One man come in the name of love
One man come and go
One man come, he to justify
One man to overthrow

In the name of love
What more in the name of love

U2/In The Name Of Love


He closed his eyes and with only the slightest of thought he propelled himself to the surface. He saw the bodies on the street and watched as they struggled to hold on to their existence. But their souls were gone and the shell that was its home disappeared into the wind. He saw a young girl on the ground, no more than 5 years old. She was calling for her mother, who had just faded from view next to her. Phil walked over to the child and, kneeling down he grasped her hand in his so she wouldn't feel alone. She looked at him and did the oddest thing, she smiled. His touch calmed her and his presence soothed her, and even though there was nothing his touch could do to stop the envitable fading, she left without the fear of the unknown. He sat beside the spot where she had been and wept for all the children who were now lost. It all went back to "them", the elders here. If they hadn't had kept him from being with Jan at her deathbed, none of this would have happened. He walked the streets, the demons gone now but the damage was done. Few were left, and the saddest part was that there was nothing remaining of the lost ones that even hinted that they had ever been there. He stood and looked around once before deciding to seek solace in the only place that remained for him. With barely a thought, he covered himself in bright light and was gone, leaving behind no one to see him go.

The grass was still damp from the flooding that occurred due to the overwhelming amount of rain the earth had had. Now however, there seemed to be a small reprieve. The rose that he had pushed into the dirt at her grave had vanished with the rains, and it saddened him greatly. He held out his hand and thought of a beautiful white rose, a rose so pure that nothing could stain it or destroy it's holy perfection. Concentrating on the shape and smell of it, he made it appear in his hand. For a moment he was beyond stunned. He never thought it would work. But here was the proof. He brought the flower to his face and inhaled it's intoxicating aroma, felt the soft petals on his cheek. He smiled, it so reminded him of Jan. "Look my love, a special rose for a special lady." he planted it into the ground and watched as it spread its petals before his eyes and opened up fully, taking in the sun. He sat crossed legged on her grave and let the horror and pain and frustration come out. He cried for her, he begged for her to come back to him not knowing if she could hear him or not; Not knowing if there was a Jan anywhere anymore. But he spoke to her anyway, told her about his love for her. Told her how she never should have given in to Simon. Begged her forgiveness once again for not being there when she passed. Promised her that he would avenge her "death" somehow. And if he couldn't do that, if he failed and lost the battle, he would gladly go to be with her. He placed his hands on her grave and said a silent prayer for her. And for himself as well.

Part 31