Bill walked into the room, "So, Dave. Have an answer yet for my idea?"  He grinned the same grin he had every time he had an idea.
Dave looked up at him and nodded.
"Does that mean yes, Dave?"
  "Uh, sure, I guess."
Bill smiled, "Alright New York City, here comes Bill McNeal!" Bill ran out of the room victoriously.

    Beth was sitting in the breakroom, noisily chewing on some gum. She was trying to think of a plan to keep Lisa in the office. Since Catherine had left, Lisa and her were the only girls in the office. They had, in a way, grown closer to each other over time. And if Lisa were to leave, she knew she would crack, being with only guys, the whole time. Beth tried to think but her mind stayed blank. She sat glumly at the breakroom table and stared sadly at the wall. Mr. James walked into the breakroom. He grabbed some crackers from the cupboard and a bottle of soda from the refrigerator. He looked down at Beth, seeing that she was depressed.  He sat across from her and said, "Why the long face, pumpkin?"
"Oh, nothing, Mr. James."
"Oh, come on! You can tell ol' unkie Jimmy!" he patted her on the head.
She looked up at him and all of a sudden threw herself at him sobbing.
"Oh Mr. James! It's so terrible!"
"Aw now you tell me, Bethie"
Beth sniffed and began, "Well when that new guy came in, Dave was trying to act all on his side or something and then Lisa told him something and they got in a big fight and then Lisa said something and Dave threatened to fire her and she told him to 'go ahead and try' and so he did! And now Lisa is sad and packing up her desk and Dave is mad or depressed or something and he won't stop smacking his head and I can't come up with a plan!!"
Mr. James was silent for a moment. He stared at the wall that was across the room for a minute or two and said, "Don't worry honey, unkie Jimmy will make it all better."
Beth sniffed again and wiped her eyes, "Okay, Unkie Jimmy."
"Now you don't worry." Mr. James grinned at her in a father like manner then he walked out. He slowly walked over to Dave's office.
"Hey Dave." He peered down at him like a giant cloud.
Dave stared back up at him and said, "Hi Mr. James."
"I heard something from Beth a minute ago." Jimmy's face stayed calm.
Dave's eyes widened and a nervous look swept over his face. "And, uh, what was that?"
Mr. James smiled, "Oh, just that you said you didn't like Derek. Did you think my idea was dumb, Dave?"
Dave sighed in relief, "Oh, no, sir, it's just that Derek seems a little too, uh…,too rough… with the… employees." Mr. James nodded, "Well, Dave, it's about time for you to start sticking up for yourself. You know how it is, Dave, 'When you see a toaster, you just have to make salami.'"
Mr. James smiled and waited for a response.
"I do not believe I've ever heard that saying before, sir." Dave shook his head.
"Oh well, alright." Mr. James walked out of the room.

       Dave slumped back in his chair, breathing very heavily, pondering what he was going to do about Lisa. He thought that he may seem desperate if he begged her not to go, but it probably would make her stay. He definitely couldn't bring Mr. James in on it. He would just have to find a way to keep Lisa, without getting fired, and still keeping his dignity.
Lisa finished packing her things and went to leave. She didn't feel like letting Dave know she was heading out. She would let someone else tell him. She walked slowly towards the elevator door. As she walked she thought about going back and apologizing but she just couldn't bring herself to do so. She was still hurt by the fact that Dave had dumped her 3 months ago and this made her feel worse. Clutching her box full of office belongings, she leaned against the wall beside the elevator door. She looked down at the memories she had collected in this small radio station. A few photographs, coffee mugs, Christmas cards. She dropped the box at her feet and decided that even if it wouldn't help her keep her job, she was going to apologize to Dave. She didn't want to leave the office with him mad at her, even though she knew he still would be. Dave sat at his desk, staring at the screen of his laptop. The bright light it gave off was adding to his splitting headache. He pondered and pondered till his ponderer was sore. He tore himself apart thinking about Lisa leaving and never coming back. He stood up and thought to himself about what Lisa and Mr. James had said. It was about time that Dave started standing up for himself. He walked up to Derek, looking him straight in the eyes.
"Listen, Derek! I don't like the way you're being a bully to Matthew and I don't like you controlling them and, and… uh, being mean! So why don't you just leave, Mr.!"
Derek stared at him for a moment, sighed loudly and said, "Okay." Derek walked out of the office, Lisa watching in awe. She walked up to Dave, eyes wide and surprised. She didn't know what to say exactly. "Uh, Dave, I'm sorry. I, uh, didn't know you could stand up for yourself like that."
Dave stayed silent, his hands trembling. Then he fainted. Mr. James walked up and peered down at him, "Poor little fella'. All that toughness must have been overwhelming for him." Joe picked him up, carried him into his office and threw him on the couch. Matthew ran in and dumped a bucket of water on his head. Dave jumped out of his sleep and stared up at Matthew. Matthew ran out of the room. Lisa kneeled down beside the couch and looked at Dave. "I'm so proud of you. I never expected that."
Dave smiled triumphantly. "Listen, Lisa. I'm sorry, I didn't want to fire you, I don't know what I was thinking…" Lisa leaned in and kissed him. "I forgive you."
Everyone sighed in unison, "Awwwwwww!!!"
Dave was about to say something when Matthew turned on the radio. They heard Bill's voice and Dave realized that it was 4:15.
"This is Bill McNeal, the hip, suave, cool new DJ hear at WNYX. I'm gonna be playing some hip new rap tunes so you all can shake your booty, do your thing. So jump up and down, y'all as Bill McNeal rocks your world!"

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