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    "I can't believe you're actually staying." Lisa said excitedly. Dave smiled. "Yep. Well, I finally realized that your friends are far more important than anything else. And it's nicer up here. I love the way you can actually see the stars. But what I love more about it is standing right in front of me." Lisa laughed and shoved him playfully. "Oh stop it. Flattery doesn't suit you." she smiled and allowed him to take her
arm as they walked into the kitchen. Dave looked at her and said,
"Well, here goes nothing" he winked at her and she nodded in response. Dave and Lisa walked in and greeted everyone. "Well," Dave said, "It has been nice up here but I think it's time." everyone moaned in despair. Dave smiled, "Why are you all so gloomy?" Beth looked confused, "Well of course we're gonna be sad when you leave Dave. Duh." Dave laughed. "Who said anything about leaving? I just said it's time."
"Time for what?" Matthew asked.
"Time for me to quit acting like a jackass."
Lisa didn't even know what he was talking about now. They all gave him a puzzled look. So, Dave got down on one knee and took Lisa's hand,
"Will you marry me?"

                                                                               THE END