Into the Fire

Burnin´ up

Don´t know just how far that I can go

(Just how far I go)

Soon be home

Only just a few miles down the road

I can make it

I know I can

You broke the boy in me

But you won´t break the man

Just once in his life

A man has his time

And my time is now

And I´m comin´ alive

Take me where my future´s lyin´

St. Elmo´s Fire

John Parr/St. Elmos Fire Theme

Simon lifted Jan up in his arms like a prize to be worshipped. She was only a shadow of herself now, you could see right through her body. She begged him to let her go but he just laughed. "You, my little slave, are going to be my crowning glory, my greatest prize." he said, grabbing her by the throat. "We have just one more thing to do, don't we my sweet?" he voiced, "Just one more time for old times sake, what do you say?" he cackled in her face. He dragged her through the crowd and up onto a pedestal set in the middle of the room. It was made of granite and it was also covered with damp moss. He laid her on it face down, stripped off her clothes and held her there while others shackled her wrists and ankles to the table. She lay there spread eagle, the moss scraping her face and filling her nose with its pungent odor. "Well well, isn't this a familiar position?" he teased, his hand slapping her ass hard, raising a welt on her body. He walked around to the front of the table and raised her head by her hair. He knelt down so that he was eye to eye with her. For the first time she saw what he really was, there was nothing in those eyes at all. They were the eyes of the truly dead. Blank, nothing, no light at all reflected outward. He smiled a wicked smile and stuck his tongue between her lips. She recoiled as best as she could, thrashing her head from side to side to keep her distance. He grabbed her face in his hands, "Oh no no my dear, we will have none of that. You know you want it, don't you Jan?" he began to remove his clothes as did many of the others in the room. "In fact, you want it so badly that just one isn't enough. Now isn't that right?" There was something about his voice that hypnotized her. She tried not to listen. "I am a generous sort, and I always share the spoils with my friends, so you will be a good girl and entertain these gentlemen, won't you?" She began to sob again, trying so very hard not to fall into his trap like so many times before. But she was caught in his web and he was spinning it around her, holding her in tight. "Here Jan, my sweet, is this what you want?" He brought his cock up to her face and taunted her with it. She stared as if mesmorized by it because it seemed to have grown a good 5 inches since last time. It was grotesque and abnormally large. "Oh come on now Jan, all the guys know that girls like them the bigger the better." He forced himself into her mouth until he disappeared completely. She was chocking on it, it was too big. He laughed as he pulled her face in tighter to his body, until it invaded her throat and she thrashed against him, in desparate need to have him stop. "Ummm… how nice you do that, my sweet, how very good you are." He turned to the crowd around him and said, "Join in my brothers and take a piece of her soul as a souvenier." With a mad cry, they hovered over her, all of them as large as Simon and all of them raping her body and her soul. She wanted to die, wanted to be as dead as she could be just to escape this torment.

"Get away from her!"

The crowd stopped their assault and faced Phil. He was moving quickly up toward the pedestal, knowing very well that he was outnumbered and that there was no chance for him to free her. He still had to try, he couldn't stand there and watch her suffer like this. Two of the evil ones grabbed his arms and held him there so he could go no further. Phil knew that their powers collectively were way to strong for him. He had lost, he was too late.

Part 27