*~*This takes place 9 years later. So this is different. Bill didn't pass away (thank god!) But yes Catherine did leave. Lisa never met Johnny.  SO leave that behind when you read the story.*~*

Chapter 1: The Boyfriend

Dave sat in his office typing away at his laptop. He reached out for his coffee cup and picked it up. He put it to his mouth but nothing came out. Empty. He sighed and walked away from his office. He walked out side and to the coffee machine. And as the hot black coffee poured into his cup he heard a jingling sound. A very distinct one. And he knew what it was. He turned his head to see a girl about 5'6 tall with maroon hair and blue eyes. She wore baggy blue pants with electric blue reflectors hanging off the sides. She wore a tight white shirt with "Make 7 up yours" on it. She had a blue spike bracelet around her wrist as well as other bracelets. She had a chain wallet that made a jingling sound every time she walked.

"Hey dad." She leaned against the table the coffee machine sat on.
  "Good morning Sarah." Dave sipped his coffee. "So, what are you gonna do today?"
"Well, Michael is gonna give me a ride to work and then He's gonna drop me off here. And I was thinking Chines tonight." She took the cup from him and sipped it.
"Who is Michael?" Dave took the cup right back.
"A guy."
  "A guy?"
"Just a guy?"
"My boyfriend."
"Ah ha. So he's 16?"
Dave walked into his office as Sarah followed. "How old is he then?"
"17." Sarah admitted
"I gotta met him first."
"He's right down stairs. Be my guest."
"Alright then." Dave stood up and walked out. Sarah followed him as they walked to the elevators. A tall guy who's head was bald. He had his right ear pierced twice. He was very thin and wore tight black jeans with a black T-shirt. He had a blue spike bracelet just like Sarah's. And he had, black eyeshadow on. It was all around his eye. Like a black stripe across his eyelids.
"Michael. My dad insisted on meeting you." Sarah said sounding annoyed.
"Hi, Michel. I'm Sarah's dad, Dave. So your gonna bring her to work?" Dave shook his hand
  "Yeah." He had a deep voice.
"Ok, just wanna make sure. And bring her here when you pick her up. Maybe you would like to go out to eat with us tonight."
"Oh god no." Sarah groaned under her breath and covered her face.
"Sounds good. We'll be here." Michael was being very polite.
"Great." Dave smiled.
"Nice meeting you Mr. Nelson." Michael smiled.
"Bye guys."
"Bye dad." Sarah walked into the elevator with him he watched them out of the corner of his eye. And right then before the door closed he saw them join hands. Dave sighed and sipped his coffee.

"Work?" Sarah at next to Michael in his jeep. She nearly laughed.
"Screw it. I'll call in sick."
"So where to?" Michael sat behind the wheel.
"My house." Sarah smiled.

"What is it?" Lisa asked.
"Sarah is growing up." Dave said.
"She's almost 15 what do you expect?"
"She dating a 17 year-old."
"Well have you meet him?"
"Yeah. I don't know him though. For all I know he could be a nazi-skinhead."
"Oh come on, he's not a skin head." Lisa laughed.
"His head is shaved."
"Well he's not that kind of skin head. Well the more ya see him the more you get to know him." Lisa assured him.

Sarah hung up with the pizza place and turned to Michael. "I'm sorry my place is boring."
"Its ok. As long as I'm with you." He smiled. Michael was a real sweet guy. He wasn't a punk like Sarah. Sarah was a true punk. She stood out of the crowd like a yellow boat on a sea of black. Michael was an odd ball to but not like her. She was rude and loud. He was polite and stood out. He liked outrageous clothes. He liked mixes of music and didn't believe in Anarchy. Sarah loved outrageous cloths. She loved Punk and Metal music and thought Anarchy was the cycle of life. Chaos and destruction. Sarah smiled at her boyfriend and wished she were older. Old enough to run away with him.

Lisa watched Sarah walk toward Dave's office holding her boyfriend's hand. "Hey, Sarah, who's your friend?" Lisa called out. Sarah turned her head and dropped his hand.
"Hey Lisa." Sarah ran to her and hugged her. Michael followed.  "This is Michael." She introduced them. Sarah was close to Lisa. Lisa and Dave took a shot at marriage but it didn't work. Then latter on they tried dating. No luck they're either. Sarah knew that Lisa and Dave were meant for eachother. They were good friends. They like each other. But they fought a lot. Sarah couldn't stand it when they did. But she liked it when they were together too. So that was a minor dilemma.

