Author's Note: I don't own the rights to these characters nor the show,etc. First, I would like to ask that I recieve to negative comments of this story, knowing that if I din't ask this, my E-mial box would be piled. This being my first fanfic on this site, I am kind of new at this.

Setting: Far East Colorado, Fort News, 1848 Bill storms into the office on a wagon with 2 dozen horses. He's bearing a huge sunburn.

Dave: Oh, your back Bill. Good time, too. Only 3 months!

Bill: Yeah. California has been given the news. There has to be an easier way to get the news spread across the west coast!

Dave: Yeah, well, we've got another 3 months worth of news for you to deliver, this time just to Oregon.

Bill: I just got here!

Dave: Yeah well, I'm sorry. Joe is putting supplies on your next wagon right now.

Suddenly, Catherine comes in also in a wagon with horses and a sunburn.

Catherine: How long was I?

Dave: Uh...let's see...oh, 9 months. That's very good considering it usually takes that long just to get there, but to come back, too? That's excellant!

Bill: Oh, so I'm just good and she's excellant?

Dave: Look Bill, we have this conversation every 3-5 months! Just forget it! Uh Catherine, Normally I would send you back east now, but we have a new story and I want you to go tommorow.

Catherine: Why tommorow?

Dave: seems some party called the Donner's got caught in the Sierra Nevada's and's been one heck of a winter. I here most are dead. I sent Matthew to go report it, he should be back tonight with the news. You transport that to Illinois.

Bill: Uh, Chief? I have a qu-

Suddenly, Lisa grabs a shotgun along with Catherine, Joe, and Beth. They aim at Bill and Dave.

Dave: Bill, I told you never to call me that!

Lisa: I can't believe we've been dating this long and you didn't once tell me that you were part indian!

Joe: Dude, how'd you mask your face and hair like that?

Dave: Oh yeah, I'm an indian. Infact, I'm a Canadian-Indian-Spy from Wisconsin.

Joe: Your Canadian?

Lisa: If you had told me this yesterday, I might've thought you were joking. Today, I'm not so sure.

Jimmy pops into the fort.

Jimmy: Hey gang, tell we what's happenin'! Hey, wait a minute. Why are you gonna kill Dave?

Bill: Uh, Jimmy what about me?

Jimmy: Uh, yeah. Hi BIll. Guys, what the heck did Dave do?

Beth: He's an indian!

Jimmy: Okay, we need to have a serious talk you guys. Dave, Lisa, Catherine, Beth, come with me. He leads them to an office.

Joe stays, still pointing his gun at Bill.

Intantly, a gun shot goes off from inside Dave's office. There's a scream, and then a shotgun gets hurled out the window, shattering it.

Joe: What the heck?
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