Examination of Jan Hooks Part 2

She awoke sitting back in the theater.

Jan, Jan are you with us?

Looks like I overslept, she thought. After last night who could blame her. Simon, Simon, Simon. She couldn't get his face out of
her mind. He made her feel so…..so alive. She giggled.

Please share with us your memories of the cabin.

The cabin? She thought, what cabin. OHHHH…THAT cabin. How could I possibly forget that.

"We had become very animalistic after that first time" she began, "right after the mutual orgasms on the floor he picked me up and
carried me to the bed. We were all over each other, grabbing, mouthing, touching, loving." She paused…..oh Phil. "He touched me in places I had never been touched and I mean that physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. We made love to each
other with our hands, mouths, lips, tongue and even our eyes. He would get this look in his eyes that would burn through me, set me on fire. Then he could soothe me like a spring rain with a totally different gaze. It was amazing. When he placed his body into mine for that first time we were more truly one than anyone ever had been. We moved together like water, flowing in and out of each other smoothly. He whispered how much he loved me, loved every inch of me, how good I felt, how perfect it was. When we finally let go and came together we both shouted to the heavens, screamed like mad banshees knowing no one could hear us. We were bruised and battered after that, literally. I had scratched up his back pretty bad and he had bit my neck in one of many moments of passion. By the end of the week we looked like hell but we felt wonderful! I remember one time he was outside chopping wood for the night ahead. It was supposed to get down into the 20's so he wanted to have it ready before the sun set. It was a hot day and he was out there sweating like crazy. I could see him, his arms looking so strong, the marks I left on his back almost healed but still visible. I began to play with myself standing there watching him. He had such a sixth sense about everything that he turned toward the window and caught me with my hand down my shorts. He stopped mid stroke with the axe and
smiled. He motioned for me to come out there so I did. As soon as I stepped up to him he had me undressed and had replaced my hand with his own. "You are so wet" he whispered in my ear and he was right, I needed him so badly. There was a tree in the shade where we were and the next thing I know I am up against it, my legs wrapped around his waist, his body and mine one. He nuzzled and suckled my breasts while he barreled into me mercilessly. We weren't making love then, we were purely fucking each other. It became difficult for me to stay in that position so he let me down, turned me around and entered me from behind while I hung on for dear life to the tree. Afterwards, we both ran into the lake to cool off but we ended up getting hot again by the falls. It was an incredible time. And I wish to God if there is one that we never had it together."

We don't understand, please explain

It was the beginning of the end for us. That week we spent together was the last week I saw him alive.

Part 17