"Hey Michael. I'm Lisa." Lisa introduced herself and shook his hand.
"Hey." He smiled.
"So how was work, Sarah?"
"Uh, sucked. I need a real job. McDonald's is hardly a job." She laughed.
"Well, maybe when your older, you can be a Jimmy James rockin Ranger." Lisa smiled.
"I'll pass." Sarah laughed.
"So yall going out to dinner?" Lisa held a folder to her chest.
An idea popped in Sarah's head. "Yeah, why don't you come with us?"
"No I couldn't."
"Please. It will just feel awkward with just Dad, me, and Michael." Sarah garbed Lisa's wrists.
"If its ok with Dave."
"How could he say no?" Sarah winked at her and ran to his office. She soon came out with Dave and he agreed.

"So, Michael, do you have a job?" Lisa asked.
"Sorta." Michael used chopstick for his rice and used them with skill.
"What do you mean sorta?" Dave asked.
"Well, I'm in a band and we play at clubs. We get paid but I mean does that count?"
"Ah what kind of music?" Lisa asked.
"Alternative." He placed what was on his chopsticks into his mouth.
There was silence for a moment. Until Lisa broke it. "So is school good?"
"Oh god Lisa! Every guy I date the one question that's the same is 'how is school'. We are on spring break, spring break, so we can have a break form school during the spring. School is the last thing we wanna talk about!" Sarah screamed.
"Well, actually. Schools good. I'm getting good grades and my English teacher says I have talent. I brought some of our lyrics to school and turned them in as poems and I got A's." Michael said sipping his tea.
Lisa liked him. Not only was he polite, he was smart too.  The other guys Sarah dated were all her age and very loud and rude. She didn't like them. She thought Sarah made a good choice going out with this guy.

"What time is it?" Michael dropped his chopsticks.
"Nine fifteen." Dave looked at his watch.
"Crap." He cursed under his breath, but it was a little too loud. He pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and turned away as he dialed a number.
"Hey, I'm sorry." He tried to talk soft enough so that he wouldn't disturb Lisa, Dave and Sarah. "I'm eating dinner." He scratched right behind his ear. "Well can't Chris give you a ride?" He glanced back at the table and shifted his eyes back. "I can't drop what I'm doing and go over there. Call the house and ask." He was a little frustrated. "Ok, bye. Yeah yeah, love ya too." He hung up the phone and stuffed it back in his pocket. He turned back a little embarrassed, "My sister. She thinks I'm her driver."
"How old is she?" Lisa asked.
"13. She's over at her boyfriend's house and he passed out. I was suppose to pick her up anyway." He sipped his tea and saw all of their plates were empty. He looked at the faces gathered around and slightly

"Aw…" Lisa sighed and watched Sarah and Michael say their goodbye.
Dave rolled his eyes.
"I like him. I hope they stay together."

Sarah grabbed Michael's hands and looked up at him. "I wish you could stay."
"Me too. But I'll be here tomorrow." He put his head against hers.
"Yeah I guess so. But I don't wanna go." She laughed and wined at once.
"But we have to."
"Yeah, yeah." Michael stopped her from saying her third 'yeah' by kissing her. They locked lips and dropped their hands. This was the first time they had kissed. They stayed frozen in time not wanting to leave. But Sarah felt as if they were being watched. And they were. Lisa and Dave waited for her to finish up. They released and looked at eachother
"I-I gotta go" She giggled
"Yeah." He nodded.
"Bye." She quickly kissed him and ran inside. The door closed and Michael walked away with a big grin on his face. In his mind he may have just found the one.

"What was that?" Dave asked.
"What was what?" Sarah sat on the couch with a remote in hand.
"I was right there, Sarah!  Thought you'd be embarrassed."
"I forgot you were there" She laughed. "What's the big deal? I'm almost 15 god damn it! Think your little girls growing up too fast?"
"Yeah, she is." Dave walked out of the livingroom.
"Though ya'd never notice!" Sarah shot back at him with a laugh in her voice.

                                                                                  Part 2