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Michael walked into the two-bedroom apartment. The door was unlocked and no one answered when he knocked. It was 9:30 am and he was there to pick Sarah up. He closed the door quietly and walked to Sarah's bedroom and saw a lump of something under the black covers of her bed. He laughed to himself and walked over to the bed. He pulled the end of the covers up and saw pale feet. He smiled and went to the end of the bed. He pulled that end up to see a mat of maroon hair. He pushed the hair away and saw Sarah's face dreaming away as she slept.  He sat down next to the dreaming girl and said, "Sarah, wake up." She groaned and moved closer to him. "Sarah. It's morning. Work, let's go." She groaned once more and put her arms around his leg and used it as a pillow. He laughed and put a hand on her head. "Sarah Angela Nelson, wake up."
Her eyes opened and as her eyes adjusted she moaned. She looked at him and then at her arms which was wrapped around his left leg. She removed them and sat up. She wore a big baggy black T-shirt and shiny blue boxers.
"What time is it?"
"9:32. Ya gotta go to work."
"I quit!" She groaned and fell back down on her bed.
"Later today. When I get dressed." She pulled the covers over her shoulder and closed her eyes. 'Can ya do me a favor?" She asked.
"Make me a pot of coffee."
"Not until you get up."
"I'M UP, I'M UP!" Her voice was croaky. Michael laughed and walked out of her room.

Today Michael wore his 'Make 7-UP your shirt.' His was the green one. And he wore black jeans as always. His famous black eye shadow was on and his bracelet was on also. He poured some coffee into two cups. One straight black and the other black with sugar. He set them at the table and he saw Sarah walk into the kitchen zipping up her jeans. He handed her a cup of coffee and they sat down.
"I wanna wear make up today." She said, her voice adjusting to her normal tone.
"I thought you hated make up." Michael sipped his black sugared coffee.

Dave looked at some papers in his office, not looking up for anything until he heard the door close. He looked up and saw Lisa.
"She's wearing make up."
"No she's not. She hates make up."
"Well then, why does she have lipstick and eye shadow on?" Lisa was shocked herself.
Dave peered through a crack in the blinds and sure enough there she was. Sarah, with black lipstick on her lips and her eyes matched Michael's as they talked to Beth. She was introducing Michael around.

"Mr. James!" Sarah called as he entered the room. She ran to him and locked him in a hug. She was friend with every one around the office. Everyone outside the station of WYNX who she didn't know could kiss her ass.
"Well hey there, Sarah. Wh- who's your friend?" Mr. James asked.
"Oh, this is my boyfriend, Michael." She introduced them. Michael shook his hand and politely said, "Hi."
"Boyfriend ,huh? Dave know?"
"Yeah. Michael ate with us last night."
"How come I wasn't invited?"
"You weren't around."
"How bout I take you and Michael out to eat tonight?"
"Well actually, I was gonna go to a club where Michael is performing at."
"Can I come?"
"I don't see why not. We can always use more people." Michael smiled.
"Great! What time?"
"Uh… eight." Michael said thinking back to what time the band said it was gonna be.
"Great! I gotta go right now. There's a man in a trench coat following me." He whispered.
"But that's just Matthew." Sarah pointed.
Mr. James pulled her finger down and said privately, "That's is secret identity, don't let him know we're on to him." He winked and disappeared behind them.

"Hey, Joe!" Sarah called and ran up behind him. She jumped on his back and covered his eyes. "Guess who?" she said in a lustful voice.
"Mizz Sarah Nelson, I'm guessing you're the one hanging off my back." Sarah had a crush on Joe for awhile when she was 13. When she turned 14, his present for her was a kiss on the cheek. It was very sweet but after he gave her the present, she punched him in the guts. She still did have a slight crush on him but didn't want any one to know. She hopped down and he turned around.
"Joe, this is my boyfriend Michael." She introduced them. Joe was a little surprised but took Michael’s hand anyway.

