Chapter 4: Ladies' Night


"Hi Beth."
Beth wanted to slam the door, but stopped herself, and merely replied, "hi Lisa."
Lisa looked uncomfortable. "Can I come in?"
Beth considered this. "Only if you promise to get drunk with me."
"I've already had a couple drinks, and it was my intention anyway."
Nodding, Beth opened the door wide enough for Lisa to walk in. The place was small, and a mess, but Beth didn't care. It was home, regardless. Ungracefully, Beth plopped onto the floor, then motioned for Lisa to join her, which she did with more refinement.
A couple of shots later was when the gloves came off and the girl talk started flying. It all started with the observation, made by Lisa in a less than sober state, that men suck.
"They only want one thing."
"I know what you mean. But Dave doesn't seem that way. He seems so . . . magnififul."
"Oh . . . well, Dave is veeerrry . . . diff . . . unus . . . strange!"
Pause. Gulp. "What's with his Star Wars Trek thing anyway?"
"I have no idea! I never got it. I think he has a fas . . . ob . . . thing for space. D'ya know what he tol me once?"
Beth shook her head and downed another shot.
"He tol me . . . um, what were we talkin' 'bout?"
Concentrating hard, Beth answered slowly. "Space, I think."
Lisa nodded her head, and took another shot. "Right. One time, Dave said that he always wanted a space pros . . . whore."
There was a pause as the two of them met eyes. Then they broke out into uncontrollable giggling which lasted about five minutes.
"Lissssa, Lissssa. Let me ask ya somethin'. What did ya go talk ta Dave 'bout today?"
It was Lisa's turn to assume a look of total concentration as she tried to remember. "Um, it had somethin' ta do with, um, our relationship. Yeah. We still had ta talk 'bout somethin' or nother."
"Ohhhhhh. I was 'fraid ya told him I had a thing for him."
Lisa shook her head adamantly while she tried to pour herself another shot. Unfortunately, by shaking her head, she was unable to keep track of the glass and, as a result, the tequila went all over the floor. This prompted another giggling session from the two smashed friends. When they finally calmed down a bit, the conversation came right back to Dave.
"Why d'ya like him Beth?"
There was a pause as Beth gathered her wits about her and tried to pour herself another shot. Then she looked up at Lisa. "Well, I think he's verrrry purty," she said, in the way a deliriously happy person might. And, in a way, she was deliriously happy. Thinking about Dave usually did that to her. "And . . . um, he's smart . . . "
"But he did worse on his SAT's the second time."
Beth thought about it, but just shrugged her shoulders. "He's still intelment. Hmmm. And, um, he's funny funny." Beth started giggling again.
Lisa nodded her head. "He's indeed."
"D'ya know who he likes, Lissssa?"
"Nope. He wouldn tell me. I wanted ta know so I coud, um . . . do somethin' 'bout it."
"Thatsss why I wanna know." Beth nodded her head resolutely and took a swig from the bottle, having long given up trying to get enough tequila into her glass to take a shot. She wiped her mouth and passed the bottle to Lisa, who also took a swig. When she was done, she passed the bottle back to Beth, who took it and stared at Lisa with unfocused eyes. "Yaknowwhat?"
Lisa had a silly smile on her face as she shook her head.
"I member seein' someone . . . oops, I mean somewhere, hehehe, somewhere this cranker call where ya call someone up and say 'g'night.'"
They both giggled over that one. Then it was Lisa's brilliant idea to try it.
"I'll do it," Beth giggled mischievously. "Who should I call?"
They sat and thought this one out a moment, then it was Lisa's turn to giggle mischievously. "Dave!" she pronounced. They had a good giggle over that together. When they finally settled down, Beth smiled at Lisa, then lunged for the phone.
"K, what sis number?"
Lisa giggled at Beth while she recited Dave's number. Beth dialed the number up happily.
Ring. Ring. "Hello?" It was Dave, and he sounded very sleepy.
Beth giggled quietly. In a very low voice she croaked out, "g'night," then waited to see what Dave was going to do.
"Matthew, is that you?" Sigh. "How many times have I told you that I can't tell you a bed time story over the phone because I have to get to sleep too?"
Beth didn't know what to say. She improvised. "Sorry David," she said, using the same voice.
Another sigh, or yawn, Beth couldn't tell which. "That's ok. Just go to bed. Good night." Click.
Beth sat, holding the phone in her hand and looked over at Lisa, who had a questioning look on her face. Beth relayed the story, and when she was done, they both sat there and thought it over. Then they looked at each other, and started giggling uncontrollably again. The rest of the night went much the same way. Lots of giggles, and talking about Dave. Then, about thirty minutes later, they both passed out on Beth's floor.


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