"What's the matter pumpkin?"
"Ahhh, nothin Mr.James I am fine." replied Dave
" OK, I see that you don't want to tell me so I won't pressure you."
"Thank you." Dave said graciously.
Dave got up from his seat, locked the door and layed down.  He was just reminising about all the times that Vicky and himself have shared, he even thought about some of the things that he did not want to remember.  Dave did not realize that he had dropped off until, he heard a knock at the door and half asleep he opened it to reveal the woman he had been dreaming about.  Vicky came in and sat down on the couch.  Dave came ans sat beside her.  He put his arm around assuring himself that this was a friendly gesture.  Vicky cuddled in close, feeling safe by his side.  Then they just started to talk and talk.  They talked of family and friends, general issues and finally personal issues.  Joe walked in on them
several times like and extremely jelous boyfriend would.  The two did'nt care, nothing could break there moment wich soon turned into 5 hours.  It was now 5 o'clock and Joe was eager to go home. He came in picked up Vicky so that she was standing and started to kiss her passionately.  Vicky felt this was wrong and tried to release his grip but she could not.  They suddenly stopped and Joe just said
"Goodnight Dave."
Vicky walked up to Dave to hug him and say good-bye when he whispered something in her ear.
"Look in the frame that you keep our picture in.  Iknow you still have it."
Joe and Vicky left.  Victoria wondered at the fact that Dave knew her well-enough that he knew she still had the frame that he bought her and the same picture still in it. Dave sat down in dismay because he knew that the kiss he had just witnessed was a threat from Joe saying to stay away from her.  Dave intended to let Joe and Vicky have there relationship, but he just wanted to tell Vicky how he felt. As he had done before he was going to write a letter expressing his emotion.

     This is a story of a girl and a boy who were born 6 days apart and lived next to eachother for most of their lives.  This is a story about a love that started at age1 and has just gotten stronger with age.  This is a story about us Victoria.  We are that girl and boy.  I Loved you all my life.  There are only three women that i have loved, and they are you, Lisa and my mother. But, I have only been in love with one person and that was you.  Seeing you today with Joe started a rage inside of me.  I have no right ot be jealous but i can't help it.  I felt that you were so happy with another person.  That feeling marred me on the ight that i broke up with Lisa.  I know that you felt it when I was in a relationship and even when I was out of that relationship.  We have a bond that cannot be broken by people, time or even space becuase if we were at a different sisde of the world from one another that we could still feel eachother and even know what eacother is feeling.  I will never be truely happy without you.  There is a whole inside of me that i have tried to fill but the only thing I have found that fills it is you.  I am not writing this to get back together with you, I am writing this to show you how I feel.

As Dave was finishing up the letter Vicky was at home doing what Dave had told her to do.She lifted up her bedroom matrice to find the frame that Dave had given her.  It was silver and had little angel carvings on it.  In the frame was a picture of Dave and Vicky at the beech with his arms rapped around her.  She opened up the frame and inside was a note.  It said:

Vicky, I love you wiht all my heart and I probably will for the rest of my life.  I did'nt cheat on you purposly.  I was drunk and didn't know what I was doing.  I am sorry.  You are the best thing that ever happened to me and i hope that one day you will find a way to forgive me.

Vicky sat there in shock because she never knew that Dave felt this way.  She promised herself that she would'nt cry because now she had a new relationship and she had moved on.  Vicky suddenly heard a knock at the door.  She went to answer it and found that there was a vase of lillies and a note in front of her door.  She looked both ways to see if there was anyone in the halls but they were bare.  She put the flowers on the kitchen table and read the note thinking it was from Joe but it was for not because she knew that handwriting.  It was Dave's.  She was reading the note and tears started to fall down her face even though she tried to retain herself.  She finallycame to the last part of the letter which stated
Now if you would be kind enough to go into the hallway to witness a man who has just lost all his dignity in writing this letter.  Vicky chuckled to herself and wiped her tears.  She opened the door to find Dave sitting on the floor.  Vicky could tell that he was crying.  SHe got down on her knees and inched up to Dave.  She looked straight into his baby blue eyes and kissed him.  It was so gentel and pure yet, Dave was confused because Vicky was supposed to be with Joe.
"What are you doing?" he said almost in a whispershe responded very seductively,"I am showing you how I feel."

Part 4