Blah blah blah blah! This is the story that i have started so far. I've actually been working on it for a while, like 3 months but i couldn't quite get the right idea for it. Well now i'm pretty sure that i have the idea down and hopefully a good story will come from it. K enjoy! Any questions, comments, or e-mail bombs can be sent to

"Matthew! Get in here." Dave shouted from his office in the WNYX studio in the criterion building in New York City. Matthew came running into the office and said, "Yes David?" Dave sighed and said, "Matthew, where's the report you were supposed to give me half an hour ago?" Matthew snapped his fingers, "Oh, I forgot that at home last night." Dave blankly stared at his employee and said, "Matthew, I told you about that report this morning." Matthew laughed, "Oh. I thought you meant that other
one." Dave cocked an eyebrow and began to speak very slowly, "Matthew, that was the first assignment I've given you in two weeks." Matthew began to come up with another stupid excuse but Dave interrupted him, "Matthew, I don't care, just have the report to me in another half an hour. Now please leave." Matthew pointed at Dave, "You got it boss." then winked. Dave shook his head as Matthew ran out the door. The moment Matthew was out of the room, Bill walked in, "Hey little chief. I have an absolutely brilliant plan." Dave kept his eyes on his laptop and said, "No you don't Bill."
"Yes I do."
"Oh no you don't."
" Well prepare to be blown away little man, because here comes Bill McNeal."
Dave raised his eyes and lazily said, "Well alright Bill, what's your idea?"
Bill grinned and said, "Imagine this, Bill McNeal, the hip, suave, cool DJ, doing a top ten music hit-list at 4:15 everyday." Dave sarcastically said, "No, top ten? That's intense."
Bill nodded, "So?"
Dave shook his head, "Bill, as much as I would just love to do that, we are an all news radio station and 4:15 is when we do our daily traffic report. So, no."
Bill glared at Dave and said, "Dave, You'll rue the day you said that sentence."
"I'm sure I will."
Bill turned around swiftly and stormed out the door. Joe walked in, "Listen dude, I think I accidentally did something to Lisa's computer."
Dave's eyes widened and he said, "Oh no. You didn't blow it up and kill her or anything?"
Joe shook his head, "No. Nothing as extreme as that. But something's definitely wrong with it man."
Dave rushed out of his office to see Lisa's computer smoking and Lisa hiding behind Beth. "What happened?" Dave asked Lisa. She looked at the computer as it shot sparks out of the keyboard and backed even farther away from it. "All I did was press the enter button." Joe nodded and smiled, "That's it. I forgot to tell you. I put a special computer chip in it that makes it three times as fast. But, you're not supposed to press the enter button at all." Lisa clenched her teeth and was about to strangle Joe but Beth held her back.  Dave shook his head and walked back into his office.  He sat down at his desk, sipped his coffee and continued typing on his laptop. Just as he sat down, Lisa stormed into his office. "Did you see what just happened?!"
Dave nodded. "Yes Lisa but that happened last week as well."
"Yes but this time it was a little too close!" Lisa was practically jumping up and down.
"Calm down Lisa." Dave said.
"No! I'm am not going to calm down, Dave!" She yelled back at him.
"Well maybe you shouldn't over react, Lisa!" Dave's voice began to rise.
"Maybe you should get a life, Dave!"
"I'm not the one yelling over a stupid accident!"
"No wonder you're boss. You're such a geek, Dave!"
"Oh! Geek. That was mature!"
"Shut up!"
Lisa slammed the door as she walked out stiffly. Dave sighed and sat back in his chair. Beth came rushing in.
"So. You and Lisa sleeping together again?"
"No, Beth were not."
"Oh. Well then why did Lisa just storm out of your office."
"Because she was over reacting about the computer thing. She's being immature." Dave said sulkily.
Dave stood up and told Beth to call a staff meeting.
When everyone was sitting at the table, Dave began to speak.
"Alright everyone, good morning. First of all - Matthew! What are you doing?"
Matthew was playing with a little piece of paper. "It's a paper crane David." He said as he stuck the thing in Dave's face and flapped its wings. Dave sighed loudly, "Matthew, put it away." Matthew laughed and threw it under the table. "Alright, sorry boss-man. Continue."
"Well," Dave said, "Where's Lisa?"
"I'm right here!" she said coldly as she walked towards the table and took her seat.
Dave ignored her and began to talk again. "Well, as I was saying, first of all I would like to tell you that we are going to have a new staff member with us. His name is Derek."
Just as Dave said that, a man that looked a bit like Joe walked in and coolly stood beside Dave, making him look like a two foot tall leprechaun. He was noisily chewing on a piece of gum as he stared at the
strange people sitting at the table.  Beth looked at Bill, Bill looked at Lisa, Lisa looked at Joe, Joe looked at Matthew, and Matthew looked behind him then fell out of his chair. Dave rolled his eyes and continued. "Derek will be assisting you in all areas of your work. Mr. James has hired him to do this as an experimental move. He's checking to see if Derek can improve our progress."
Bill scrunched up his face. "Not another efficiency expert thing!"
Matthew's eyes widened and he said, "No one's gonna get MY job! You all here me? No one!" Matthew ran out of the room and crashed into the vending machine. He walked back and sat down.
"No, Matthew. No one is getting fired here. We're just improving our progress." Dave patted Matthew on the shoulder. "Anyway, I think it might be a good idea. Our ratings have been dropping for the past month and we definitely need better attention skills." Dave stared at Beth who was laughing quietly at the ceiling. Derek stomped the ground loudly with his right foot. Beth jolted up in her chair and stared at him. Derek had a stern look on his face. "You should pay much better attention to your boss! He gives up a lot for you people! You should learn to respect him like he respects YOU!" Dave smiled at Derek and smiled at Beth. Beth was as still as stone. So was everybody else at the table. Dave spoke up loudly, "Alright. Thank you  for your time everyone. You may go back to work!" Everyone hurried to their desks and began working except for Lisa who just stood and stared at him with her arms crossed.
Dave just smiled happily at her, "Well, Lisa, shouldn't you be getting back to work?"
Lisa glared, "Shut up Dave! You think you're so great just because you have that… guy on your side. Well, you know what, Dave? You're just a… uh, …, uh nerd!"
"Oh we're starting with the "nerd" now, are we?"
"Shut up!"
Dave waltzed into his office and Lisa stormed to her desk. Derek followed Dave into his office, walking with a soldier like stride. As soon as the door was closed, the staff gathered for a secret meeting in the breakroom. As soon as everyone was safely in, and the door was firmly shut, they sat around the table and began talking.
"That dude is a little tense." Joe said.
"He's mean." said Matthew.
"He's having an affair with Dave." said Bill.
"He creeps me out." said Beth.
"I kinda think he's cute." said Lisa.
Everyone turned and stared at her. "Uh, I mean, he's dumb."
They heard someone trying to open up the door. "Hey! Let me in here!"
Dave's voice was muffled through the breakroom door.
When Matthew let him in, he said, "I didn't even know there was a lock on that door." He opened up the fridge door and began rummaging through, looking for a snack.
Everyone just glared at him. He looked up and saw the looks on their faces. "What?"
Beth said "Dave! How could you betray us like this? Sending this weirdo in here to boss us around!"
"It wasn't my idea, Beth. It was Mr. James. I mean, do you think I like having this guy near me to help me run my job? If you guys would listen to me then he wouldn't be here!"
Bill smirked, "Well since there's no chance of that happening…"
Dave rolled his eyes and said, "Well then Bill, he's here to stay!"

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