Guest star:Bridget Fonda as Mary

Scene: Elevator at WNYX opens, Revealing Matthew, wearing a attire of a white long sleeve turtleneck and Levi pants, and a blonde woman dressed in a red sweater and Levi's also, step off.

Matthew: Well, Mary, This is where I work. So, jealous?

Mary: (rolls eyes) Matthew,. your a reporter, and I'm a author. It's basiclly the same job.

Matthew: Ha! But I work with people who..

Mary: (Cuts in) who tease, belittle and pity you.

Matthew: (sighs) ah, good times. reminds me of when we were kids.(Office)

Matthew: Hi guys! Look who's here!

Beth: (at desk, back to Matthew) who?

Matthew: My sister, Mary! Don't you remember telling you Beth?

Beth: No, I thought that you just had a doll that looked surprsingly like you.

Matthew: Well, here she is, in the flesh, not the porclein!

Beth:(turns around, gasps at what she sees: Mary looks like Matthew, but more , attractive.)

Beth: (recovers, puts out hand that slightly shaking) Hi, I'm beth. I am a good friend of your brother.

Mary: Hi, I know, whenever we chat on the phone, he burns up the lines talking about you.

Beth: (blushes, giggles at Matthew, turns. Runs into Dave's office.)

Beth: (voice, off screen) Dave, you have to see this!

Dave:(Voice, also off screen) What is it Beth? Are the aliens spying on you again?

Beth: (off screen) No, but outside theres a actually pretty version of Matthew!

(Quiet, Screeching of chair, Dave and Beth come into view)

Dave: Oh, um, hi! I'm Dave Nelson , Matthews boss.

Mary: Pleased to meet oyu sir. So your the boyish, but fussy boss Matthew's always yakking about.

Dave: (glaring) is that so?

Matthew:(chuckles nervously)

Dave: (gives glare toward Matthew, turns with a smile toward Mary)Well, welcome to WNYX, Enjoy your stay.

Dave: (goes into office, murmuring)

Bill: (comes out of break room)

Bill: Ok, who put shaving cream in the can? I swear, if I know who did-(stops, sares at Mary) well, hello lovely, whats your name, number and turn ons?

Matthew:(furrows brows, steps between Mary and Bill)Um, Bill that wasn't something you should say to my sister.

Bill: ah, a sister! (Leans in toward Mary) somehing must've slipped i the genes to make you, hoeny.

Mary: (giggles)

Matthew: Bill, isn't time for the real deal with Bill Mcneil?

Bill: (lloks up toweard clock) ah crap!Well, Freak, and Hottie, I must make my leave. But here..(Hands Mary a card) card.

Bill: (goes into booth)

Matthew: Mary, I have to go talk to Bill? Do you mind..

Mary: Oh no! Go ahead, Matt.

Matthew: (walks slowly to dave's office first, speeds up,, ends up running ) DAVVEEE!

Mary: (Looks at card, eyes grow wide, slaps hand over mouth, stifling giggling) have to see this!

Beth:What is it? I'm in the good part in "A Time to Kill".

Mary: Beth, this is classic!I mean, damn!

Beth: (sets down book, walks to mary, who hands her card)

Beth: (stares at card, falls down, laughing.)

(close up of card : Says "Bill Mcneil, Major studmuffin,A.K.A Biggy Weiner.)

(Inside Daves office, Daves sitting in his chair, watching a irate Matthew pace.)

Matthew: I can't lett her date Bill.. Joe maybe, but Bill?

Dave: Whats wrong with letting her date Bill?

Matthew: This is David!

(Matthew grabs a piece of paer, scribbles on it, gives to Dave. Shows a house, a stick figure with Long hair is inside the house, and a stick figure with glasses is gettting kicked out by a larger stick figure. Arrows point to long hair stick figure as mary, Glasses figure as Matthew, and the kicker as Bill.)

Matthew: That will happen!

David: Um, Matthew, you don't own a house. You have a apartment.

Matthew: you know what I mean!

Dave: Why don't you just tell Bill that you don't think Bill is right for her? Yea, tell him that You don't think he is capable of handling her.

Matthew: that's a good idea Dave! Yea, for once, I will tell off someone.Thanks dave!

Dave: No problem.


Dave: (Grins evily) This is for calling me fussy! Your gonna die!

Laughs evily.

>Part 2