"I just came to get my purse cause I left my medication in there.What's going on," asked Lisa.
"Wait, don't close that-" the door slammed shut,"Never mind," said Joe.
"You guys, what's going on? Why won't the door open? And-Oh my God, who killed Matthew?"
"That's what we're trying to figure out," said Dave. After everyone explained what happened, Lisa said, "Those bastards!"
"Dude, alright,"Joe started concocting,"What I've noticed in the Scream trilogies is that when there's a killer and someone looks one way, the killer runs past them behind them. So, when I count to 3, we all look behind us. Ready, 1...2...3!" Everyone looked behind them. But when they did, Dave looked behind agian and saw someone in a white ghost mask run behind them. Everyone felt the wind the killer made.
"Nice plan, Joe,"Dave said.
"Man! I was sure that was gonna work. Wait, okay, I have another one.Whenever someone in Scream was going to go check something, they always made the other person stay in a certain spot to be "safe." Now, if we used someone to stay somewhere "safe", we could catch the killer beforehe actually does anything,"Joe said."But who are we going to use?"Joe looked around for bait. He eyed Lisa for a while. "Lisa, I think we should use you."
"Why me!?"
"Cause you're a helpless, defenseless girl. That's a perfact target for a blood thirsty killer. Besides, if he does get you, we'll know it's notyou,"Joe said.
"Um, excuse me, I'm a girl,"Beth said.
"Yeah, but that's different." Joe said.
"And why is that?"
"Cause you're like a bat out of hell or something. I wouldn't be suprised if you ended up killing the killer."
"Then why don't you just let me be the bait?"Beth asked.
"Dude, the killer would be too scared to go near you."
Lisa relunctantly stood by the desk. Dubiously, Joe said "Okay, Lisa. You stay here-where it's safe-and me and the other guys are going to go look for help."
Joe and the others ran behind the booth. Lisa stood there and waited, and waited...and waited. Nothing seemed to happen. As Joe looked over, he was quite confused.
"Man, why isn't anything happening?"
"Here let me see," Dave said.
"Yeah, me too," Jimmy said. While the guys were looking over at Lisa, Lisa was quite bored standing there. Lisa waved up her arms in frustration.
"All right, Joe. Nothing's happeing. Let's find a real way to get out of here. Come on Beth-Oh my God! They killed Beth!" screamed Dave. While the guys looked over at Beth, they all saw someone in a ghost mask run from the booth.
"Dude! He gets me every time!!!I can't believe he actually got to Beth!" cried Joe in frustration. "Now what are we gonna do?"

To be continued...
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