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(A news reporter, on TV)
...And a Manhattan building goes up in flames, due to an unfortunate explosion while workmen were attempting to fix the phones in the lobby. This just in, I have word that this building, the Critirion building,
will be destroyed and torn down, thanks to the unreplaceable damage.
(Matthew and Dave are watching the report) Matthew: Seems like something Joe would've done, doesn't it?
Dave: Yeah. But remember, he almost did do it that one time.
Matthew: You and Lisa were still together.
Dave (nods knowingly, and then sighs) Yep. God, I miss the whole gang, Lisa and Beth and Jimmy, and Joe, and even Max in some weird way.
Matthew: Would you miss me?
Dave: Strangly, yes, I would.
Matthew (smiles) I miss Bill, and Catherine as well.
Dave: Definitely. Hey, Matthew...you enjoy working in radio, don't you? 'Cause I know I do. And there's no other decent station in Manhattan.
Matthew: Are you saying that we could move up to New Hampshire?
Dave (smiles hugely) I don't think that Jimmy would mind, do you?
(Dave calls, and gets the okay) We're off to New Hampshire.


(Jimmy runs out and greets them) Hey, you two! Great seeing ya. (whispers) Oh, by the way, the gang doesn't know you came.
(Dave throws open the door, to have Beth run into his arms) Dave! I missed you. Did Matthew come?
Dave: You know he did.
(Beth hugs Matthew, while he hugs her, Jimmy, Max, and Joe)
(Dave shakes hands with Max, Joe, and Jimmy)
Beth: Dave, did you come mostly to see Lisa? She's been moping around a lot recently.
Dave: Beth, do you really need to ask?
Beth: Dave, I don't know how to tell you this, but...well...
Dave (frantic, grabs her by the shoulders) What? She has a disease, she disappeared, or what?
Beth (smiles slyly) No. She told me this a little while ago...apparently the justice of the peace who did their wedding, well, he wasn't licensed. So their wedding wasn't real.
Dave: You're telling me that I got all worked up for nothing?
Beth: Basically. By the way, you should go unpack. Since there's a snowstorm on its way, we're going to be stuck in the house for a while. You got here just in time. I'll tell Lisa to go up to your room to see you. She'll be here in a minute.
(Dave dashes upstairs to his room, and within a couple of minutes, he hears a knock at the door)
Dave: Who is it?
(Lisa stands there, smiling, and throws her arms around him) Dave. I'm so glad you're staying with us.
Dave: Lisa, I longed for you ever since we broke up. And even before that.
(Lisa closes the door) Dave, I've been through so much stress, that I'd just love to get it all out. Oh, I see you colored your hair that adorable dirty blond. Of course you were always so adorable...
Dave: Lisa, don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
Lisa (smacks him) Still that self-flattering humor. I'm glad to see that our breakup hasn't bittered you.
Dave: Lisa, I wanted our return to each other to be romantic, and sweet. And I completely understand that you're very negative right now...
Lisa (looks down at the floor) My wedding was a joke. And you were right, don't say it. But of course you understand. (Places her hand on his cheek) Dave, you were my best friend at WNYX, and my confidante, even when everything applyed to both of us. And you were my lover.
Dave (takes her hand in his) All those qualities you named, are ones that come up in the wedding vows. I wanted us to be the ones taking the vows in front of the WNYX gang.
Lisa: You were always the more romantic of us. Remember when I wanted a baby, and you wanted to get married first?
Dave (laughs at the memory) Yeah, and remember when we first started dating, how we were constantly trying to keep it secret from the group except for Beth?
Lisa: And when the building caught on fire?
Dave (grins, and then turns serious) Speaking of which, that's why Matthew and I are up here. The Critirion building had a major explosion happen. So they're tearing it down.
Lisa (gasps) Oh my god. I can't believe it.
Dave: Yeah, so me and Matthew came up here to continue working in radio.
(Lisa runs to the window, and pulls Dave over) Dave! It's really coming down.
Dave: Yep. Looks like we'll be in here a long,long time. Not that I have a problem with that.
Lisa (nods, while a smile comes across her face) Yeah. Ditto to that.

To be continued...
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