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A New Start: Part 1

"Uh, Mr. Nelson? You have a telephone call on line three." said the short blonde haired secretary. "It's about that new talent you were going to interview." she waited for a response. A little louder, she said,
"Uh, Mr. Nelson?" Dave jerked his head up towards her. As if he had just woken up. " Thank you Kathy." He picked up the phone to have another boring conversation with another boring on-air talent. It had been 3 years since the old WNYX crew had left him with Matthew, whom had ended up moving to New Hampshire also after about a year. His excuse was that he had decided to take a job as a reporter for WNHX. And also that he wanted a pig too. Dave wasn't that un-thrilled when Matthew left, and
couldn't blame him for leaving either. Dave missed them as much, if not more than Matthew did. And now, he was even beginning to miss Matthew. The new WNYX staff were all hard workers but were so dull and boring. He couldn't stand it. Nothing weird or exciting ever happened any more. No one set the building on fire. No one eaves-dropped on his conversations. No one in a harness hang from his office window. He didn't have Lisa to secretly admire and fight with all the time. He was very lonely. He was
down right miserable. He still had pictures of his old friends in his office. The picture of Bill right behind him. He snapped back to reality and realized he hadn't heard a word that the man on the other side of
the conversation had said. He said, "Uh, yes Mr. uh.. Mr. Smith," the man interrupted him and he spoke in a very odd accent. "No no. Mr. Sir. I wanna diss job. And mya name is Smitt, Mr. Smitt. Cralaniol Smitt. Yes that is how my name are pronounced." Dave rolled his eyes in exhaustion from depression and just pure boredom and said, "Well Yes sir.  I'll have to get back to you. Bye." He hung up the phone and sighed loudly, putting his head on his desk, he started doodling on a resume that Kathy had given him earlier.

  "Mr. James!" Beth whined, "I miss Dave!" she was getting tired of waiting for him to come to New Hampshire. Dave had been one of her best friends. He told her almost everything. She felt they could actually talk about things that friends should. Mr. James hugged her, "I know Pumpkin. We all miss him." Lisa walked in. She looked very tired. She grabbed the pot of coffee and poured a huge cup. Even looking at a cup of coffee reminded her of Dave. She was so sad. She missed Dave more than anyone in New Hampshire. She had divorced Johnny about a year before but didn't want to tell Dave because that would make him right. Like every other time they had argued. But she couldn't run from the fact that she had made a mistake in marrying Johnny Johnson. He got out of prison earlier then expected. When she asked him about it he answered, "Well Sundancer, don't worry your pretty little simple head." then patted her cheek. She didn't like that. She hated being treated like a little girl. And she wasn't simple either. She was way smarter than that big dumbass. And she knew it. So she divorced him.
She was happier when she divorced him. It gave her time to clear her head. To think things over. But when she thought, her mind always wandered to Dave. She felt better when she thought about him. It gave her a warm feeling. But, after awhile, she became overly depressed thinking about the old days. Wishing she had thought about moving to New Hampshire more thoroughly. She was falling in love with New York, and everything she left behind, all over again. So she became very quiet. She wasn't outgoing anymore. She was always tired from  sleepless nights and going to bars to drink away her sorrow. One morning, she woke up to find herself in the field behind Mr. James big-ass cabin. Beth tried to talk to
her about it but Lisa just told her not to worry about it. Lisa Miller could take care of herself.

  Dave was awoken from a deep sleep. He was having a rough night. He had been on Prozac for a month or two now and was only doing a bit better. He hadn't really slept the whole night through in a year. He always came to work half awake. He didn't bother phoning or writing his old friends. "I mean, why would they care?" He always thought to himself, "They left me here. Why would they want to help me?" He got up slowly, knowing full well he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep. He looked through his cupboards for something to eat and came across 3 old bottles of whine. He took one out, looked at it. Then he realized that it was from when he and Lisa had spent New Years together. They only drank two out of the five bottles that they had purchased. They had better things to do. As he remembered the
evening they had spent together, he thought, " Hey. What the hell? I haven't had a drink in 2 years! Why not?" so he took the bottles and walked into the kitchen. He drank every last drop. Now, fully loaded, he
staggered into the living room, picked up a piece of paper that he had kept from Mr. James. The piece of paper had Mr. James' address on it. He opened up the desk drawer, looking for his pills then came across an old picture of Lisa. He looked down on it and said, "What wush dat you say Lisa? I carn't hear you." he put the picture up to his ear. "Oh! Dat is a shame. Well I doodn't knoow dat. Well I geurss dat I could drive on up there to help you with that coffee." He put the picture in his pocket, grabbed his keys, and hobbled out the door.

                                                                                          Part 2