The Second Sacrifice

"Lover, there will be another one

Who'll hover over you beneath the sun

Tomorrow see the things that never come


When you see me

Fly away without you

Shadow on the things you know

Feathers fall around you

And show you the way to go

It's over, it's over."

Neil Young/Birds

"Oh Phil, so glad you could make it. Sorry we couldn't wait for you. Would you like to join in?" Simon roared with laughter, as did the rest of the throng. "Simon, I know I can't kill you. I know you have won. But wouldn't I be a better prize then she would? Why don't you take me instead?" Phil knew that if he lost Jan now he would not want to live anymore anyway. Simon looked at him and seemed surprised. "You of the flesh constantly amaze me. Although the offer is tempting, I can only pick one of you and, no offense but her ass is a lot cuter than yours."

He moved to the back of the table and pushed his fingers inside of her dark hole. Jan squirmed and cried. Phil struggled against his captors to get to her. "See Philly, she likes it up the ass. What do you think she will do when I exchange my fingers for this…" He raised his massive cock in the air. "Think she'll like it?"

"Damn you Simon, somehow, someway I will make you pay for this, I promise!"

Simon skipped down the stairs and came up to Phil. "Oh, we got a real tough one here. Why don't we bring our guest to the front of the crowd? Give him a real birds eye view of the party. Front row seats for the sacrifice."

Simon smiled in his face, "Want to watch her get really fucked, Phil?" Phil spit in his face. Simon, for just a second was taken aback. The next thing Phil knew he was down on his knees from a swift kick to the groin.

"Ain't gonna be using that for awhile, my friend." Simon said, "Now take him and bring him to the front." he looked directly at him, "Let him watch his girlfriend die."

They dragged him to a spot in front of the pedestal and held him there.

Jan's eyes met his and there were no words they needed to convey. Their tears said it all. Simon hopped back up onto the pedestal again and circled his prey like a vulture. He forced himself on her in every way possible, inflicting pain no matter what he did. Phil watched her face, saw the torture and the emptiness in her expression and felt himself dying with her. She was almost a shadow now, almost gone. There was only one final thing for her to do that would seal Simons victory. She had to, for one last time tell him what he wanted to hear, tell him that she was his. He was lying on top of her, his cock inside her cunt, working up into a frenzy. She found herself enjoying it, once more bowing to his will. She began to moan and thrash back against his thrusts. Phil was horrified. He knew she was under his spell and that she couldn't help herself, but it repulsed him just the same. He could hear Simon demanding her to submit to him, ordering her to confess to everyone that she belonged to only him and him alone. She opened her mouth to speak but halted herself. "No, no no no. I do NOT belong to you. I belong to him." she nodded in Phil's direction. "And no matter what you do to me I will never truly be yours, never."

The crowd seemed to gasp in unison because without this final step all was lost. Phil was so proud of her. Simon was livid. He hurt her some more, seduced her some more but still her will would not bend to his. She would cry out Phil's name in pain, but never Simon's.

"Seems we will have to resort to other measures." Simon hissed at her.

"Yo, Phil come on up here for a minute, will ya buddy?" They brought him up to Jan. and made him kneel down beside her. They were face to face now, for the first time in years and they gave each other silent strength. "Sweet Jan, if you will not submit to me on my terms then maybe you will change your mind if we let you watch us torture you lover here?" Simon said as he slapped Phil across the face hard with the back of his hand. Phil just turned back and faced him again, no reaction to what Simon just did. "No, don't, please don't hurt him Simon, please I am begging you." Jan pleaded with him. "You know what you have to do to make me stop." He waited to hear her answer but she remained mute.

"Gang," he said addressing the crowd, "I know how much you would love to get a piece of him but this one is mine."

"What's the matter Simon, are you that afraid of me that you have to have your goons hold me for you?" Phil challenged. Simon answered him by punching him in the stomach. For a second Phil doubled over, but then straightened back up again and glared at Simon. "This is an unusual specimen." Simon thought to himself, "He is stronger than most." He took a dagger from out of anothers hand and held it to Phil's throat. "I know you are already dead and this won't kill you, but believe me when I say it will hurt like you have never felt hurt before." Simon said and with that pressed the blade into Phil's shoulder. Phil did cry out then, the pain was intense.

Blood ran down his arm and onto his hand. Simon smiled, satisfied with himself. He drew the blade out of his shoulder slowly, causing more pain. Jan was screaming now for Simon to stop, begging for him to let him go. Phil looked up at Simon and said in a loud enough voice so Jan could hear "Don't give him what he wants Jan, don't let him win no matter what." Simon took the dagger and plunged it into Phil's chest and twisted it, sending Phil to the floor. Simon followed him down turning the knife inside of his body, digging a hole. Phil tried to slow his breathing, tried to stay focused. The more he showed pain the more Jan gave in. The only way to save her was to not let her know he was hurt.

Simon removed the dagger again and looked him over like he was a calf at the slaughter, and he was trying to decide which part to serve first.

"How do you think the little lady would like you if you only had one eye?" Simon traced around Phils face with the dagger. "Or no nose, one ear? How about no penis, now that would be fun, wouldn't it?" He moved the dagger down his throat. Without warning he leaned over him and stabbed it into the side of Phil's chest. Again he twisted it and he could hear the cartlidge of his ribs being scrapped and possibly broken. Phil was bleeding now profusely, there was blood everywhere.

He cried out, he couldn't help it. Simon kept up the onslaught, stabbing him repeatedly in the thighs, abdomen and arms. Suddenly, from behind them Simon heard Jan's voice. "I am yours, Simon, I am yours alone." she whimpered, knowing that she just signed her death certificate, but also knowing that they would stop torturing Phil. "NO!!!!!" came the anguished scream from Phil. "Jan, please…" but he knew it was too late, the words had been spoken. Simon grinned from ear to ear and went back up to her, leaving Phil in a heap on the floor. Simon placed one hand on her chest and closed his eyes. Jan gasped once as she felt the last bit of herself leaving her body and flowing into Simons hands.

She turned her head to Phil and he looked up at her crying,"Why? Why?" The last thing he saw before she disappeared into nothingness was her lips moving. She spoke four words that stabbed him deeper than anything Simon did to him, she mouthed "Because I love you." and then she was no more.

Part 28