Dave looked down at Sarah. Such a small thing. So pale, so alone, so lost. The child had no REAL family. Well, one that cared. But maybe she did. And Dave reached down and picked her up. He held the child in his arms and smiled. She smiled back only because he smiled. But he smiled because it felt so good. To hold this child and feel how small and light she was, and to have that warm feeling that makes pain and worry go away. And so, he walked away from his apparment and into the day with Sarah in his arms.

Dave sat in his chair and Sarah on his lap. She was drawing with a blue crayon and some paper and he was typing away at his computer witch sat next to Sarah's 'work station'. Suddenly the door opened and Lisa stode there. "Dave?" She asked
"Humm?" He sipped his coffee and set it down.
"Dave we need to talk, al-" Lisa watched Sarah sip Dave's coffee.
"Dave, she's drinking your coffee." Lisa pointed to Sarah.
"I know."
"Its not gonna kill her or anything, she likes coffee." Dave ruffled her hair and Sarah grinned.
"Dave, I need to talk to you, alone." Lisa said.
"Ok," dave picked Sarah up off his lap and set her down on the ground. "Why don't you go and find Beth?"
"OK!" Sarah scampered off. Instead of 'ok' it sounded like 'ogey', but more drawn out, 'ooogggey!'.
Lisa shut the door. "Dave, you can't get too attached!"
"What's gonna happen when she goes?"
"She goes to her dad."
"I was talking about you." Dave really hadn't though about that. Well he hadn't at all.
"Dave, and when she goes she's gonna be heartbroken. Please Dave, do what's best." Lisa sat there a moment while Dave thought about it. And as soon as she closed the door when she left, he looked up, startled in his thoughts.

"ZOO!" Sarah skipped out of Dave's office.
"The zoo?"Matthew perked up from behind his desk.
"Yes Matthew we are going to the zoo." Lisa sounded annoyed. The Zoo wasn't her first choice, but Dave talked her into it because he knew Sarah would like it.
"Can I come?"
"I don't see why not."

At the zoo, Matthew gazed at the penguin tank ,talking to the penguins and himself. Dave had gone to the bathroom and Lisa watched them. Sarah struggled to see over the railing. She jumped up and she stode on her tiptoes, but no use. Lisa sighed and ran to her aid. Lisa picked Sarah up so she could see. And Lisa felt happy. She had a feeling inside, like warmth and she focused on nothing but Sarah. Sarah's big blue eyes, soft thin blond hair, sweet smile. So small and pale and alone. Lisa smiled at her and then knew why Dave was so close to her.

Dave came back to only see the backs of Matthew, Lisa, and Sarah in her arms. Sarah and Lisa were talking and pointing out the swimming birds. He walked up to them and looked at both of them and all three smiled.

                                                                                  Part 4