(Meanwhile, the rest of the gang talks)

Max: I don't know or care about you people, but I'm glad that Lisa's preoccupied. Recently, she's seemed, oh, I don't know, kinda bitchy?
Beth (hits him) No, Max. She's been through a whole lot of stress.
Jimmy: I just hope that those two will get back together. They were just so cute.
Joe: I really have to agree with Mr. James on this.
Max: Wait a minute, Dave and Lisa were together for a while?
Beth: Oh yeah.
Max: Well, what happened?
Beth: Dave had told Lisa that he thought they were going a little too fast, and that they should take some time away from each other.
Max: Tons of girls had told me that, but they dumped me.
Beth: That's what Lisa THOUGHT he meant. But he meant "taking some time away from each other" literally.
(Dave and Lisa sit, cuddled, in the heavy downpour of snow)
Lisa: Not exactly what I had in mind for a romantic get-together, but still wonderful.
Dave (teasingly) What did you have in mind?
Lisa (looking up at him) Not what you hope.
Dave: Remember when you wanted to know my fantasy, and I said it involved making love on the space shuttle?
Lisa: With a space prostitute, no less.
Dave (beginning to laugh) Yeah. And for something we could actually do, making love on my roof...with a space prostitute.
Lisa: Yeah, but don't forget how great our fights ended.
Dave: Ooh yeah.
Lisa: Somehow in the middle of the argument, we'd get distracted and end doing it. Because you were turned on when I was mad with you.
Dave: Right. (Takes her hands in his) Lisa, I'm telling you this from my heart...no one else has ever had that special touch.
Lisa: What would that be? When we danced, when we kissed, or what?
Dave: That no other woman has turned me on when she was mad with me.
(Lisa hits him)
Dave: I'm joking, I'm joking!
Lisa: I hope so. 
Jimmy: Okay, it's somebody's turn to pick a CD.
(Joe jumps up) Metallica!
Beth: No, Joe. It's Dave's turn, he's the guest.
(Dave and Lisa roam the CD choices)
Dave: Animotion, unknown '80's band, "Obsession"?
Lisa: Exactly.
(Dave finds the song, and turns it on the stereo)
(Dave takes Lisa in his arms and they begin slowly dancing)
Joe (after he begins to hear the song) What the hell? Why are we listening to this junk?
Beth: Joe, look in the living room.
(Joe glances in) Oh.
Dave: Lisa, I still don't know how I deserve such love from you.
Lisa: Dave, that's because I just care about you, and you totally charmed me.
Dave: Charmed? We did it the second night we went out. Twice.
Lisa (chuckles) Right. But I still call that a relationship.
Jimmy: All right, find your sleeping spots.
Lisa: Dave, it gets extremely cold here. Could I sleep with you?
Dave: Sure, fine with me.
Lisa (looks at him) Great. I'm always freezing.
(Dave pulls her into his room, and while shutting the door, kisses her hard)
Lisa: Wow. Despite how disgustingly sweet it looked with Johnny, I still only thought of you. I still only thought of your naughtiness, your love, and your kisses.
(Dave grins sexily, and then puts Duran Duran on his boombox)
Lisa (teasingly) Dave, I thought your favorite song was "Horse with No Name".
Dave: Can't somebody let up on that? No, I'm speaking of my favorite romantic song.
("Rio" fills the room)
Lisa: I know. I've always thought this song had a sexy, loving, spontaneous twinge to it.
Dave: Precisely why I thought it summed up our previous relationship-making love in my office tons of times, doing it in the middle of the day, and, of course, on our second date.
Lisa (laughs, and runs her fingers through his hair) Dave, you're the most loving man I've ever met. I still flashback on when I wanted a baby, and I asked you why we should get married first.
Dave: Because I love you, and want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Lisa: That's it. I'm so delighted that you still remember everything.
Dave: Lisa, I still mean all of that.
Lisa: Really? Dave, you're still the sweetest guy. I love you with all my heart.
Dave: You know I do.
Lisa: What do you mean, "previous relationship"? We're just firing ours up.
(They passionately kiss, which lasts for about 10 minutes.)

To be continued...
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