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He walked out of the room smiling. Lisa followed him out the door. He didn't notice her following him until he was in his office. "Yes, Lisa?"
"Don't you think you're being a bit tough on them?" Lisa said slowly.
Dave didn't look at her but sat down and continued typing, "Well, not really. You do know that they need some discipline or something in their lives and I'm just doing this because they won't always have a boss like Mr. James who acts more like a father than an employer."
"Yes, but do you really need to bring in this creepy guy to have him watching over their shoulders all the time? You must admit he's very intimidating. Matthew was nearly crying."
Dave looked at Lisa with a slight smile, "Yes but Matthew cries if there's no crackers in the breakroom."
"I know but still, I think you should talk to Mr. James about his idea and tell him it isn't a very good one." Lisa said sternly.
"But they were actually working today."
"Is it all about you, Dave?"
Dave sighed, "Do you really want to argue?"
"Well I'm tired of you trying to run these people's lives!" Lisa clenched her fists.
"I'm the boss, Lisa!"
"Could've fooled me."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Well, its not like you could actually take control by yourself and stand up to Mr. James,now is it, Dave?"
"You know what, Lisa? If you weren't my best person I'd fire you right now!"
"Go ahead and try!"
"Fine! You're fired!"
Lisa's eyes widened and she stormed out of the room. As soon as the door shut, Dave smacked himself in the head and muttered to himself, "Aw, damn! I blew it! What the hell was I thinking?"
Outside of Dave's office, Lisa was quickly gathering things from her desk and putting them into a big box. She was too mad to show any real emotion at the moment. She was angrily thinking to herself, "Gawd, you're stupid! You get yourself fired?! Damnit!"
She choked back tears while she was packing away her things. Beth walked up to her and asked "What are you doing"
Lisa wiped her eyes and looked at Beth, who looked very worried and said in a monotone voice, "Dave fired me."
Beth gasped and her face went white. "You're joking, right?"
"No." She walked towards the bathroom.
Beth ran up to Joe. "Joe! Dave fired Lisa!"
Joe shook his head. "Yah right! Dude, Dave's got the biggest thing for her."
Beth nodded, "Yah, I thought that too, but Lisa was just packing up her desk, crying."
"Chill out, man." Joe gave her a stupid look and continued hammering on the photocopier.
Beth raced into his office where Dave was smacking his head against the wall.
Dave spun around and looked at Beth, his face was white. "Yes?"
"What the hell were you thinking? Firing Lisa? What the hell happened?"
Beth slammed the door and put her hand on her hip.
Dave sat down and spoke with a shaking voice. "I, uh, I don't know. We got into an argument about that new guy and she said something about me not being able to stand up for myself and I threatened to fire her and she said, 'Go ahead and try' so I did. I don't know what I was thinking."
"Good job, Dave. You really screwed up this time." Beth rolled her eyes and walked out of the room.
Mr. James walked into the room. "Hey Dave!"
"Oh. Hi Mr. James."  Dave was smacking his head against the wall again.
Mr. James continued speaking, unaware of what Dave was doing. "I have a big story for Lisa and I want you to look it over. And I know it's usually someone else's job to find the stories but this one was just so great!."
Dave stopped and looked at him, a grim look on his face. "Oh. Okay Mr.
James. I'll, uh, tell her about it."
"Aw well that's just great!" Mr. James tossed the paper on Dave's desk and started to walk out when he stopped, "Uh, Dave. Where is Lisa, anyway?"
"I'm not quite certain, sir. Maybe she went on her lunch break." Dave was trying to look normal but it turned into a nervous, puzzled look.
Mr. James nodded, "Yah, yah. That is a possibility, but why would she go on a lunch break at nine in the morning, Dave?"
"I don't know."
Mr. James paused for about thirty seconds and then said, "Well, see ya, Dave!"
When Mr. James was out of the room, Dave flopped down on the green couch by the wall. He smacked his head a couple of times with a heavy book that was on the table.
He began to get a headache so he put the book down.

Part 3