Lisa awoke to feel warmth at her feet. She looked toward the foot of her bed, to see Daisy asleep. Lisa smiled, laughed, and then picked Daisy up. She opened her eyes, and licked Lisa on the nose. Then the door knocked. She got up, and Dave stood there. "Hey, I see there's a certain furry girl there...Mr. James sent Matthew with her. It took me a good one and a half hour to get rid of him." Lisa giggled, and then dropped Daisy gently on the floor. "Dave, I'm really tired today. Can we just stay in?" Dave nodded, and they decided to just watch TV all day.As a movie began, Lisa started to cuddle with Dave, when she sat up at the other side of the couch. "No, I can't do it. I'm not going to let it happen again." She tried to repeat it in her head, but forgot it all when she concentrated on the movie. Everything got awkward when a love scene started. Dave glanced over at Lisa and sighed. Lisa smiled a little, and felt bad. "It's like he's homesick," she said in her head. "I can't let him be like this. But, maybe he'll take it the wrong way and... oh, calm down! Nothing will happen." Then it became increasingly obvious that it was a sex scene. Dave sunk back into the couch, while Lisa suddenly wished for the same scene to occur between them. When the movie ended, Lisa walked Dave to the door. Dave half grinned and half made a pout. "Kinda, odd scene, isn't it?" he asked, biting his lip. Lisa sort of laughed, and as Dave started to go out into the hallway, Lisa threw her arms around him, and when she saw his curious face, she kissed him hard. After she pulled away, Dave stood back against the wall. "Okay. Are you all right with this?" he asked, concerned. Lisa nodded, without giving it a second thought. Dave suddenly shoved her into his apartment, and then said, "I'm going to run to the grocery. Stay here. do whatever until I get back. I've got a romantic idea," and then kissed her sweetly before dashing out the door.

Lisa smiled, and swooned onto the bed. Then realized where she was sitting. "He still has the same apartment? Omigod. This brings back so many flashbacks." Then her eyes fell upon the picture by the bedside. She had her arms around him, and his were around her shoulders and waist. She picked it up and flipped it over. "Dave-I'll love you always. Stay mine forever. Love, Lisa." In her handwriting. Lisa, feeling as though a lightning bolt had struck her, said out loud, "I still feel that way about him. I still have undying love for him. Why do I deny it? Right. He broke my heart. That's not going to happen again. I'm not going to let him. I'm going to keep him as mine."Dave opened the door to his apartment carrying some champagne and chocolates "What is up with me? I'm doing everything cliche." Then he walked into his bedroom to see Lisa across it, flipping through a photo album. "Dave, remember, at Halloween?" she asked, laughing and pointing to a picture. Dave nodded, dropping the stuff on the bed. "Yeah, yeah. I dressed as a woman. Got a problem with that?" he asked, jokingly. Then they both stopped, while Dave grabbed the picture. "I guess you saw this, right?" Lisa nodded, and then ran her hands through his hair. "Dave, I didn't realize it until now, since I've been so stupid. I still mean all I wrote there." Dave smiled, surprised. "Really? It truly broke my heart to see you get married to Johnny. I couldn't believe you did it. Thank God that Beth distracted me from stopping your marriage. But that's the only time I'll thank her besides getting me coffee." Lisa agreed. "Dave, I don't know what made my heart so cold that I couldn't see that in your eyes. You did a good job at hiding your disappointment, though." Dave shrugged, and then Lisa got up. "Dave, I really should go to bed. See you tomorrow morning. Good night, sweetie." And with that, kissed him on the mouth, and then slunk out the door. After she left, Dave took a deep breath, before raising a hand to his lips. "My lips are still warm." Looking down at the floor, he noticed that his pants were tight. Putting his head in his hand, he murmured, "I'm turned on by the weirdest things...when she gets mad at me, and now when she's playing hard-to-get, it seems. Or maybe because I thought we were going to do more. And she said 'sweetie', and 'goodnight'. Then everything's improving."

Lisa was in her apartment, thinking almost the same thing. "My lap is hot. Dave's hot...wait a minute! Did I really just say that? But that's the truth. This is just getting too confusing." Continuing to talk to herself, she took a long, hot shower, to attempt to clear her mind. Which wouldn't come for the next few days.
               TO BE CONTINUED...
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