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Setting: The Station, the next day...

Dave: Well, everyone, try to finish packing by tonight.

Matthew: Wait, are we all going back to Illinoise in a covered wagon together?

Dave: No, Matthew, only you are going back to Illinoise. I was just offered a job in Utah as a NewsDirecter for their News Fort.

Lisa: Oh, yeah. They asked me to be the reporters' producer.

Bill: Oh, yeah, I'll be workin for them to.

Everyone but Matthew: Me too.

Matthew: Wait, I thought-you mean-darn it!

Mr. James walks in. He points to Matthew.

Jimmy: There you are! You're gonna die! You closed down my fort!

He grabs Matthew and starts beating him.

Beth: So what's going to happen to Mr. James?

Dave: Oh, don't worry, he hasn't lost all his fortune, plus he owns several gold mines and banks. He should be fine.

Later that afternoon...

Jimmy: So, uh, Dave. I hear you got another job with everyone else.

Dave: Yeah, but I don't like leaving this place.

Jimmy: Yeah.

Dave: So, how small is your net worth?

Jimmy: Oh, actually, I haven't lost any money!

Dave: What?

Jimmy: Well, I own a lot of things Dave. A bank robber network is one of them.

Dave: Oh, I see.

Jimmy: Yeah, plus I'll get a bit more money. I'm selling this place.

Dave: Uh, sir, if you didn't lose any money, then why are we closing down? I mean, you're shrinking your coporate empire.

Jimmy: Yeah, well, I'm going to build a new empire. One that'll conquer the west. Gonna give them indians guns and make em fight for me.

Dave: What?

Jimmy: Uh nothing Dave, nothing. Look if you need me, I'll be in the can making a mail call.

A week later...

Matthew is on a wagon with his cats and lots of boxes.

Matthew: Yup. Illinoise won't be so bad. Yup. It's so urban there, I'll bet there won't be as many scary indians. What's that noise?

Suddenly, a huge army of indians riding horses and carrying guns and wearing thick armor come running down the horizon. One of them is carrying a flag with Jimmy's face on it.

Matthew: Ahhh! Indians!

He turns around and goes the other way. He and his indian followers make there way across the horizon, eventually going out of sight as the sun rises higher.

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