As they had expected the pool was nearly deserted. A couple was in the water and it was apparent that they were newlyweds. Dave and Beth splashed each other and held swimming contests. Beth laughed like a little girl and felt so good inside. Better than she ever had in her life. Soon the newlyweds tired of the noise and left the pool. They watched them go for a moment and Beth knew what they were going to do next. "I bet they are going to make love all night long." She said enviously. Dave splashed her lightly with water. "I'm sure they are." He said trying to avoid the subject. She grabbed his hands to keep him from splashing her anymore and they both looked at each other knowing exactly what the other was thinking. "Beth." Dave started. "We can't." he stated gently. "Having that office affair with Lisa was wrong of us and I should have stopped it before it happened. So this one I will keep from happening." He said approaching the wall of the pool.

She gave him a regretful look. "I'm sorry. The last thing I would want to do is hurt you, or take advantage of you." He said as she came up beside him. "I know that Dave, but you can't turn off feelings so easily." He looked at her with a guilty expression. "I think we can, this time we have to." She felt angry at the fact that Lisa got him and now that she had her chance it wouldn't happen, even though her feelings for him were growing stronger at a rapid rate. She climbed out of the pool. "That makes it convenient for you doesn't it." She said angrily as she wrapped up in a towel. He jumped out of the pool and grabbed her arms. "I care about you, if I said I didn't..I would be lying. But I just can't condone another office affair, please try and understand that. You once said that office affairs were wrong, what happened to that reasoning now?" He said thinking back to when he told her he had slept with Lisa, and she stated that it was "so wrong". She groaned. "Because Dave, that's when I was trying to get you to not see Lisa anymore." Finally it was out, her secret of how she had felt all that time. He stared at her with disbelief on his face. "You were interested in me all this time?" He said in shock. She looked away from him. "I don't want to talk about it." She said heading for the door. He followed her in shock at the news she had just given him.

Once they were at the elevator she turned to him. "I will quit as soon as we get back. I just couldn't stand seeing you everyday and not being able to do anything about it. That would kill me, I hope you understand." She said as tears welled up in her eyes, and she entered the elevator. Dave followed her in and the lights flickered for a moment. By the time the doors closed the elevator lights flickered off and on a few times. They both looked up at the lights and frowned. The elevator moved a few floors then stopped abruptly, the lights going out at the same time. They stood there in the dark for a moment expecting the lights to come back on in a few seconds. Dave could hear Beth's breathing speed up and he knew she was worried. "Don't worry, I'm sure the lights will come back on." He said into the dark. A minute later an orange emergency light slowly came on. It wasn't as bright as the other lights had been, but at least it offered some light.

They looked at each other nervously, and Beth gave him a look that said she was glad he was with her. He returned the look and searched the wall for the phone. As he picked it up he gave her a reassuring nod. "I'm sure they know we are in here." He said as he waited for the operator to pick up. After waiting for several minutes, and no one came on the line, he started to get nervous himself. Beth began to shiver, whether it was the water on her body or being scared, he didn't know, but he felt an immediate need to help her. He hung the phone up and reached for her. "I'll try again in a few minutes, the phone lines are probably tied up, with the storm and all." He said as he wrapped the towel around her body better and began to rub her arms. He was feeling cold as well, so he wrapped his towel around himself better. After fifteen minutes had passed, he tried the phone again. When he still got no reply he hung up. Beth saw the look on his face and slid down the wall, sitting down on the floor. He joined her on the floor and took her hand. "Don't worry, it won't be long." He said rubbing it to get it warmed up. She felt like ice and he began to worry about her getting sick. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close. She didn't stop him, but rather moved in closer to him.

After an hour had passed, they relaxed a bit as they got used to the confines of the elevator. Beth remembered what they had been talking about as they entered the elevator and looked over at him. He must have been thinking the same thing based on the look he was giving her. "Dave." She whispered. "Yeah?" he asked her as she laid her head against his shoulder. "How many times do you think people have made love in here?' She said noticing the walls and the handrails, which now seemed somehow erotic to her. Dave knew what she was thinking and considering the circumstances, he was thinking the same thing himself. "Probably lots and lots of people." He mumbled as he ran his fingers over her damp hair. She leaned back against the wall and let him touch her more, her hands began to move along his legs and he felt an instant heat of passion that he could no longer stop. She sat up and kneeled next to him, her hair falling over her shoulders. She questioned him with her eyes and he groaned, pulling her down on top of him. She felt his moist, hot lips on hers and it made her limbs feel limp and shaky.

She returned the kiss just as passionately as he moved his hands along her waist. She was so sexy to him that he wondered how he ever managed to not notice before. He rolled her onto her back on the floor and lay on top of her. Her hair splayed out on the floor like some Greek goddess and he wanted her more than anything else in the world. He was fully aroused now and began to kiss her neck. She let out a moan that told him she was just as aroused as he was. A split second of surprise at what he was about to do with her crossed his mind before he continued on. She wrapped her arms tightly around him holding him close, as if afraid he would stop suddenly. She sat up and undid her bikini top as he untied the back. It was discarded as nothing more than a hindrance. Dave's mouth made it's way down to her breasts. Her skin was soft and supple as his hands caressed her naked back. Beth leaned back again letting him do as he pleased with her, it made her feel like she were in a dream and the realization of what was happening never fully clicked. She simply knew that she wanted him, and the feelings he generated inside her. She ran her hand through his hair as he began to kiss her stomach. He gently removed her bikini bottoms with more ease than she may have expected. He removed his swimming shorts and tossed them into the middle of the elevator. Beth laughed nervously and he kissed her open mouth, allowing his tongue to search for hers. She returned the kiss and they moaned with how good it felt. Dave closed his eyes as he slipped deeply inside her warm body, slowly making love to her. He wanted this to be a special time for them both. He kissed her all over her body not feeling as if he could get enough of her. She wrapped her legs around him and stretched her arms around his neck pulling him down to her so she could kiss him passionately. It wasn't long before they were overcome with ecstasy and Dave moaned as he moved faster inside her. They both felt that intense pleasure at the same time as he finally climaxed. They lay together on the floor all wrapped up in each other's arms, never wanting the feeling to end. But as fate would have it the elevator decided to start moving again, and the lights came back up. They were startled by the jolt and they jumped up off the floor. They only had a few seconds to grab their clothes and wrap up in their towels. Beth laughed at them almost getting caught.

Once the doors opened, the manager of the hotel met them. "Please allow me to apologize for not getting to you sooner, the storm is really picking up and they fear tornado's may appear." He said as he fiddled nervously with the flashlight in his hand. "I would suggest that you meet us down in the basement in case such an incident might occur." He said before rushing off down the hall to tend to other guests. Dave took Beth by the hand and they made their way to the room. Once inside, he insisted she take a hot shower. After she was inside the bathroom and closed the door she looked at her reflection in the mirror. What just happened? She asked herself still wondering if it was just a dream. She touched her lips and could still feel his mouth on hers. She wanted him even more now and hated to think what he would say to her once they got back to reality. Outside the bathroom Dave was thinking the same thing. He looked out at the storm and wondered how he would repair the damage he had done that night. He was determined to never have another office affair and that made a huge problem, a problem they would now have to deal with.

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