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About two weeks passed and every morning, Dave met me at the end of my road to walk to school. One morning, He waved at me "Cass! Hey Cassidy!" I waved at him as he bounded up to me. "Hi!" I said in a giggly school-girl manner. As we walked to the school I asked him, "What did Beth mean by your girlfriend dumped you and your nursing a broken heart?" oops. I really wished to myself  that I hadn't said that. But I had been wondering about it since it was said. He forced a laugh. "Oh yah. Beth always bugs me about my last girlfriend. Beth always said she wasn't my type and that she was a total bitch. But of course, I didn't listen. I guess I was blinded by love or something. I guess that sounds pretty corny to a tough city girl, eh?" I shook my head, "No. Of course not. If any guy were to act like you in LA. you'd have girls swarming all over you. " he laughed a little more sincerely, I continued, "Well, tell me more. If it doesn't bother you." He said, "No it doesn't bother me, that much, ok here goes nothing. Ok." he took a deep breath, "We went out for about 6 months. Which was pretty long for the both of us. I asked her out like a month or two after I met her. She went to a different school, pretty far from here but was always out here cuz her father worked at the mill up the road.  We met through friends, we hung out in big groups and when I asked her out, we got along really well. But. She dumped me for some 21 year old body-builder from Detroit." He stopped and looked up at the school that we were approaching very quickly. He sighed loudly, "I don't wanna go to school today."
My eyes lit up. "Then lets skip." He looked down at me. "What? Really? You sure you wanna do that?" I smiled and grabbed his arm. I dragged him to a place where we could hide. We stopped behind a big Dumpster. I said, "We have to wait for the bell to ring and then we have to go around the back of the school so no one will see us through the windows. He laughed at me, "So you've done this before?" I smiled, "Of course. Any tough city girl knows how to skip school." We were laughing so hard that I almost missed the sound of the bell. We waited for the last person to go through the huge brown doors of our jail of a school. When everyone was inside, we stood up. We were about to walk away when we heard a voice, "Hey! What are you two doing over there?" It was a teacher. Oh no. Not now.
I froze in my footsteps, Dave said, "We have a special assignment for Science class. You know. Collecting decomposing fruit and all." Dave smiled at him politely. The teacher bought it, "Oh ok. Sorry. You two go ahead." Dave nodded, "Thank-you sir."We walked away slowly and as soon as we were out of sight we bolted. I was laughing so hard I thought I'd collapse. We ran and ran till Dave said "Stop." he put his hand in front of me. "I have a place where we can hide." he took my hand and led me into something that looked like a huge shrub. But on the inside, it was all hollowed out, and the other side had an opening that led to the forest. He led me through the small opening. I stepped out into the forest and was amazed. There was a huge clearing, untouched by snow. I looked above but saw no sky. It was all
just green tree tops. It was absolutely beautiful.
  Dave and I were still laughing hysterically. Desperately trying to catch my breath, I managed to say, "So I take it, you've done this before too?" he nodded. He led me further into the clearing. "This is great." I said. He was obviously pleased that I liked it. He said, "Yah. This is where my friends and I used to escape to. I haven't been here in a while. Beth comes here to hide from her parents. Oh. Come look at this." he took my hand again, which sent shivers up and down my spine, and took me to a small abandoned shack, "This is where I like to crash when I run away from school. Actually, come to think about it, this is the first time I've run away from school this year. Cool." he jumped up to the second stop of the shack, as the first one was gone. "Well, come on in. Be careful." He jumped behind me and gently lifted me up to the second stair. He then jumped in front of me to open the door. I smiled, feeling protected around him. I looked into the dark shack and waited by the door as Dave lit a lantern in the corner. The room filled with light and Dave pulled out a crate from under the table for me to sit on. We sat in silence for a moment then he said, "Well, you haven't really told me about how you came to move to Wisconsin. You wanna tell me about it?" I took a deep breath and began to speak, "Well, as you already know, I came from Los Angeles. I lived with my parents in a big house in the rich-stuck-up district. They're big travelers so I spent a lot of the time living out of a suitcase or at relatives houses. I was one of those popular people but I hated it. I hated wearing nail polish and being sophisticated, and everything. I dated extremely attractive but shallow, idiotic, over-powering guys. But… you know what? You're different then the other guys. Did you know that? You listen, you're actually interesting… " I stopped myself and realized that I had been rambling on. I apologized for that. I was terribly embarrassed now. I lowered my eyes down for a moment but he lifted my face up towards his. "You are such a passionate girl. Did you know that? I have never met a more fun, smart and… beautiful girl in my life." he looked me in the eyes and I knew he was telling the truth. He wasn't just saying it. He was being as perfectly sincere as anyone could be. I smiled at him, "Thank-you."  Dave smiled the same sweet smile he had the day we met. I had been so caught up in what was happening that I forgot that we had actually run away from school. I snapped back to reality and said to Dave, "Now. We have to figure out a story to follow." He nodded in agreement. He began, "Well, ok how about this, we got lost on the way to school." I shook my head, "No one's gonna buy that. I have a better idea."

   I ran back to the school with Dave following close behind. When the principal saw the terrified look on our faces he ran up to us. "What's wrong you two? And why weren't you at school for the last two hours?" I ran up to him sobbing and threw myself at him very dramatically. "Oh! It was terrible Mr. Clearwater! Just terrible!" Dave caught up with me, breathing very deeply, he said, "Sir, you wouldn't believe what happened to us on the way to school!" the principal had a worried look on his face, almost making me feel bad for lying to him… almost. "Well, come into the school children, come in and rest."

     When we were in the office, he sat me down on the couch and gave me a hankie to wipe my face. "David and I were walking to school and this huge horrible man jumped out of the bushes." I lied, "he tried to take my purse but we got away. We were very frightened and didn't know what to do so we hid behind a huge Dumpster until David thought it was safe. I was so afraid Sir. And when it was totally safe, we ran here as fast as we could." I burst into tears again. The principal gave me another hankie. I glanced over at Dave who was desperately trying not to laugh. But when Mr. Clearwater turned around, his face went as straight as stone. "Is this true son?" Dave nodded. "Well, I guess I should let you two go home early. Do you need a ride home?" we both shook our heads at the same time. "Well, should I phone your parents or do you want to tell them about you adventure?"
"We'll tell them sir."
"Are you sure you don't wanna ride?" he asked again.
"No thank you sir, we can manage. But thank you very, very much." he patted me on the back. "Alright, if you insist. You two be very careful."
  "We will." We said at the same time again.

We walked out the door of the school and walked down the road. Dave burst into laughter. "That was great! I can't believe you can just cry on command like that! That was the funniest thing ever! Did you see the look on his face?" I was laughing too. We walked and talked and laughed until school got out. We went back to the school  to meet up with Beth. She was waiting at the usual spot, at the bike rack. When she saw us she said, "Hey love birds! Dave, you missed frog dissecting in Science class, and Cass you missed writing European Haiku's in English class. Where were you two?  Making-out in the janitor's closet?"
  "No. We ran away from school today." Dave said. Beth looked very impressed. "Groovy. Alright you two trouble-makers, spill the beans. I want all the details."

                                                                                      Part 4