Setting: The Station at 10 PM. The elavator's broken, the fones's dead, and the stairs are all sealed up beacause of construction.

Beth: Matthew, you spilled coffee all over my new dress! This was my best dress and most expensive one! It cost me 12 dollars!

Matthew: Sorry,it was dark, and well, I thought your dress was a napkin.

Beth stares at him with hatred.

Dave goes over to the coffee machine. Matthew, you broke the coffee machine! You're not supposed to cram the whole jar into the machine! And you drank the last good cup of coffee! Dave also stares.

Lisa: Matthew: You ruined my report! It took all lastnight to finish it!
She also stares.

Mr. James: Matthew! What did you do with my prized collection of baseball cards I left on my desk?

Matthew: Oh, I thought you were gonna throw those away, so I put nice cat pictures in that album instead.

Bill: Spaz! You made me look gay! When you were hugging me yesterday, a reporter took a picture and put it in the paper!
He also stares

Joe: Hey freak! You ruined my alien-detecting telescope!

Matthew: I thought it was a baseball bat!

Joe also stares.

1 hour later...

Dave walks out of his office.
Dave: Oh my god! Matthew is dead!

Everyone: What?

Dave: Look! Under the coffee table!

Beth: Oh my god! What if the murderer is in the station?

Dave: Look, we have to find out where he was killed or else we'll never know where the murderer is! Second, we all had a motive! We were all very angry at him! And 3rd, we all had a weapon. We must find out what weapon was used so we can find out if one of us killed him and which one.

Beth: I don't have a weapon.

Dave: Joe has his long-range heavy-duty alien stungun! Lisa has the heavy dictionary, Bill has the microphone cord, I have the coffee mug, not as if I was the murderer, and Beth has the letter opener. Somebody grab him and find out quickly and find out!

Lisa: I'm not touching that thing!

Jimmy: Not me!

Joe: Well, I'll go look, then.
He grabs Matthew. Oh my god! He was killed with the-
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