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A new start: Part 3

"Lisa, you have to listen to me now. I need to explain. I wasn't just taking the anti-depressants because of the New Hampshire move. My girlfriend that I was dating was murdered about two months ago." His voice began to tremble but he showed no change of expression on his face, "I loved her of course, I was crazy about her, but when I was with her, I just couldn't get… you out of my mind. And when I found out about the murder, I felt so guilty." his voice trailed off and he looked out the window. He was exhausted now. Not only because of the accident, but because of thinking of old memories of Camille. She looked at him. He had that look he always got when he was terribly tired or stressed. She knew that look so she patted him on the shoulder, "Dave, you need your sleep. Rest now. Good night." she kissed him lightly on the cheek and left the room. She was surprised at herself. Why did she kiss him? What was wrong with her? But she felt good when she did. She felt comfortable kissing him. She smiled to herself. As she walked down the hall way she saw all her friends running towards her. They all stopped when they saw her smiling. Joe looked at her and sighed. "Aw dude. You didn't do it with him did you?" She punched him in the arm, "Of course I didn't!" Beth spoke up, "Well, how is he?" Matthew asked. Lisa led them down to the waiting room. After they had sat down, she began to explain what had happened. "Well, before I spoke with him I talked to the doctors and they said that the sacroiliac is badly bruised and the clavicle on his left shoulder bone has a compound fracture. The doctors were kind enough to show me the x-ray of his shoulder arthroplasty. Now it's a good thing that his cervical vertebrae weren't affected because that could have caused permanent brain damage. There is also a slight incomplete fracture on the metatarsals bone but that can be repaired simply by setting the bone after it mends." They were all clueless as to what she just explained so Joe said, "C'mon dude. Talk in English." Everyone nodded in agreement. She sighed loudly and said, "He hurt his shoulder and his back and he has an booboo on his toe." Mr. James put his arm around her shoulder and said, "Well that's great Lisa, honey. So can we go see him?" she shook her head, "Sorry Mr. James. He's sleeping now. And he really needs his rest." Even though Beth had predicted the whole ordeal, she still didn't know exactly how it happened so she asked Lisa about it. Lisa answered sadly, "Well, he got really drunk and decided to come on out here and he hit another car." Joe smiled, "Go Dave! I didn't know he was the drinking type." Lisa shook her head again, "He isn't. He's been taking anti-depressants and he just found a couple bottles of wine in his cabinets and just… drank."
"Anti-depressants?" Beth was shocked. Now everyone began to feel guilty. As they all thought about Dave, a doctor walked up to Lisa. "Excuse me miss. Are you Lisa Miller?" she nodded. "Well it turns out things with Mr. Nelson are more severe than we thought. It's very odd." He looked at her very sympathetically, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this but Mr. Nelson has slipped into a coma." Lisa became very dizzy and her vision became blurry. She fell to the ground with a loud thump. Then everything went black.

"Lisa…… Lisa." Beth said in a soothing voice, "Wake up Lisa. Are you okay? You fell pretty hard." Lisa's eyes slowly fluttered open. She didn't know where she was right away but as her memory came back, she felt as cruddy as before. She knew what was going on. She was in the hospital and the guy she had been thinking about all this time, was in a coma.
"Uh, yah Beth. Thanks. I'm fine. What did the doctors say after I blacked out?" Beth thought for a moment, "Well first, the doctor said, 'Oh my gawd she's fainted!' and then another doctor said, 'well we better get her in a bed!' but I guess you don't really care about that do you?" Lisa waited, Beth continued, "Well about Dave…. well he is still in a coma. But the doctor said that if he is surrounded by people he knows and loooooooves…. meaning you, he is more likely to come out of it. Like, do you remember when Mr. James had the heart-attack and the doctors told us to talk to him and stuff and then you told Dave that you wanted to have a baby?" Beth laughed and then remembered that Dave was in a coma at the moment and stopped. And that was exactly what Lisa needed, a past memory of when Dave and her were dating. But she snapped out of her trance and said, "Well let's go see him."

