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Joe: He was killed with the-I don't know! But look! I know he was killed in the face! Plus, look! There's coffee on his chin.

Lisa: Dave?

Jimmy: Come on, now, little guy! That's just bad!

Bill: Wow, little chief.

Dave: But I-I didn't-Beth, I'd like to point out that I'm not wearing a tie today.

Joe: Dude, that's just wrong.

lisa: Wait! Dave couldn't have done it! He always has emergency coffee! Not to mention coffee candy and coffee Ice-cream in the freezer!

Jimmy: Lisa, everyone knows it's not as good as the real thing.

Bill: What was everybody doing at the time?

Lisa: I was checking my prechecked precheck for a report and a graph I wrote.

Beth: I was taking more nude photos in the bathroom.

Dave: I was in my office crying because I didn't have my hourly fix of heavy caffiene.

Joe: I was trying to fix the coffee machine.

Bill: And I was in the booth reading the article about me and spaz.

Dave: Very well, I know exactlly who did it, what weapon, and what room.

Jimmy: Who?

Dave: Well, Actually, It's quite simple.

Bill: It was meelos, the janitor guy, wasn't it?

Dave: Nope.

Beth: Tell us.

Dave: Well, I'm not the only one that knows. Lisa, would you like to explain?

Note: There are multiple endings. I'm doing them one at a time.
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