Lisa looked about the station. Joe was hitting on Catherine, Matthew was pestering Bill, Beth was painting her fingernails, and Dave and Mr.James were talking in the office. Things were normal, if you would call it normal. But to Lisa, things were as usual. In a few minutes, Lisa and Dave were going to go out for lunch. She was almost ready and was about to tell Dave that she'd wait at the elevator for him. She straightened out her desk and stode up. She grabbed her jacket and her purse, and walked to Dave's office. She popped her head in and said, "Dave, I'm ready, I'll wait at the elevator."
"Ok, I'll be right there." Dave said.

Lisa walked to the elevators and waited. She rocked forward and backward, waiting there. Looking around out of boredom. And suddenly, she heard a noise; a kind of sobbing sound. It was a voice of someone small crying. She looked for where the sound came from, and close by, behind a potted plant was a small child. The child was hugging its knees and it sobbed. Lisa knelt down and looked closer.

"Hey, are you ok?" she asked. And the child looked up. It had bright blue eyes and blonde hair. It was a little girl between the ages of 3 and 5. "Where's your mommy?" Lisa asked.
"I don't have one." the small child cried. The little girl's eyes filled with tears and the whites were turning pink.

"Well, what about your Daddy?" Lisa pulled a tissue out of her bag and handed it to the child.
"He said he was going to Alaska and wasn't coming back. He said someone will take care of me."
"He left you here?"
"Yes. Are you the one who is gonna take care of me?" The eyes filled up with tears and they turned even more pathatic, if that was even possible.
"I'm ready Lisa... Who's this?" Dave said walking up to them.
"Her dad left her here."
"Oh, what's your name?" Dave knelt down next to them.
"Sarah." The child said.
"Oh,... well Sarah do ya wanna stay with us until we find your daddy?" Lisa asked.
"Ok." Sarah sniffled.
"Ya hungry, Sarah?" Dave asked.
"Well, let's go eat." He smiled and stode up.

At the resturant, the small girl sat in between Lisa and Dave. She was eating a lot. She hadn't eaten in a long while, obviously. Dave hadn't talked to Sarah much, but Lisa kept asking questions.
"When did your dad leave you?" she asked in between bites.
"Today. He pushed me out of the elevator and said I wasn't gonna see him again."
"That's not very nice" Dave commented.
"Well, I think we need to go back and call security." Lisa said.
"Let her eat lunch. She needs food, poor thing probably hasn't eaten in days, am I right?"
Sarah shook her head.
"Fine, when she's done we'll leave." Lisa pushed her empty plate away.

At the cross walk when they were about to cross the street, Sarah looked up at Dave and held her hand up, opening and closing it, indicating that she had to hold his hand to cross the street. He grabbed the child's small, pale hand and held it as they crossed the street.  Dave smiled and didn't let go of Sarah's hand until they got to the station. Jimmy walked up to them and looked down at the child. "Well, who is this cutie pie?" He knelt down. She looked up at Dave as if to ask, 'is it ok?'. He nodded, and in the cutest and most innocent voice, said, "Sarah"

"Well, hello there, Sarah. My name is Jimmy, you can call me  Uncle Jimmy."
"Ok..." she said sweetly.
"Dave can a talk to you a sec, alone?"
"Yeah sure... Lisa, while I do this will you call security and take care of the Sarah situation?"
"Yeah." Lisa walked to her desk and Sarah followed.
"I'm not gonna go away, am I?" Sarah asked concerningly as Lisa sat her on her desk. She looked at her pathetically, almost in tears.

                                                                            Part 2