"Oh read that part again about the yoga." Beth hollered from the back of the plane. Dave grinned as he read the seminar guide. "By the end of this exciting seminar the two of you will know how to do Yoga together, to enhance the work environment, relieve stress and maintain a balanced team." He shouted back. He looked at the guide and laughed to himself. A loud thud came from the back. "Ow!" She yelled. "You okay?" Dave asked her. "I'm fine." She yelled back. "What are you doing back there anyway?" He said trying to get a look at what she was up to. She came from the back of the plane dressed in a plain navy blue suit, with a modest skirt. Her hair was up in a bun and her makeup was toned down. And for once she didn't have a huge wade of gum rolling around inside her mouth. Dave saw her and his mouth dropped. "What's all this?" He asked laughing as if she were trying to pull a joke on him. She quickly looked away and sat down across from him. "I didn't want to embarrass you." She said blushing slightly. "At the seminar and all." She said trying to get comfortable in the odd clothes. "Beth." He said grabbing her hands. "That's sweet…but I would never be embarrassed to be with you. I care about you for who you are, not what you wear." He said completely serious. "aw... Dave, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me." She said smiling now. "Well, It's my pleasure. Do you want to go change back into what you had on?" He asked. She fidgeted for a second then got up and raced to the back of the plane. Dave smiled to himself and continued reading the guide. One thing was for sure, there was nothing on earth that could stop the both of them of being embarrassed if they had to do some of the stupid things mentioned in the guide, and he reminded himself to let Jimmy have it when they got back home.

"What do you mean you only have one room?" Dave said to the desk clerk. "My secretary made the reservations herself." He added looking around the very busy hotel for Beth. The clerk grinned. "Maybe you two ought to attend that seminar that's going on in town, to improve your communication skills." He said smirking. Dave resisted the urge to snap at him. "That's what we are here for, the seminar. My secretary doesn't make mistakes like that. Are you sure there is only one room left?" The clerk looked at the computer screen again. "I'm afraid so." At that moment Beth arrived at the desk. "Beth, he says there was a reservation made for just one room." He said to her. "That's all that was left after such short notice." She shrugged. "It has two beds, so what's the problem?" Dave just stared at her. "How is it going to look if we share a room together?" He said annoyed. "Dave, half these people here are probably having affairs anyway." She said motioning around the lobby. "Well we aren't. I don't see why we have to look like we are." He said clearly upset. "Dave... it's not that big a deal. Let's just go." She grabbed the keycard to the room from the grinning clerk. Dave glared at him until he stopped smiling and followed Beth to the elevators. Once inside, Beth nudged him. "Don't be so nervous, It's not like I'm going to attack you or anything." He gave her a look. "Who said I was nervous?" He said quickly. She looked at him for a moment then said nothing.

Once inside the hotel room, Beth ran and jumped on a bed. "This is great!" She said as she then ran to open the curtains, it was dark already but the moon was reflecting off the ocean. "Oh man Dave, you have got to see this." She said amazed. "I've seen the ocean before." He said putting his suitcase on one of the beds. She shut the curtains and sat down on his bed. "Can you at least try to have some fun while we are here?" She asked getting upset that he was still being so negative about the trip. "I have fun." He said defending himself. "But this is not supposed to be for fun." She rolled her eyes. "Fine..you stay here, I'm going out." She said getting up off the bed. "Beth, where are you going?" He asked annoyed. She looked back at him. "It's early still, I'm going out and have a look around." He gave her a guilty look. "Okay, I guess we could go for drinks or something." He said taking off his jacket. Beth clapped her hands. "All right Dave! That's the spirit." She said happily.

Beth laughed as one of her shoes fell off. She grabbed a hold of Dave to steady herself as she put the shoe back on. They had been to two bars already and decided they wanted to get something to eat, since they had been drinking on empty stomachs. Dave guided her into the nearest restaurant and they were seated in a booth that overlooked the ocean. They both ordered light dinners and wine to go with their meals. Beth got the giggles every time Dave said something funny and a few times other people looked over at them smiling as if happy for the "newlyweds". After dinner was over, they continued to drink the wine. By then they were both smiling at each other for no real reasons at all. A new song began to play on the dance floor and Beth gasped. "Dave! I love this song!" She said grabbing his arm. "Dance with me." She said pulling him from the booth. He allowed her to drag him to the floor and had to laugh at how funny Beth was at dancing. She was all over the place. Luckily there weren't too many people there due to the late hour. Once the song was over a slow one started and Beth stopped abruptly and looked at him bashfully. He held his hand out to her like a gentleman and she put her hand in his as he put an arm around her waist. They were silent as the music played. It felt odd to be so close to him, and she was startled to realize that it made her feel warm inside. She told herself it was just the wine they had been drinking all night that was making her feel that way, but there was something else to it. Dave felt her body under his hand and he almost felt it was a dream. She was very different than Lisa, or any other woman he'd known. There was something vivacious and carefree about her that he never noticed before. They made eye contact for a moment and when the song was over let go and awkwardly stepped away from each other. They shot each other odd looks, but neither of them said anything. It was definitely time to go back to the hotel, Dave told himself as he paid the bill.

Part 3