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Fort News-Part 3

Dave: -part Indian?

Jimmy: Shhh!

Dave: How?

Jimmy: Well my uncle's best friend maried an indian.

Dave: Sir, I don't think that makes you an indain.

Jimmy: So my Indian life donation?

Dave: You didn't have to do that.

Jimmy: And that asasination scandel?

Dave: What?

Jimmy: Uh nothing. Here, look, I gotta make a call.
(He runs out the door.)

Joe walks in. "Hey dude. Sorry about that, you know, Indian thing."

Dave: No problem. I guess it could happen to uh, anyone.

Joe: Well, I just want to say that I've finally found a way for everyone to make sure that the supplies in their wagons don't get stolen.

Dave: What's that?

Joe: I teach everyone JOEJITSU!

Dave: Uh, no. Look, I don't have time for this. Just get another wagon set-up and send Matthew to the general store and tell him to pick up the normal month's worth of supplies.

A few hours later...
Matthew: Uh, Hi Dave. I got the stuff.

Dave: Oh, good. How much was it all? I hear that the prices went up about 30 cents!

Matthew: Uh...ll..f..i.. (He mumbles)

Dave: Oh, no. How much? $30? 40? 50? 60?

Mattthew: $815

Dave: What? That's all we have! I told you to buy a month's supply of food and some more wagon axles and you spend everything?

Matthew: Well, I asked the guy if it was only $2 an axle and he told me that the $ sign meant $100.

Dave: You believed him? Wait, that only ends up being $600! What about the other $215?

Matthew: Well, Beth wanted some gum, and I thought the big box of gum was 15 cents, and he told me that it was 15 dollars, and then he told me that a pound of food was $5 each.

Dave: You spent $5 a pound for food?
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