Dave loweredd the women.  The stare that the staff of WNYX was witnessing was the most intense and almost arousing sight.  Suddenly, Dave leaned in for a kiss but, the woman remembering that Joe was behind her brught his head down and kissed his forehead.  Dave was slightly disappointed until he remembered where he was and who he was in the presence of.  He unrapped his arms from around her waist and they both tried to look as natural as possible.  Joe went up to the woman and whispered;"What's going on?"
She replied shakily "oh, uh Dave is my friend.  We lived next to eachother as kids in Wisconsin."
"That's right" Dave replied in the same manner.Joe was slightly confused but he knew that she would explained it all to him later.
He then started to introduse his girlfriend(Dave's old friend)to the rest of the staff
"Everyone this is Victoria, my love."
Joe looked at Victoria with a goofy expression on his face. Victoria had a look of imbarassment.  She thought to herself "...as if girlfriend were'nt enough."
No one was paying attention, they were switching looks from Dave to Victoria and wondering why he picked her up and what kind of history did they have.  They snapped out of it when Joe started to introduce the staff to Victoria. 
" This is Beth, Matthew, Bill, Lisa, Mr.James," he said kindly,"...and ofcourse you know Dave." he said sarcastically.Dave was looking at the ground feeling a little surprised at himself for that spontaneous act of affection twords his ex-love and now love of his friend Joe.  Joe and Victoria had went out for brunch.  They or
should I say Vicky had invited him along.  He had considered to go and shaperone their actions, but then he thought that even watching them hold hands would send a great pain into his heart.  Dave went and sombarly sat at his desk trying to erase the actions from before by working vigously.  5 inquisitive nosy bodys walked into Dave's office.  The first question came from Lisa,
"What happened back there Dave?"
"I was just embracing a good friend." replied Dave
"Please Dave we were out there too that was one step away from being porn." Bill stated arrogantly
"What, were you too in llllloooooovvveeeee?"Beth asked
"She was my greatest and true l-" Dave had caught himself mid word and covered up by saying, "l-ife saver, yeah she was a life guard and she saved my live."
"Whatever, but you do no if you and Joe have a fight that Joe will win."the 4 who spoke left the room but Mr. James sayed because he saw that there was an inner problem.

                                                                                      Part 3