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A new start: Part 2

Beth sat straight up in her bed in a cold sweat. She was pale and her hair was messed up. She got up, ran to Lisa's room and woke her up. "Lisa! Lisa! Wake up!" she said in a loud, raspy whisper. Lisa sat up and saw Beth. "Beth, you look as though you've seen a ghost! What's wrong?" She looked worried. Beth answered in a panicked voice, "I had the most horrible dream!" Lisa's look changed into one of annoyance, "You woke me up at three in the morning, scared me half to death, all just because you had a nightmare?" Beth still looked panicked. Lisa said, "Well, alright. I'm already awake. You might as well tell me about it." She sat back up against her head board and prepared to hear the dream. Beth began, "Well, I was walking through the field out back and I saw Max's pig. He was just walking along and suddenly… he got run over by a lawn mower! It was horrible Lisa! Just horrible!" "Beth! That was your horrible dream?" Lisa said in exasperation."No! I haven't even gotten to the most horrible part yet! Now listen. I ran away from the field and I was suddenly on a road. A pretty busy road. but it was blocked off. There had been a car accident." Lisa was becoming more interested. Beth continued. "I went up to a police officer and asked him about it. The officer said, 'The man in the car was killed. We found his wallet though. Here, You can have it.' So I took the wallet, opened it up, and in the wallet was a picture of Dave!" Beth looked even more panicked than before. Lisa was feeling panic rush over her as well but calmed down and said, "Beth, don't worry. It was all just a bad dream. Don't worry. Dave is just fine." Just then, the phone rang. She picked up the phone. It was a deep voiced man "Hello? Uh, Mrs.
Miller-Johnson?" She responded to him,  "Actually, that's just Miller now." "Oh, well, Ms. Miller, I'm sorry to have phoned this late but there has been an accident." Lisa froze. She was paralyzed by a horrible fear of what was coming next, "Uh, it was a Dave Nelson. He had your number on his ID card." Lisa could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. Beth looked at her, she was new what the call was about. " Uh," Lisa said in a trembling voice, "is he, uh, alright?" she shut her eyes tight, waiting for the dreaded answer. "Uh, well Ms. Miller, he is still alive but is in critical condition." her eyes lit up. "He's alive? Oh thank God. Um, sir, could you tell me what hospital he's in?" she thanked the officer and hung up the telephone. She looked at Beth, "Dave was in a car accident. He's in critical condition at the hospital four blocks from here. You were right. I guess this means we better keep Max's pig away from lawn mowers." She smiled, "I have to go see him. Stay behind here and when everyone wakes up tell them about it then head up to the hospital. But in the meantime, try to get some sleep." she hugged her and went to go get dressed.

   Back in the hospital, Dave lay asleep in the hospital bed. He was unconscious still, but he could feel himself starting to wake. He opened his eyes very slowly and looked up. He saw Lisa standing over him. He said, "Great. I'm dead. But it's not that bad here. Hi Lisa. How's heaven been?" he was still very drugged up on morphine for the pain, so he was still a little dazed. Lisa smiled at him and said. "Dave. You're not dead. Now go back to sleep." she smiled sweetly at him. Dave was confused but nodded and closed his eyes. She sat beside him for a long time, watching him sleep. The smooth, calm rhythm of his breathing soothed her and put her heart at ease. But as she watched him, a dark cloud of guilt swept over her. Maybe if she had stayed in New York, this never would have happened. She felt horrible. She began to cry very softly and when Dave woke up 2 hours later, he asked her, "Lisa. What are you doing
here? What's wrong? And most importantly, why am I in the hospital?" he was very, very confused now. He looked around the room then looked back to Lisa. "Oh Dave. I feel so guilty. I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry." She was sobbing now. He looked at her warmly. "Lisa. Don't cry. It's not at all your fault. It was totally my fault. The only reason I'm in this hospital is because I was drunk. It was my own damn fault." She looked at him, still so much pain in her eyes, "But why David? Why were you drunk?" She looked at him. So many questions filling her mind. "It was because of me. Wasn't it?" she was so mad at herself. "It had nothing to do with you," he lied, "I was out of control. I shouldn't have been
drinking at all. The only reason I really got that drunk was because I wasn't supposed to be drinking. The Prozac makes the effect of the alcohol even more effective." She was even more depressed now. She said, "You were taking anti-depressants? Why the hell were you taking those? Oh! It was because of the move to New Hampshire wasn't it? I knew it had something to do with me. Damn it I am so selfish and stupid! How could I do that to you? It's a wonder that I didn't kill you!" Lisa was just blathering on and on and on now so Dave looked at her, waited for her to blather a bit more and then said, "For Heaven's sake Lisa, shut-up!" she stopped talking and looked at him. She frowned in confusion and surprise. He smiled lazily. He was very tired now but he stayed awake to talk with Lisa. He began to talk….

  Back at Mr. James cabin.
"Good God! No!" Max screamed from the barn. Everyone ran into the barn wanting to know what was wrong. Max was staring at the separate little straw bed he had constructed for his pig. Around it were incense and potpourri and fruit baskets. But in the bed lay no pig. Max searched frantically around the barn but found no trace of Porky. Matthew said, "Well Max. Maybe he decided to go visit Dave in New York." Beth suddenly remembered, huh! Dave! Oh damnit! I forgot all about Dave!  She hit herself on the head a couple of times and told everyone, "Uh, Dave's not in New York." Mr. James smiled, "Aw, I just knew Dave would come to his senses sooner or later. Well Beth, where the hell is he?" She winced, "Well, Mr. James, he isn't exactly here to take a job… He's some where, where you probably wouldn't expect him to be." Matthew took on the same stupid look he usually took when he was about to say
something, "What, did he join a traveling circus that just happened to be passing through New Hampshire?" Beth took a deep breath and began to explain, "No Matthew, Dave is actually in the hospital right now. He was in a car accident. Lisa's already up at the hospital just up the road from the market." Matthew gasped. Everyone stared at her in awe. Beth continued, "Lisa wanted us to meet her up there. So lets get going." Everyone headed towards the cabin to get their coats and shoes. And from the barn, Max called, "But what about my pig?"

                                                                             Part 3