(Lisa awakes to laughing, and Dave not next to her)
Lisa: Dave, making your usual pot of coffee, I see.
Dave: Yep. By the way, the rest of the gang is outside, playing in the still falling snow, and having a huge snowball fight.
Lisa: Come on Dave. Let's go join.
(Dave grabs her coat and his)
(Matthew is hiding, while Beth is stalking him) Beth: Booo!
Matthew: Aaaaaaah! (Runs behind Joe)
Joe: Dude, "boo" is not scary. Having aliens come and say that is truly freaky.
Jimmy: Hey you two. The rest of us are going downtown a little later to a restaurant. You want to come?
Dave (looks at Lisa adoringly, and grins) What do you say, hon? (Puts his arm around her)
Lisa (looking up at him, and kisses him sweetly) No. Thanks for the offer, Mr. James.
Jimmy (getting the point) Oh! Oh, alright. You lovebirds can have some time alone.


(Everyone else dresses, and leaves)
Lisa: About time I had the house to myself.
Dave: I'll say.
(Lisa leans her head against his shoulder, and sighs)
Dave: And what's the deal, tonight?
Lisa: Guess, Dave Nelson.
Dave: We're going to play Nintendo 64?
Lisa (hits him) No. I'll give you a gigantic hint. What did we do on our second date?
Dave: Oh, yeah. (Pauses, then pins Lisa to the couch)
Lisa: Whoa. Hold on a minute, Dave.
(Dave picks her up, and carries her to his bedroom)
Lisa: Dave, so many memories come back. It's amazing.
Dave: Same here. Want me to prove how much I've missed you?
(Lisa agrees, so they disappear under the blankets)
Lisa: Wow. THAT brings back a lot of memories.
Dave: Is "wow" your favorite word now?
Lisa: No. It's just that that's the only word that describes how it is to feel the way I am when I'm with you.
Dave: Good word. Mine for our relationship is "Sexylicious".
(Lisa smiles, and hugs him) That works.
Dave: Do we work as a couple now, again?
Lisa: What do you think? Of course we do. My marriage didn't go through, we are together again.
Dave: Great. Should I go make some more coffee?
Lisa: Why not? I think I'll join you in this latest binge of caffeine.
Dave (laughing) No. It's all mine, mine, mine!
Lisa: Stop it. You weren't even this bad at WNYX.
Dave: That's because right now, I'm badder than ever.
Lisa: Delightful to have you back, Dave.

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