In Dave's hospital room, Joe was sitting in a chair beside the bed talking to Dave. "And dude, if you wake up, you have to get back together with Lisa. I mean, c'mon man! Lisa just isn't having fun anymore. And I know that you are still in looooove with her cause when Beth and I used to eaves-drop on your guys' conversations, you were all like, 'Yah dude and I love you and stuff' I mean, how obvious is that?"
Lisa, who had been listening to him the whole time said, "Ahem. Joe? Can I talk to Dave for a sec?" Joe smiled, "Yah sure dude." He walked out, leaving Lisa to talk to Dave. She stood over him for a moment. Watching him. He looked so peaceful. She remembered how he looked in the mornings before he had his coffee. He looked frightful. But always had an innocent face as he slept. She sat down on the bed beside him and began to talk. "Well…. uh.. hi Dave. How are you?" she thought to herself, how stupid am I? He's not gonna answer dimwit! "Well, all I really wanna say is that I've missed you. And I….. I, uh….. don't know how to say it really but, here goes, Dave, I love you."
One of Dave's eyes opened and he looked at her and grinned. "Really?" Lisa looked at him and said, "Well, yah. You kno… Hey!"He opened up the other eye and grinned some more. "Yah. I'm awake. I woke up in the middle of Joe talking but didn't have the heart to interrupt his speech." She couldn't help being attracted to him now. His funny little grin, the way his huge light blue eyes sparkled. She was definitely in love with him now. Dave looked out the window looking upon the hallway. He saw everyone trying to figure out what they were saying. He smiled at Lisa. He sat up, (not very well) and whispered, "Don't look now but I believe we're being watched." Lisa knew what he was talking about. Without thinking, she kissed him. For a long time. He returned the sweet kiss and when she pulled away giggling, he kissed her again.
Outside of the room, Beth said, "that is so WRONG!" Mr. James had to disagree, "No, I think you're wrong pumpkin. I really truly think that they are meant for each other. And they're just so damn cute!"
"Well" Max began, "Well, Oh crap! We forgot all about my pig! We have to search for him!" Everyone left to search for the pig, leaving Dave and Lisa behind.
"Finally we're alone." Dave said smiling.
"Yes. Finally." They sat in silence for a while. Dave broke the silence by saying, "Well, I feel like standing up now. How about helping me." Lisa took his arm and helped him out of bed. When he stood up she asked him, "Are you okay? Are you sure you wanna be standing so soon after the accident?" he nodded. "I'm absolutely sure. My back still hurts a bit and I have a little head-ache but it doesn't bother me that much. And besides, I want to see Mr. James' big-ass cabin for real." he smiled at her, and she smiled back. Taking in every detail of his tired face. Sweeping over it, then stopping at his eyes. She laughed and called the nurse.

After Dave had gotten dressed, the doctor put a sling on his arm and told him to take it easy. Dave thanked him, and Lisa thanked him even more. They walked towards the car and they stopped in front where Dave bent down and kissed her. She fell into his arms, and when she pulled away, she hugged him and went to her side of the car. They got in, Lisa started the small car and she drove towards the cabin.

As they pulled in, they saw everyone crowding around Max. They quickly got out of the car to see what had happened. Max was sitting on the steps leading down from the door sobbing uncontrollably. "What's wrong? What happened?" Dave asked. Beth was crying too. She managed to say through tears, "We found Porky's collar caught in the lawn mower!" She began to cry even more. Everyone was consoling Max as he tried to deal with his loss. "Well," Lisa began, "finding his collar doesn't necessarily mean anything. Maybe he was just running around in the field and got his collar stuck on the fence and ripped it off. And then, maybe it fell off of the fence and some one accidentally ran over it with the lawn mower." she smiled. Then Matthew said, "Yah. And maybe he really did get run over by a lawn mower but he decided to go to the hospital to get better and then he saw us there and he's heading back here now." Matthew smiled as well. As usual, they all ignored Matthew. Suddenly, they heard a scratching coming from under the porch. They all stood up and looked down at it. Joe picked up a stick and lifted up one of the boards. Under the porch, was little Porky, the pot-bellied pig. Max shrieked with joy and picked up his pet. "Oh my little baby! I missed you so much! Now how did you get down there? How?" he crooned over the pig. Enough to make you sick. Lisa looked around nervously, as if waiting for something. Dave could feel her shaking and asked, "What's wrong Lisa? You're shaking." she jerked her head up towards him, "Oh nothing. Nothing at all. I'm fine. Just fine." Max looked at her suspiciously, "Did you do this to my poor Porky? Don't lie to me. Did you!?" she let out a deep sigh and pulled away from Dave for a moment, "Yes. I'm sorry. It's just that damn pig kept me up all night! I wasn't getting any sleep! It would just squeal and squeal all night long! I couldn't stand it any more so I played this prank on you so you would maybe find a way to shut-up your stupid pig. I'm sorry and I won't blame any of you if you decide not to talk to me any more." she began to turn to walk to her car but was stopped when Joe said, "Well, go Lisa!" Everyone except for Max cheered, Joe continued, "I was gonna do something similar if you hadn't." everyone agreed. Dave smiled at Lisa when she looked at him with a confused expression.