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Setting: The Fort/Office

Joe: What the heck was that?

Bill: I don't know, but there's a lunatic with a gun in there, I wan't out!

Matthew comes in.

Matthew: Hey guys! I just back, and um...I need to talk to Dave.

Bill: Oh, sure.

He smiles devilishly.

Bill:He's right in there. Why don't you check things out in there while your at it.

Matthew: Oh, thanks Bill. You're such a good friend.

Matthew walks into Dave's office. He sees Beth turning blue, Cattherine frozen still, Dave and Lisa hiding under his desk, and Jimmy, covered with broken wood, bird's nests, etc.

Matthew: Oh neat! Were playing a game!

Dave jumps out from under the desk. Matthew?

MAtthew: Yeah Dave?

Dave: Uh...can you help me out here? Lisa is in shock and I can't get her to let go of my arm!

Matthew: Oh, sure! He pulls, and pulls. He finally gets a good tug and he goes flying across the room and smacks into the wall. Lisa lands on the desk.

Dave looks around. He see's Beth trying to get his attention and pointing down her throat.

Dave: Sigh. All right, coming.

He grabs her stuck and squeezes it. Suddenly, a huge wad of extra-chewy gum flys across the room and out the door.

Bill: Ouch! What was that?

Beth breaths in and out deeply. "Thanks......Dave.."Joe comes in.

Joe: So what happened?

Dave: Uh, lets see...Jimmy told us something and before ya know it, a gun goes off hitting the cieling. It falls down on Jimmy, apperently in shock at the time, along with Catherine. And Lisa, who had grabbed my arm before she fell into shock,shoved under the desk with her.

Joe: Oh, what happened to Beth?

Beth: When I heard the shot, I was chewing some gum, and well, I choked on it.

Joe: Is that what's in Bill's hair?

Beth nods.

Beth: So, how do we get them out of this trance or whatever.

Dave: Hang on.
He goes over to Jimmy and says, "My mom said she'd go out with you."
Jimmy instantly jumps up.
Dave goes to Catherine next. "Bill has seen you naked!"
Catherine jumps up and screams.
Then, he goes over to Lisa. "Your brain IS starting to deteriorate!"
Another scream comes.

Dave: See? Good as new.

Later that Day...
Matthew is in Dave's office.

MAtthew: I need to talk to you, David.

Dave: What?

Matthew: Uh...I----n't-----iew-----Don---.

Dave: What? Speak louder.

MAtthew: I didn't interview the Donners, all right?

Dave: What? I need that story!

Matthew: I know, I know. I'm sorry.

Dave: Why didn't you do it?

Matthew: I, got lost.

Dave: How'd you get back?

Matthew: My cats leaded the way.

Dave looks confused.

Dave: What am I going to do now?

Bill suddenly bursts the door open. "I can do it Ch-uh, Chum!

Dave: Were you listening to the conversation.

Bill: So what?

Dave: Look why haven't you left yet? You were supposed to go to Oregon 3 hours ago!

Bill: Look, how about this? I go up to Oregon, then cut strait down to California to get that interview done!

Dave: That'll take to long!

Bill: Beautiful. I'll just go to California then. Bye!

Dave: Wai-(Bill is already gone.) Alright, Catherine?

Catherine: Yes, Dave?

Dave: Look, I know that you aren't farmiliar with Bill's West Coast route, but could you got to Oregon and deliver this news packet?

Catherine: Sure, just give a month, I'll be back.

Dave: Wait, how can you do it that fas-(Catherine is already gone as well.)

Jimmy walks in to Dave's office.

Jimmy: How ya doin?

Dave: All right, a bit past schedule, but all right. So is what you said true? You're-
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