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Clue-Newsradio Style-Part 3
Ending #1
Beth: What? Lisa did it?

Dave: Well, duh!

Joe: she hit matthew with a dictionarey, huh?

Dave: Of course!

Bill: Because dave hated matthew but Dave just doesn't have the guts to take Matthew down himself, so Lisa did it for him!

Lisa: But I didn't do it!

Jimmy: Lisa, no one likes a liar.

Bill: Or a murderer.

Lisa: You have no proof!

Dave: Oh yeah? You made one fatal mistake. So, you were checking your report while the he had been murdered?

Lisa: That's what I said.

Dave: You use your DICTIONARY when you check, precheck, etc! Not to mention you claimed that you were at your desk when this happened. Surely you would've noticed if someone was dragging a corpse into the office and putting it under the coffee table! Plus, I-huh?

Lisa: All right! I admit it! I did it! But it's not my fault! He made me do it! Matthew made me! He-

Jimmy: Okay, you can shut up now lisa. Matthew?

Matthew: My head really hurts.

Joe: Well, that makes sense. Lisa tryed, but a woman just isn't strong enough to do the job.

Beth: Oh, really? we'll see who's talking tomorrow night!

Joe: Dude, that's not funny!

Beth: wreee-wreee-wreee! (She pretends she has a knife) I'm coming for you, Joe!

Lisa: Matthew, I'm so sorry.

Matthew: Yeah, well, actually, it was fun. I got to visit this happy place with a bunchn of cats and then more cats, and it was just all happy and jolly.

Bill: wait, I have just one question. Didn't anyone check to make sure he was dead?

Dave: Well, I thought he was.

Joe: Well, I checked to see what weapon killed him, not if he was dead.

Dave: Well, now we know the truth. "It was Almost LISA with the DICTIONARY, in the OFFICE!
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