Beth walked down to the lobby and looked around, not much was going on. A family of four was heading to the pool area and she followed them. She sat down at a table and watched them for a moment before her thoughts went back to Dave. Why did she want to be with him at that moment rather than down here? Why didn't she see her feelings for him before now? She remembered when she first met him. She thought he was gentle and kind and had a wonderful voice, and that was enough for her to be attracted to him. But before she could even think of testing those waters, he had told her that he had slept with Lisa. Beth had tried to talk Lisa out of dating Dave, but it was of no use. Over time she got used to the idea of them together. But she carried the burden alone, since they had asked her to keep it a secret. She never resented Lisa, but she did at times wish she was her, if just for a few days. It wasn't until he kissed her that those feelings came flooding back like a tidal wave. Lisa was out of his life romantically, but there was no way he would date someone from the office again. She sat there for several hours before getting enough courage to go back up to the room.

She opened the door and Dave was waiting up for her. He gave her a small unsure smile. She looked away from him for a moment. "Listen Beth." He said approaching her. "I apologize for kissing you, I had no right and I'm no better than that pervert that had his hands on you today." She smiled. "Dave there is no need to apologize to me, it was just a spur of the moment thing. Like with Bill." She said lightly smacking herself on the side of the head. "I have got to stop doing that." She said giving him an uncomfortable smile. "And there is no way you are remotely like that guy today, so don't be thinking that." She added sternly. "Okay, then that is settled." They paused for a moment not saying a word. Whew, that was bizarre huh?" He said relieved. She nodded. "Oh yeah." Dave went into the bathroom and closed the door. That whole conversation had reminded him of when he had first kissed Lisa, and he felt rotten going through it again. He hated to lie to Beth, but she could never know that he really wanted her. If he stopped it before it went further then it wouldn't continue like he and Lisa had. Their co-workers would never understand the two of them dating.

By the time he came out of the bathroom Beth was already in bed. He got into bed and turned the light out. He wondered if she was really asleep or just faking it to avoid him. She had seemed very convinced it was just a fluke like what happened with her and Bill, so maybe he would not have to deal with anymore kissing. No matter how badly he still wanted to.

The next morning, they got ready in silence. They ate a small breakfast without so much as a few words passing between them. Dave was worried that they might never be the same way again, at least for a while. The uncomfortable silence was almost unbearable. Before long it was time to return to the seminar. He contemplated forgetting the rest of it and the two of them just going home instead. But he knew that would generate suspicion with the others and he and Beth would need time to deal with what had happened, so no one would possibly be able to guess.

The rest of the seminar went slowly and they walked through most of the tests without concentrating very hard. Whether it would show in the results or not, made no difference to them. It was Dave's turn to draw a paper and finally the yoga one came up. He frowned and showed her the page. She rolled her eyes and they approached the booth. There were only three other pairs in that one, and it was no surprise to them. They were instructed to take off their shoes and socks and get comfortable on mats that were on the floor. Once they were seated, they were told to face each other and look into each other's eyes to get a feeling of relaxation. That, of course, made them both tenser and they had a hard time of it. The instructor must have noticed since she approached them and sat next to them. "I can see you two are not comfortable with looking into each others eyes." She said gently. "Just remember the eyes are the windows to the souls, you can do much soul searching by this exercise." She patted them both on the arms and continued on with the next group. Beth felt a blush creep over her cheeks and Dave noticed it. "Beth, why are we doing this to each other?" He asked her quietly. "Because Mr. James wanted us to do it." She said trying to pretend she didn't know what he meant. He gave her a second glance. "He wanted us to get together?" He asked not sure what she meant. "No, the seminar, he wanted us to do the seminar." She said making herself clearer.

At that moment the instructor told them to touch hands palm to palm. They did it to keep from drawing attention to themselves, But it only managed to make them feel closer to each other. A laugh escaped Beth as she tried to imagine how silly they must look. Dave smiled at her and he too managed a chuckle, but only because she was so darn cute when she laughed. And he was glad she was not so sad, if only for a moment. They received rude looks from the instructor and the other pairs, and Beth covered her mouth for a second. She whispered sorry to everyone and placed her hands on Dave's again. Soon she was feeling warm inside and her stomach started flip-flopping. Dave was so good looking in that light. His lips looked especially inviting to her and the sudden urge to be alone with him came over her. She gave him a seductive look and he felt her attraction to him instantly. It didn't take long for them to become enticed with each other. He curled his fingers around hers and she returned the gesture. Eventually they didn't see anyone around them, just each other. Pictures of him kissing her passionately flashed through Dave's mind and he was once again attracted to her. Beth could almost feel his mouth on her body and his hands roaming all over her and she felt more excited than ever in her life. She closed her eyes and let the emotions coursing through her take hold. Dave clasped her hands even tighter in his and tried in vain to get back in control of his feelings. Never in his life did he feel such complete and pure want of a woman. "Are you two okay?" Came the shrill voice of the instructor, breaking into their peaceful bliss. They both snapped their heads toward her. "Yeah, yeah we're fine." Dave stuttered. The entire group was staring at them in shock and he took that as their cue to leave. "This is just not for us." He said in explanation as he helped Beth up off the floor. The instructor looked insulted by his excuse and looked over her glasses at them. "Of course, you do realize this will count against you if you do not finish the course." She said rudely. Beth laughed out loud as she tried to get her shoes back on. And Dave smiled at her. "I take it we just don't care." He said grabbing his shoes as they walked away.

They weren't the only ones that were leaving the seminar. Others were leaving as well. Once they got into the lobby they discovered a bad storm was heading their way. People were trying to get out before it hit. By the time they got in the elevator it was crammed packed and they barely made it inside. Once they got to their room, they looked outside the window. The wind was starting to pick up and the clouds were getting dark already. Beth looked at Dave. "Do you think we should leave too?" She asked him. He shook his head. "It's too late to get out, we better stay put." He said closing the curtains. They looked at each other uncomfortably. "Well what should we do until the storm passes?" He asked her. She took a few steps and looked at him slyly. Dave swallowed, not knowing what to expect. "How about a swim?" She said happily. "By now the pool should be deserted." Dave let out the breath he was holding in. "That sounds fine. It might do us some good after the day we've had." He said slightly nervous. She ran to her suitcase. "Okay, just let me get changed." She said as she rummaged through it. Dave turned the TV on to watch the news about the storm as she changed. A few minutes passed and she came out of the bathroom. Dave's mouth practically fell open at the sight of her in that small blue bikini. She was radiant and beautiful. He felt the urge to touch her pale skin and make love to her. She gave him a shy look and he looked away. "Well…guess it's my turn." he said as he approached her. "Turns out the blue one suits you quite well." He whispered to her as he passed her. She felt her cheeks flush and was happy he noticed. He changed rather quickly and they were soon off again. This time the elevator was empty as they headed for the pool area.

Part 6