"Right Before my Eyes"
by Stephanie Anderson

Rated R for sexual situations

Dave frowned at Mr. James as Beth squealed happily. Somehow Mr. James had gotten wind of a seminar that was for Boss's and their receptionists, and immediately signed Dave and Beth up for it. Of course the news was a surprise for Dave as usual, but Beth was excited about the three-day trip. Dave sighed impatiently. "Mr. James, I happen to think Beth and I have a fine working relationship." He said sitting down at his desk. Jimmy sat down on the couch and stared at Dave. "Beth, let me ask you a hypothetical question." Beth still high on her excitement sat down on the table across from Jimmy and looked at him. "You enter Dave's office and you notice he's out of coffee, what do you do?" Beth opened her mouth as she thought of her answer. "Ummm, don't tell me… I know I know…" She beat her fist against her forehead as if trying to hammer out an answer. "Buzz..time's up." Jimmy said. "Dave what's the answer?" Dave gave him an impatient look. "You take the cup and refill it with coffee." Beth jumped up from the table. "Oh man! I should have known that." She said in fake disappointment. Jimmy got up off the couch. The Limo leaves tomorrow bright and early. I'll talk to you both when you get back." He said as he brushed past Mathew on his way out.

"What's going on?" Mathew asked as he came into the office. "Dave and I are going to a seminar!" Beth said excitedly. "Ohhh can I come?" He asked looking at Dave. Dave got up with a huff. "No Mathew you cannot come, not unless you become the new news director." Mathew followed Dave out to the coffee machine. "Why? Did you hear something or something, cause…you know..I have been watching you work for awhile.." Dave gave him a look that stopped him dead in his tracks. Lisa walked by and saw the dirty look. "What's up?" She asked curiously. "Dave and Beth are going to a seminar." Mathew blurted out before Dave could say anything. A smile crept over Lisa's face. "What seminar?" She asked already amused. "It's a Boss and Secretary Seminar Mr. James signed us up for." Lisa tried to cover a smile that was already crossing her face. "What for?" She asked. Dave gave her a look. "It's just another one of his many whims. It's for three days, I assume you will cover for me while I'm gone." He asked as they walked back to his office. "Sure." She said as Beth approached her. "Should I take this blue bikini or this rreeedddd one?" She said as she waved the bikini in Lisa's face. Dave rolled his eyes. "Beth this is not a vacation, it's work." He said grabbing the bikini out of her hand and putting it on her desk. "Maybe not to you Dave, but it is to me." She said happily. "Where's this seminar at anyway." Lisa said taking in Beth's exuberance. "Miami." Dave said taking a drink of coffee. "FLORIDA?!" Lisa yelled. "What kind of seminar is so great that it takes place in another state?" She said aggravated. "I guess it's something one of Mr. James rich friends recommended." Dave said. "He's flying us in on one of his private jets." He added. "That figures." Lisa said crossing her arms. "What figures?" Bill asked as he came down the stairs. "Beth and Dave are going to Florida for a seminar." Mathew said, happy to be the one to give Bill the news. Bill just shrugged. "Bring me back some sort of T-shirt or something." He said. "Maybe with the words…My news director went to Florida with his secretary and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." Bill said with a smug grin on his face. Dave gave Bill a disgusted look. "I'll see what I can do." He said sarcastically.

Dave entered his office and Beth followed him. Closing the door behind them, she laid a piece of paper down on his desk in front of him. He picked it up. "What's this?" He asked her as he read it. "It's our itinerary for when we're not at the seminar." she said, smiling. He read the first few out loud. "Dancing, Walks on the beach, Dinner overlooking the ocean... Beth this list sounds like we're on a honeymoon or something." he said, looking up at her. "I know it." She grinned. "I've always wanted a romantic honeymoon in Florida." She laughed. "Beth." Dave said to her while shaking his head. "We're not even married." He said grinning at her silliness. Beth stopped and looked at him. "I know that Dave..we can just fake it." She said upset that he didn't understand her plan. "That way we will get so much free stuff." She said holding up the bikini top to her face. He blushed slightly at her brazenness. "We probably won't even have time to see the beach let alone pretend to be newlyweds." He said looking down at some work on his desk. "We'll see Dave… oh yeah." She said as she backed out of his office, bumping into Joe on the way. "Dude! What's this I hear about you and Beth going to Florida?" Joe asked pointing his thumb towards Beth. Dave moved some papers over and glanced at him briefly. " Mr. James is sending Beth and I on a business trip, it's not that big a deal." Joe blanched. "What?! Not that big a deal? Have you seen what those chicks in Lauderdale wear?" Dave sighed. "No Joe, I have not. I don't make it my business to ogle women in bathing suits." Joe stood there staring at him for a minute. "Man! if you don't get at least one date while you're down there I will be very upset." He paused. "It's not like the women are banging your door down, you and Lisa aren't even together anymore." Dave gave him a dirty look. "Thanks for the reminder Joe, but I think I can handle my own love life." He said ending the conversation. Joe shook his head and left the room.

Once everyone said goodbye to them, Beth went on ahead of Dave to get packed. Lisa walked with him to the elevator. "So, Joe says you are going to get a date while you're down there." Dave looked at her, annoyed. "I never said that, it was his idea entirely. I'm sure Beth and I will be so busy with the seminar we won't have five minutes to go sight seeing." Lisa chewed on her lip. "Still, maybe it would do you good to date a little." She said not looking at him. "What, now you're wanting me to find a new girlfriend?" He said angrily pushing the button on the elevator. She rolled her eyes. "No Dave, that's not what I meant." She said snapping back. By the time the elevator doors opened the two of them were mad at each other. "Look, lets not part angry with each other." Dave said before getting into the limo. A terrible feeling that she might never see him again came over her and she smiled at him. "You're right...I'm sorry Dave...Have a good time." She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled back at her. "Thank you Lisa, I appreciate that." He said as he ducked into the limo. As it pulled away he glanced back at her for a moment, wondering if she had wanted to say something more to him.

Once Beth's luggage was loaded into the back of the limo, Dave opened the door for her. He paused for a moment. "I just thought of something." He said looking down at her. "What?" she asked totally curious. "You're not going to stick your tongue down my throat are you?" Dave said teasing her again from the time she did that to Bill. She stared at him for a minute. "Not unless you want me to." She said in a seductive voice. Dave rolled his eyes. "Get in there." He said upset his joke failed to work on her. Beth went over her plans for their "honeymoon" on the way to the airport. Her enthusiasm was becoming contagious and Dave actually felt excited about getting away for a little while. Even if it was for a silly seminar.

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