home," he whispered, "I can't be alone tonight."
"Of course Dave," Lisa smiled, taking him by the hand,"Iets go."
"Wait, let me get my cd-," he trailed off as Lisa ran towards the radio, grabbing the CD, and his jacket from his chair.
"Let's go." Dave held tightly to her, as they moved through the quiet office.
"They're my favorite band, it's comforting to hear the music," he explained as they reached the elevator.
"I know, we use to date, I do consider you one of my closet friends," she said, slipping his coat on, "it's getting really cold out, just to warn you."
"Thanks," he said quietly,"I consider you my best friend."
Lisa tried not to show her obvious joy in that phrase as they moved onto the street. A icy wind blew hard against them as they walked towards the subway, and snow began to fall on the quiet street. Dave and Lisa moved together silently, onto the train and off, all the way to Dave's apartment. Lisa opened the door, and helped Dave's tired frame inside. "Put the song on please," he whispered moving towards the bedroom. He dropped his jacket, kicked off his shoes, and sat on the bed. Lisa walked in after him, picking up his jacket and putting his shoes in the closet.
"It doesn't look like he has ever slept in this bed since we were-we were together," she thought, looking down on his trembling body.

"Afraid of change,
afraid of staying the same
when temptation calls..."

"Can you just hold me till I fall asleep?" he asked,"I need some one to hold me."
Lisa sat down on the bed next to him, Dave moved next to her, putting his head into her lap. He sighed loudly, and closed his eyes, falling into a deep slumber. Lisa looked down on him, and tried to get comfortable, resting against the backboard. Her eyes wandered around the room, till her eyes hit the dresser. Photos of them, were scattered across the surface. A picture of them at the company talent show, one from the halloween party, one of them at a resturant in Little Italy, and a large black and white photo of her at the awards show. "I wonder why he still has those photos," she thought moving away from the bed, towards the dresser. A small velvet box sat next to the large photo of her. She picked it up and examined it. "Was this for me, or he seeing someone new?" she thought as she opened it. Lisa gasped loudly as she saw a platinum engagement ring, enstudded with a diamond. She removed it from the box. "Intertwined in love forever, Lisa & Dave," she whispered to herself, her face turning into a surprised smile. "I guess he does still love me, I owe Beth twenty dollars."
"What are you doing?" Dave said softly in the background. Lisa flipped around to see that he was just talking in his sleep. "Oh, making me coffee, thank you Lisa," he mumbled, "but its the morning before our wedding, you don't have to do that."
Lisa giggled her own idea of his dream, but sat down next to the bed in hopes of hearing more.
"You look so beautiful, I can't remeber ever seeing you look so radiant, I wish my mom could see you but she knew you were my soulmate. She told me that we belonged together." Dave's sleeping face turned sad, "I miss her so much, but mom said that she knew if anything ever happened to her that you would take care of me."
Lisa got up abruptly and moved into the living room. She sat in the reclining chair and stared out on to the snowy street, tears carving streams her cheeks.

"Be with me tonight
I know that it isn't right
but be with me tonight"

"Hi God, I don't think we've talked in awhile, but I need someone to listen," Lisa said to the darkness. "I haven't been to mass in at least 10 years but I need guidance more than ever. I love Dave so much it makes my soul ache sometimes. I need him with me, the nights when I'm frightened about the future, the nights when I'm lonely, the nights when I just want someone to hug me and tell me everything is going to be alright. Dave was the perfect, sweet, cute, caring man. I let him slip away from me. I know now how he feels but is it right for me to do anything...he might just be grieveing. Wow, my first prayer in 10 years, and its just a pathetic rambling. I guess it does take some skill to be a nun, I need to apologize to Sister Mary Francis when I go to visit my parents." Lisa pulled the blanket off the back of the chair, and fell asleep.
Dave awoke as the morning sun shone in the window beside his bed. He shuddered at the thought of all he had to do today. Dave stumbled out of his bedroom groggily and into the bedroom. He stripped down and entered into his shower. The tears started again, but he tried to block out the pain. "Be strong, you need to be for you father and for yourself," he said to himself. The warm spray washed away the stress and pain from his back, and Dave felt alive again. "That must of been the first time in monthes I actually slept," he thought, getting out of the shower and slipping on a simple white t-shirt and jeans, "it was the first time I've really slept since Lisa and I broke up."  He moved in his living room, ready to start things, when he reached his kitchen table. On it sat, two plane tickets to wisconsin, a small travel bag, and a note.

<<Dear Dave,
Our plane to Wisconsin is delayed. I'm at my apartment getting a bag together. I called Mr. James and he's telling the staff. He says to take as much time off as you need. Your suitcase is packed, there is a pot of coffee brewing, and a bagel for you on the counter. I hope you're feeling better.

"Good morning Dave," Lisa said startling him.
"Good morning Lisa," he said flipping around, "let me eat, and then we'll start down to JFK."
"We have time, the snow has closed the airports. We have till tomorrow morning," she mumbled, sitting down at the table.
"Lisa, can I tell you something?" Dave asked, sitting down next to her.
"Whatever you want," she smiled.
"Thank you, thank you for sitting with me and thank you for doing all of this for me," he said, "now, Can I ask you something?"
"Do you think we made a mistake breaking up? Because there are times when I just feel--empty without you. I just lost my mom, and can't bare to think how I would be if I lost you too. Lisa, I love you and probably always will love you. Do you think you could love me back?"
Lisa just stared into his pained eyes. Dave looked longingly at her, "Lisa, I crave your present when your not around, and my life feels incomplete without you."
She smiled, tears again spilling out of her eyes. "Of course, I've missed you so much."  Slowly Dave closed the gap between them and lightly brushed his lips against hers. Lisa held him close and returned the kiss fully.
"Dave? That expensive engagement ring that is on the dresser, the one that I didn't look at, is that for me," Lisa asked, resting her head on his shoulder.
"Maybe if you make up for snooping," Dave laughed.
"Well we do have all day," she giggled, leaning in again, "how about you hop back into bed, I'll drag the TV into your room, and you can rest, you look like death. I'll take care of you today."
"Oooh, Green Acres marathon," Dave said excitedly, as he stipped back to his boxer and ran towards the bedroom.
"Before Arnold, we should talk, I'll bring you breakfast in."
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