"Ok. We'll file this down at the station and get right on it." The tall officer said. He had brown hair and a few strands fell over the left side of his forehead. He was a good looking man with blue eyes. He closed the notebook he held in his hand and picked Sarah up off of Lisa's desk. Sarah began to make a crying/whimpering/whining sound in her throat as tears swelled.
"Uh, officer? If its ok, I'd like to take care of Sarah until her father is found." Dave spoke up.
"Alright. She wouldn't be happy where she was gonna go anyway. We'll keep ya in on any information we find." The officer set her back down on Lisa's desk and the noise ceased.
"Dave, she's gonna need food and cloths, a-" Lisa began to say.
"We'll go by someplace after work."
"Well, what if she doesn't wanna stay with you?"
"Sarah, do you wanna stay with me, or someone else?" Dave bent over and asked her.
"You." She touched the tip of his nose and smiled. Dave stode back up straight.
Lisa walked way in jealousy.

  Dave sat in his office while Sarah sat on the couch and played with paper and crayons Dave had bought after a staff meeting that very afternoon.
"What ya drawing?" Dave walked over and sat next to her. Sarah handed him a peice of paper. On it was the WYNX logo. A very good job for a four year-old.
"Wow, can I have this?" He asked.
She nodded.
"Thanks. Im gonna put this some place special." He walked out of the office holding Sarah's hand. He walked into the break room where Beth and Joe sat. Dave looked around for a magnet and posted the drawing up on the fridge.
"Hey Dave, who's your little friend?" Beth hadn't noticed the small child following him all day.
Sarah looked up at Dave and he nodded. "Sarah." She said.
"Hi Sarah, I'm Beth." Beth said. She looked up at Dave and mouthed
"She's adorable!" Dave smiled and looked down at Joe, Beth, and Sarah.
"Can she hang with me and Joe for awhile? Please?!? I'm sure you have work to do. PLEASE?!?"
"It's ok with me. Just stay on this floor." Dave said.
Beth quickly picked Sarah up and set her in her lap.

After Dave and Sarah went shopping, he brought her to her new temporary home. She stayed up as late as he did, and finally after he tucked her in on the couch he went straight to bed.
In the morning he found Sarah snuggled up under his chin asleep. She had crawled in bed with him while he was asleep. He smiled and put an arm around her and rested his head back down.

                                                                           Part 3