After Lisa exited her shower, she heard a knock at the door. Continuing to dry her hair, she opened the door. There was nothing there, except for a note, which read "Lisa- Leave your door open. I'll lock it, later... Yours, Dave". She shrugged, and did as the note said. Then she crawled into bed, hugging Daisy. She stared up at her ceiling, remembering when she and Dave would do the same after they had made love, just to calm down. By accident then, she had hit her alarm-clock/radio, turning on an FM station. "How ironic, I work at an AM station, but I never listen to it at home," she said dryly to herself. Hearing a Duran Duran song she sighed dreamily. "Simon LeBon was the sexiest man to me...until I met Dave Nelson," she then murmured. Falling asleep, she thought of all the times Dave had made her laugh, smile, and how he had been incredibly irresistible. Then she remembered her promises, "I can't go back with Dave! But, I'll be more responsible. See how this one goes..." Around midnight, she heard her door close, and then Dave slipping into bed beside her. Smiling, she wrapped an arm around him. He then said softly, "Lisa, I can't keep my mind off of you. What about you?" She flipped on her light, and blinked for a second of the brightness. "All I think about is you," hugging him. Dave then put a hand to her face, and kissed her warmly. After they moved apart, Lisa looked up into Dave's caring, bright blue eyes, and then laid on her back, taking his hands. Dave, while lying back, jokingly said, "Hey, always happy to oblige." Lisa laughed, and then kissed him back, finally, falling asleep in each others' embrace.


Coincidentally, both of them awoke at the same time with a sexy dream. Lisa looked over at Dave dreamily, while it was freezing in the room, considering the sun hadn't come up yet. Dave returned the lusty glance with a nervous response: "I've got to go to the office in four or five hours." Lisa smiled gently, and pushed the radio button, immediately hearing "Hello, Manhattan! It's Sunday!" Flipping it off, she closed her eyes, while Dave kissed her face and neck. Dave then stopped and apologized, "Sorry. Thinking of you got my days mixed up." Then the room went dark, as if midnight just returned. A loud clap of thunder followed. They sat in silence, in an embrace, kissing each other alternately until the real storm ended. They both heard all the power clip off. Dave jumped up, and slowly headed out to her kitchen. "I'll find some candles, all right?" Lisa said, "Okay. Oh, there's some scented ones in my kitchen closet." Dave returned in just a matter of minutes, and lit them on the tables that surrounded the bed. Dave pulled off his shirt and PJ pants, and watched as Lisa teasingly slipped out of her silk shorts and tank top, while her mind was screaming, "What are you doing?" But she ignored it. Dave grinned, while Lisa slid shakingly under the covers. Finding his place inside her, he whispered breathlessly, "I don't remember ever doing it when the power's out. The only thing that came close was when the building was on fire." Lisa nodded, while kissing him with such heat and passion, that their climaxes also moved up to their mouths. Afterwards, Dave laid next to her, staring up at the ceiling. "Geez. I haven't felt that, since, since...since the last time we did it." Lisa rolled her eyes, and mockingly answered, "Thank you for that sincere answer, Dave." Dave sat up on his elbow, and kissed her sweetly. Lisa gave him a love wink, and then pulled the sheets closer around her. Dave then picked up Daisy off the floor, who was staring at them. "Daisy, haven't seen you in a while." Lisa took her, and she promptly fell asleep, as did Lisa in Dave's arms.

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