Dave closed the door to the apartment and sat on the couch next to Jayde. He looked at her and smiled. Her hair shined and looked so soft. Dave wanted to run his fingers through them. Her eyes were the most beautiful he'd ever seen. They told a story. Of how kind and fun loving this girl was. "You did a great job. Especialy on that last one." He smiled.
"Thanks. Why the last one?"
"It was done with feeling. But one thing that got me was the way you said the guy didnt feel the same. Maybe he does." He lifted an eyes brow.
"That poem was about you." She admitted and hung her head about to cry.
"I know." He said leaning in closer to her.
She looked up with water filled eyes. Looking in his to see if it was truth. And it was. She smiled with still watery eyes and hugged him.
"Does this mean...?" She asked a little too excited.
"Yeah." He nodded curling his hand around hers and holding it. She looked at the hands joined together and then looked up at Dave and smiled.
"Uh,... so..."
"Ya want some coffee?" He asked.
"yeah." She was confused but did want some coffee.
He pulled her out of her seat and held her hand still as they walked into the kitchen. Their hands parted as he reached the coffee machien. SHe sat in a chair and looked at him adoringly. Once the coffee was doen he sat next to her and said. "So when did you actualy get to liking me?" He asked a little curious.
"When I first saw you. I knew you were a great person  by the letters and then I saw you and it was perfect." She said sipping her coffee.
"Same here. I saw your hair at first and then your face. Your sweet face and it just flowed with the letters, well except the percings. I mean your eyes."
"My eyes?"
"Yes. You have the most beautiful eyes. They go with your personality." He said looking into the eyes that made such a bg statement.
"My last boyfriend said they were destracting. He also said they were soothing. I dont get it, the only eyes that are anything close to soothing is Brad Dourif's. They are evil, demented yet calming in its own strange way." She said stroking the rim of the mug.
Dave looked at her and smiled. He was done with his coffee. He looked at the clock. 10:38. it read. He turned back to her. He sighed. It was too erily to go to sleep now that Jayde was there. He put his coffe cup in the sink and looked at Jayde.

"So, its agreed,..." Dave bedgan. He and Jayde sat on his bed talking for the last thirty minuets. They both had relaxed. Dave took his tie off and shoes's and socks. Jayde took off what little make up she had on and stockings and boots off. "We go to New Orleans Friday night. Leave Sunday morning for here."
"Yeah. This is so cool. I'll be living here. So you sure I can stay with you?"
"Yeah, its fine. Im tired Im gonna go to bed."
"yeah me too." Jayde sat up. "Hey Dave, can I speel in here with you tonight?" She asked.
"Yeah" He said.
"Thanks!" She rushed to him and lightly pecked his lips. She stoped and Dave pressed his lips again'ts hers. He pulled back and looked at Jayde. She leaned in and returned him with a kiss much longer. Dave put his hand on her cheek and stroked the soft skin. He ran his fingers through the soft wild colored hair and keep kissing Jayde. Jayde pulled herself back on the bed still kissing him. She wraped her arms around his neck and Dav's hands rested on her back.

They stode in the elevator and looked at eachother smiling . When the doors opened they reached for eachothers hand and held them. They walked into the station and with smiles. They first stoped off at teh coffee machien and got their cups and didn't stop to say good morning to anyone. They went straight to the office. Dave sat in his chair and Jayde on teh armrest. The door opened and Lisa poked her head in. "Goodmorning."
"LISA!" Jayde jumped off the chair and ran to her. They locked in a hug. Jayde nearly squeezing the life out of Lisa.
"How was your evening?" Lisa asked folding her arms.
"Excelent." She smiled.
"Uh, your poems were fantastic."
"Why thank you."
"Do ya have any more?"
"Not at the moment. But I do have a book out. Ill bring every body a copy when I get back."
"Back?" Lisa asked confused.
"I'm moving here."
"Here? Thats great! We can spend more time together. Ya gonna preform at the Pit more offten now?"
"Yeah maybe." Jayde still had a smile on her face. Her lips stilk was black and smooth across the tender lips. Her lip ring was back in and her eyebrow barbell was in too.

"Dave, I'm gonna go get the plane tikets." Jayde said as she walked out of his office. Dave followed her out to the elevator . She stode there waiting for the elevator to get there.  Then it opened up. "bye." Jayde said.
"Bye." He leaned in and kissed Jayde for about 30 seconds untill Jayde pulled apart and said horsley, " I gotta get the tickets."
"Ok, bye" He kissed her again .

"Dave,... are you and Jayde...?" Beth looked at him who still stode at the elevator in a daze. He knew that Jayde was two minuets away from there but he didn't mind.
"uh-huh." Dave said staring off into space.
"And did you-"
"Thats my buesnes not yours or Mr. James'." He had his back to them but knew Mr. James stode beside her.

                                                                       Part 7