"Don't you think it's sweet?" Beth said.
"Think what's sweet?" Joe asked. They sat in the break room.
"That our little Sarah has found a real sweet guy. Unlike those other dweebs she dated."
"Yeah. I guess he's ok."
"Ok? Not only is he cute, he's real nice and he has a band." Beth chewed her gum loudly.
Joe sighed and looked away.
"What's wrong with you?"
Beth starred at him with a dropped jaw. "Oh my god. I see what's going on. You're jealous. She doesn't like you anymore. You want her to like you. HA! This is too good."
"I hate punks, lil… punk." There was no other word for her.
Beth taunted him the rest of the day that.

"Why can't I go?" Dave asked.
"Cause, I don't want you to. I'd be too embarrassed." Sarah walked out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee.
"You weren't embarrassed last night." Dave smirked at his own comment.
Sarah looked at him and sighed, "I forgot about everything."
"Who says you won't forget tonight?"
"I do. I need a night away any way." She said and closed the bathroom door. She turned on the shower and locked the door. She sipped her coffee cup and turned her CD player on. She whispered the words to herself as she disrobed and hopped in the shower.

Dave was not happy. His daughter was slowly peeling away from him. She didn't want to be seen around him she didn't want to be around him, nothing. She was a teenager, and he understood. He just wanted to spend some time with her.  One night when she was 10, she asked about her mother. And Dave said he'd talk to her later about that. And he never did. She forgot about being adopted. She didn't know. And she just went along thinking that he was her biological father. He didn't want to say anything, but he thought if he told her then she'd be glad. Maybe that would bring them closer, or maybe tear them apart.

"Hey!" Sarah greeted Michael with a peck on the cheek.
"Hey. Where's Mr. James?"
"Getting nachos." She pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her back pocket and pulled one out.
"What are you doing? Mr. James is gonna see."
"He doesn't care, he won't tell my dad. Want one?"
"Nah" He shook his head. "But, do you mind not smoking around me?"
"Oh, sorry." She put it behind her ear.
"It's just I find it extremely unattractive." He looked around, a little paranoid.
"Oh," She looked down ashamed of herself.
"We're up. Wish me luck." He kissed her and ran up on stage. She sat down in her seat and saw Mr. James beside her eating nachos. She leaned over and grabbed one. He looked up at her and chewed slowly.

Mr. James had gone home and Michael was gonna introduce Sarah to his family. He opened the door to his place. It was huge. Everything looked very expensive. She looked around in awe. Michael's arm was around her and he was happy.
"Who's that?" An angry voice called from the hallway. A woman emerged from the dark hallway. She had brown hair and it was messy. She had bottle of alcohol in hand and it was almost empty. "You! What are you doing home so late?!?" She slured in her words.
"Its only ten." Michael looked at his watch.
"And who is this? You lil slut?" She walked closer. "Damn, you too both look like whores!" She smeared Sarah's lipstik across her face.
"And you, I don't want you coming home this late again you lil faggot!" She slapped Michael across the face. He didn't wait a second to grab Sarah and run out.

"I'm sorry about that." He said as they drove down the street.
"Was that your mom?"
"Yeah. I hate her. I hate her so much." Michael was on the verge of tears.
"It'll be ok." Sarah leaned her head on his shoulder. "Maybe she'll sober up tomorrow." She laughed as he chuckled. He smiled and kissed her head.

Sarah and Michael sat on her bed. He was lying down and his head rested on her lap. He was looking up at her and talking. They had snuck in an hour earlier. Dave was already asleep then and tried hard to not wake him. And they didn't. They had talked for an hour and planed on talking till morning so Michael could sneak back out before Dave woke up.
"I see myself in a white wedding-dress with black combat boots on a hill facing mountains. It would be really romantic don't you think?" Sarah said.
"Yeah. I imagined it like that too." Except I'm not wearing a white wedding dress I'm wearing a black one." Michael joked. They giggled for a moment as his eyes began to flutter, trying their best to stay awake.
"You falling asleep?" She asked.
"No, no. I'm awake." He smiled up at her.

Dave opened his daughter's door and saw the big black lump on her bed. Except it wasn't the usual lump. He walked over to the bed, curious why the picture didn't fit. He pealed the blankets and covers back to see Sarah's head on Michael's chest. They were asleep very soundly. Dave dropped his coffee cup when his eyes looked upon them.

                                                                            Part 3