Welcome to Part 4 of this story. Alot of you are probably thinking, "Hmmm... i wonder why Dave is 5'9 and Why is Beth's hair red?" Well, if you're thinking that then read my story. No, it won't tell you the answers to those questions but read it any ways. Oh. and by the way,if you have a pet tuba or you would like to ask me anything about my story, e-mail me at pitch_black_soul@hotmail.com.
Thank-you, come again.  

"You should have seen the look on his face!" We were all laughing so hard we could hardly breath. Beth was now rolling on Dave's living room floor. She got up and asked us, still laughing, "How did you come up with that story?" I said, "Well, that was me. See I was watching some show about like
'Teens in Trouble' or something and I remembered it when we were coming up with plans." Beth laughed even harder, "Teens in Trouble!?" Dave's mother walked in, "What are you three laughing about?" Dave smiled, "It's a teenager thing, you probably wouldn't understand."His mother shook her head, "I never understand anything any more." we all laughed and she walked out of the room.Dave looked adorable when he laughed. His eyes sparkled. The way he ruffled his hair when he was thinking. I couldn't help liking him. He was just so nice to me. I realized that I had been staring at him for a while and woke up.
  "Well," I said, "I should get home now. My grandmother will probably think I got hit by a car or something." I stood up and picked up my bag. I hadn't realized how long I had been at Dave's house. I looked at the clock and saw that it said 6:07 pm.
"Oh crap! I'm really late!" Dave stood up and helped me gather my things. He followed me to the front door and said goodbye. "Tomorrow's Saturday. You wanna do something?" I nodded . "Yah sure. I'll call you in the morning." I smiled at him and walked down the steps.

    I walked in the door to find my grandmother sitting in the armchair in my living room. She turned towards me, "You're late you know. Where have you been all day? I've had to postpone supper." she seemed unusually calm and it alarmed me. I quickly came up with an excuse, "I was hanging out with a few friends and I lost track of time. That's all. I'm really very sorry." she smiled suspiciously and said, "And might I ask, which friends you were with?" I smiled, "Just a few of the girls in my English class." she chuckled to herself. "A couple girls, eh? Well, one of the friends sure didn't look like a girl to me." I tensed up. How did she see us? Did she know about me and Dave running away from school?  She continued, "I saw you three walking home from school. You were heading to someone's house. Who's house was it?" I sighed, "Why should I have to tell you? You're not my mother." She frowned. "Well, if you're not going to tell me then forget about going anywhere this weekend." she walked away into the kitchen. I ran up the stairs and went into my room. I sat and read in my room for about three hours. I glanced at the window and saw it had gotten dark, so my grandmother was already in bed. I picked up the phone and dialed Dave's number. Dave picked up, "Hello?"
"Hi." I said.
"Cass! Hi! How are you?"
I responded, "Not so good. Listen, my grandmother just banned me from leaving the house cuz I wouldn't tell her whose house I went to. so it looks like were off for tomorrow."Dave sighed, "Oh, well, that sucks."
"I know. But were on for tonight…" I said in a sing-song voice.
Dave paused for a moment, "What?"
I laughed, "Yah. I'll meet you at the usual meeting spot. Say, 15 minutes?"
He laughed too, "Alright, see you then! Bye." I said bye and then hung up the phone. I put on some clean jeans, a light blue shirt and my red sneakers. I poked my head out the window and looked to the left. Beside my window, was a huge grape vine. I climbed out the window and easily climbed down. I hit the ground with a large
thud and ran off into the night.

                                                                                 Part 5