Dave had a feeling of extreme depression.  It wasn't just because Lisa was talking to her ex-boyfriend Stuart 24-7 but the depression came from something unexplained.  He felt as something or someone dear has been taken away from him, although he could not put his finger on it he knew that something bad was going to happen in that day.  Little did he know that that night he was going to have an arguement with Lisa and that the next day they would brake up.  When this happened he tried to convinse himself that it was a mutual decision between the ex-lovers but inside he knew that he had wanted that to happen.
6 months later...
Again David was feeling depressed and he did not know what it was.  Joe walked into the office happier than usual.  He disrupted the staff meeting because he said that he needed to make an anouncement.
" I have fallen in love with a hot chick who makes my blood boil.  we have been going out for 6 months but I didn't want to jinx it or nothin' like that because she is that awesome.  guys I think she is the one."
Various shouts from the group were
"That's great!", "Good for you!" and "Congratulations!"
"Thanks guys,"said Joe,"She coming here today to meet all you guys and then we are going out to lunch."
Joe was bambarded with questions:"What's she like?", "Where's she from?", "Are you in llllooovvvveee?"
Suddenly, Joe went runningin a strange woman's direction.  She had long brown hair, partly tied up in the back and leaving two stray bangs that went down to her chin.  She was beatiful.  Then, her and dave's eyes locked.  To Dave he was seeing a familiar face that made him want to jump for joy.  To the stanger , it was the most pleasing sight that she had laid her eyes on in 6 years.  even, though Joe had hel her in a tight hug she managed to escape and run into the arms of Dave, who though does'nt look like the type of person that would do this but, he picked her up and started to spin her around. Their eyes had never come out of the stare.  As they both were spinning it seemed like the whole world had disappeared and that it was just them.  No one to disrupt them, no one to stop them and no Joe.

                                                                            Part 2